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Last 3 games you played?

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and a demo for some Spelunker game or something...


Yeah, I forgot to mention this one. My son bought it a few days ago and we played 2-player for a while. He has been playing it a lot. It is one of those "rogue-style" games - when you die, you go back to the beginning. You can earn hit-points but falling on spikes kill you outright. The caves are randomized every time. Its a fun game in its own way. I guess you can buy "shortcuts" to bypas early levels , or else you'd be starting at the same place every new game.

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3D Quasars on Commodore 16, R-Type II on Atari ST and Gauntlet 4 on Sega Megadrive console.


Quite meaningless though as for work I have to play these games anyway and I play 100s of games a day (although I do admit some really grab me and I play them much longer than I need to for the sake of making gameplay videos haha)

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Super Ghouls'n Ghosts, GBA -- Working through the second playthrough on my current save.

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, PSP -- This game really ought to have a proper single player arcade mode, it's hard to believe that it doesn't.

Thunder Force II, Genesis -- The overhead stages have really grown on me, I'd have to say I prefer them to the horizontally-scrolling ones, even! I've been wanting to come back to this game on a daily basis.

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Bomberman Party Edition (PSX)

Fade To Black (PSX)

Pac-Man World (PSX)


although i'm not really playing them, i'm trying to get this PSX emulator to run ISO files that i've created. playing the discs or burned copies of the discs ain't going to cut it for what i'm trying to achieve.

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last 3 for me lol....



Starhawk (Vectrex)



Carnival (2600) [really awesome to play using those 2600 wireless joysticks]



Video Pinball (2600)



i have my Intellivision set up ready to play but I need to look for my copy of Lock n Chase. it's in a box buried underneath a bunch of other games lol.

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this morning...



Lock N Chase (Intellivision) [not as good as I recalled..... kind of a weird version of Pacman but i do love the sound effects. ]


Space Spartans (Intellivision) [ LOL @ the title screen. 1979 copyright and that funny voice! other than that I have no clue what to do in this game, so meh]


Pole Position (Atari 5200) [controls in this game really suck. graphics aren't that good either but that's just my opinion.]

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Block'd, Mobile - A fun puzzler that's more or less a Breakthru clone, but faster paced and more streamlined. Found this hiding on my phone not long ago, a most pleasant discovery!


Galaga '90, TG16 - Tons of fun, Galaga's finest hour for sure. This is one I can endlessly return to.


The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, PSX - I find that the variety of gameplay modes makes this a good pick for quick play sessions. There's something hugely appealing to me about the comical style of the Mega Man Legends universe, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is especially charming.

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correction on my last post lol. Space Spartans has a 1981 copyright. I was thinking about Auto Racing that I played just an hour ago. That was made in 1979.


lol anyways i just played these just now..



Galaxian(Coleco Tabletop)



Auto Racing(Intellivision)



Pengo(Atari 5200)

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