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Looking for advice on running game tournaments


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Hello everybody, my name is Trevor and I run Bald Guy Video Games in Portland Oregon. I have moved up from a 100 square foot office doing only internet sales into an 800 square foot office. I now have the room to do what I truly want to do and that is to create a video game lounge of sorts and host retro game tournaments. I am still remodeling and getting everything in place so I don't have pics or anything to show quite yet, but it will be neat when it's done and I can fit easily 20 people at once with couches, comfy chairs, and barstools next to 2 dedcated neogeo cabinets that I bought so people can play on that for either tournaments or freeplay between rounds.


The reason for the posting is not to boast though, I am looking for help in how to set up the game tournaments. I am just curious if anyone else does this a lot and has experience setting the tournaments up so that they are fun, but don't run overlong or anything like that. I am looking for advice on game choices such as which games are the best to do. I have a large inventory of various systems and games so I can make most anything happen within reason. One thing I want to do is an 8 player saturn bomberman tournament for instance and I can do that. I want to include NES and other earlier systems as well.


Also how to do sign ups online efficiently since I don't have a typical retail space where I have walk in traffic. My customers are going to be my regulars or people that find me online so I need my tournament sign ups to be online based and allow me to take payment for the tournaments. I could just add a page to my website with tournament info and paypal links for sign up, but I don't know if that is really the best way to go about it. Maybe a separate wordpress site or something? I have googled tournament sites, but they are all sports based and don't seem to offer what I need.


Tournament structure is probably the least important thing I need help with because unless the game doesn't call for it I want to always do double elimination so that people really get their money's worth and have 2 chances to win if they have a bad round. Some games this might make the tournament too long and I know people hate when tournaments lag on forever. Please do give me any pearls of wisdom you have on tournament structure especially for retro games.


My main business is my web store and internet sales and I hope this will not only bring in extra revenue, but also give people a place to come and play games that isn't a store with wall to wall video games and retail shelves. More like a cool place to hang out and play competitive games with other people and enjoy drinks and snacks and have the opportunity to buy games, accessories, and systems if they want without it being in their face all the time.


Ok I have said enough, I am thankful for any responses you can give me.

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