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Plug n Play with Computer Monitor


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I have exactly same converter which I'm using in my table arcade cabinet.

I'm using it with Namco All in One joystick game system.

The quality is not the best but usable. If you think about it, you can't improve on composite signal by converting it to VGA.

The major let down is the text, it's very blurry around the edges, other then that it's acceptable.

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That's the kind of information I was looking for...although I'm disappointed.

I was thinking about making an NES bartop arcade...using a real NES, rather than emulation.

I wasn't expecting the conversion to improve the image quality, but I hoped it would be just as good as a TV display.



Many thanks for the reply,



By the way, what kind of table arcade cabinet do you have (Kit, from scratch, etc.)?

I'd be interested in seeing a photo. If you'd rather not...no problem

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