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Broadside: an extensive Combat Hack with 25 variations

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Hi everyone,


I've been meaning to share this hack of Combat for a while.




I started out changing the tanks to field artillery and the planes to ships, but ended up scrapping the artillery altogether and sticking with the naval theme.


There are 25 variations altogether. In the "broadsides" variations, your fire comes out of the right/starboard side of the ship, which gives a bit of a twist to the original Combat gameplay. Here are a couple of screenshots, the first one of the "brig" variation and the second one of the "frigates" variation with ocean fog replacing the Combat clouds.


post-31389-0-15490900-1339119029_thumb.jpg post-31389-0-12241900-1339119042_thumb.jpg


Finally, here's a preliminary manual with box and cartridge art as well as instructions, a chart with all the game variations, and a list of all the changes that have been made in the hack. And no, I didn't do the art...it's a painting from the early 1800s. :)


Broadside Instructions.pdf



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Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.


One idea I couldn't implement was to have the "broadside" variations fire on either side of the ship. Perhaps using the difficulty switches to toggle between port and starboard. I don't think it would be too hard in theory, but in practice it was still way beyond my hacking ability. I guess you could also do something similar with shooting forward and backward on the bow chaser variations.

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Nice job on this. At first glance, I didn't see much variation, but after reading the manual, I see just how cool this hack is. Nice job on the manual too, btw. :)


This one's definitely a keeper.


The difficulty switches changing firing sides is a great idea if you could get it implemented. It would almost be like 50 variations if you did that.

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Thanks Kevin!


Yeah, I debated on how many variations to include...at a certain point it's just repetitive. I was also worried that the sloop and frigate games were too alike...same graphics, same ship speed, just a size difference.


It's been a while since I messed with the code on this....maybe I'll take a look again. After all these years I am still confused on the whole machine language variables situation, so apologies if this doesn't make sense, but to put it in BASIC terms I need the firing angle to be a variable that can be modified by one of the switches.


So I guess I have to STA the value in a certain address that can be LDA out in the firing routine? I'm not real sure of the mechanics of that, so maybe I'll post the code later and if someone has the patience to walk me through it here, I'd appreciate it.


I do think it would enhance game play. Though you wouldn't have to use it if you didn't want to, and I think donssword is right that you get used to a fixed firing side pretty quickly.

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How about a random whirlpool or huricane that can toss a ship around maybe to the other side of the sea?


This version is wrapped up but that's a good idea if I ever get around to a Broadside 2.


I was also thinking about implementing prevailing winds like the ship fights in Pirates.

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