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Last 3 games you played?

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Wizards & Warriors NES

Xexyz NES

Zelda II NES

Were you playing your NES games in alphabetical order? Are you going to start over and play Abadox?

Finishing off the alphabet for a Youtube video of NES tips and tricks. Already did Abadox.

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Tempest X3, PSX -- While I have a certain sentimental attachment to T2K on the Jag, my Jag's out of commission at the moment. Light nostalgia aside, I'd have to say that X3 is arguably just as good if not better.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, 2600 -- Always a fun one to pick up for a quick play.

Swordquest: Earthworld -- As little as I care about the room to room item swapping, I do rather enjoy all of Earthworld's game rooms.

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Prior to my next gaming session which will be in a few hours from now, I played these games the other night :)



Auto Racing (Intellivision) [copyright says 1979 lol. Very primitive racing game that looks alot like Super Bug and a precursor to RC Pro Am.Very hard to control with those crappy ass controllers but for some reason I like it.]


Kangaroo (Atari 5200)


Starhawk (Vectrex) [ Got a score of 420500 last time which imo is very good. That game is hella hard but very trippy graphics lol.]

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NHL '96 (Genny)

NHL 08 (P3)

Pixel Junk Eden (P3/DL)



Something is wrong with NHL '96, I couldn't score in the 20 mins I played it, had the difficulty on Rookie, and was playing with the best team against the worst team... and the CPU scored on me twice, and I couldn't land a single shot. Do I just suck or is that game buggy with regard to the AI and difficulty in general?

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