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how to put 48K 7800 binary on 64K EPROM


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Do you have a hex editor? I use ultraedit32 myself. WIth a hex editor open the bin file and insert the desired amount of blank space.

If you want to use Shawn's method you can just paste his 16k blank file to the front of your bin file.

You should be able to do this from the Windows command line as well. Something like: copy junk16k.bin+48kgame.bin 64kgame.bin

I beleive that's the correct syntax, it's been a while. Obviously substitute your own game file name for the 48kgame file name.



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That chip doesn't even remotely do what the 74LS02 quad 2-input NOR gate does. I am shocked Jameco would do something like that. I should have just sent you a few of the 74LS02's with the PCB's. Sorry. :(

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Turns out it was my bad. I ordered the wrong part by mistake. I looked in my order history. I love Jameco. I just placed an order for 25 74LS02s Now I need to buy some more of your high quality boards! Fantastic board quality!

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Yeah, Jameco is awesome for older parts, I used to live very close to them and could actually just go to their warehouse store-front. That is why I was saying I was surprised, they know their sh*t, if you know what I mean? ;) Glad you like the boards. :)

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