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Atari 7800 Trading Cards Series 1

Marc Oberhäuser

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Hello everyone,


Quite some time ago I saw some nice trading cards for the Coleco over there in the Colecovision/Adam sub forum and thought that it would be nice to have something like this for the Atari and started doing some samples. It turned out to look nice so I made a set of 50 cards for a complete series that includes all original Atari releases. If I can raise enough interest I will do a second series with non-Atari releases, prototypes and new releases as well as a hardware and advertisement series (number of cards vary of course:).


First I thought it would be a good idea to do those cards by hand (Inkjet printing on photo paper, cutting by hand and so on), just like I do the boxes but it turned out to be to complicated with lots of chances to ruin a card during the process and to end up with a result that doesn't match my standards. So I went to my printer to do a test run for me. Today I've got my samples and I am very happy with the quality. Happy enough to show them here and ask if anyody else might be interested in a first set.


Enclosed you will find a lowres picture of a sample artwork (Ikari Warriors) and the index card as well as a preview of the complete test run. To do a production run I need a total of 25 sets. A set costs EURO 50 (includes shipping to EU and NA) and comes in a plastic tray. So if you are interested in a set just drop me a PM and I will inform you how to proceed when I've reached a total number of orders for 25 sets.





Edit: Index card artwork replaced.











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