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Last 3 games you played?

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I went to ANIMAZEMENT on Sunday and played TONS of RETRO consoles and arcade games, see my flickr for more pics, but some include:

Arcade Metal Slug 5 (with aliens?!?!?!),

Odyssey2 Alien Plus (I hated it),

Dreamcast (or was it Saturn?) Bomberman against 7 other ppl,

Some Vectrex car game...too figity...and many more (I can't read Japanese fluently, so I wasn't sure of their names, but did you know there is a Dr. Mario type game involving Bomberman on the Turbo Duo???)

14095150147_fd3c4b4ce4_z.jpgKiller Instinct 2 at Animazement by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr

hmmm....okay, most of my pics are STILL on Instagram, so check it out for more pics (they will eventually be migrated to my Flickr:


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still playing pokemon blue. i've spent all week in that godforsaken safari zone trying get catch that big stupid kangaroo thing, and that fat egg thing Chansey. there's another one (Tauros) that i haven't even come across yet. i need to check to see if i can find these fuckers elsewhere so i can leave the area and keep my sanity.

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