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The Stacks


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I played this game a year or two ago, but too bad I wasn't aware of the contest at the time. I love the game and hope it still gets an official release. I remember seeing instructions for the game back when I first found out about it. It seems they're gone now that the contest is over... or I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone still have the instructions archived somewhere, or know where to find them?


I know I'm really late to the game on this, but I just found out there was an easter egg last night, so I had to find it for myself. I was successful in finding it and took this pic which led me to a website where the 2nd part of the contest had taken place. Of course, it's different content now, but it's still cool that it leads to an active website.



And to hold me over until the official release, (which is very hard to wait for), I had to make myself a cart mockup.




Oh, and now I have to read the book!

Would you mind sharing the cart art if you still have it? I know this was a while ago.

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Tomorrow (Wed) on ZeroPage Homebrew's LIVE twitch stream we will be playing the unreleased and UPDATED version of THE STACKS that Thomas Jentzsch has been working on!




For the first time since the 2012 Ready Player One contest, everyone will be able to see the new updated WIP version of The Stacks! Make sure you tune in tomorrow (Wed) at 11AM PT/2PM ET!

(thank you to Thomas for making this available to ZeroPage!)



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Stopped, but not ended. Eventually I will pick it up again. And any motivation and other input I can get helps.

I am a big fan of this game. Beat it, mapped it, best timed the routes. I play on a Harmony cart with a 4 switch or a H6. I'd like to help test if that is possible?

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We'll be dedicating a whole show to streaming a FULL playthrough of the original and updated version of The Stacks LIVE on tomorrow's (Wednesday) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 7PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!


Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/


- The Stacks (2016 WIP) by @Thomas Jentzsch (and Mike Mika & Kevin Wilson)



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1 minute ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Even then the game is endless. After you leave the first map via the door, there will be the next, larger map. And so on... :) 


But maybe you only want to collect all puzzle pieces.

Oh geeze... there go my excel spreadsheets out the window for mapping! I'll have to create generic unlabelled ones for the larger maps past the door!

Puzzle pieces were definitely my main goal along with mapping the burger/lives.


- James

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2 minutes ago, Keatah said:

There is no updated version.

Updated relative to the original contest release, not updated relative to the last time we played it on the stream. ? Sorry for the confusion. The version we will be playing is dated May 11, 2016.


My above post is locked, so I can't edit it to clear that up. Boooo.....


- James

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