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Images generated by RastaConverter


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It would be nice to have a thread completely dedicated to the beautiful images generated by the awesome converter made by Jakub "ilmenit".

That tool really gave colors, once reserved to the classes, to the masses.


Original image (optional), converted image preview, Atari .xex file (filenames format: "Author's name_imagename" to keep Kaz atarionline.pl's format).


Posts without images are not allowed! ;)


Feel free to post images already posted in the Quantizator WIP thread that you're proud of!


I start with the machine that makes all this (fun) possible.



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The purpose of this topic is to have a place to show people Atari graphic capabilities and display our best conversions.

In my opinion, tests or tips for Jakub should be posted in Quantizator thread.

Instead of replies, please use "Like this" buttons (unless you want to reply with a picture!).

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


To obey my own rule ("posts without images are not allowed!"), I post again my Giger's Alien conversion (original, converted, .xex).

Please follow filenames rule: "Author's name_imagename".

post-12528-0-91709500-1341947464_thumb.png post-12528-0-91977200-1341947465_thumb.png


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Large collection of my conversions



In "thumbnail" , they all look good.


In "fullscreen" things get real.


Following Picture look "really" good, because colourisation fits to the image and Banding is very low :





Dawn-Scanlines (this one gives a regular distortion to the image, so banding doesn't disturb)

Fairey Wood














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I hope that nice graphics user interface will help us to make more experiments and create better pictures. Arek Lubaszka aka ArSoft aka Larek has prepared "RC GUI" for us:







1. Depack RCGUI0013.7z in folder where you keep RastaConverter.exe file.

2. Run RCGUI.exe.

3. Enjoy.


(remember that pictures to load have to be in the same folder)

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I hope to post my 1st this evening. I spent an hour removing dithering from the original. It's currently at 3.4 million evals, and there are only really 3 bands in the picture that need to go away.


Apologies for not knowing the original author - go to http://www.theman-ca...lraiser-on.html to see the original.


Edited version:



Rasta Convertor: (Laoo palette, no dither, random initial, YUV colour space, 10 million evaluations)



I think this could be much better if I was to cut the logo. The Atari can do kick ass logos due to the DLI nature of the machine. Let the top portion of the screen be a nice shaded logo, and use all the resources for the remainder of the screen to display the picture.

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Keeping with the Hellraiser theme (and the unknown authors):


Source image (converted in Photoshop to indexed (laoo) palette 1st):



Rasta (2.5 million evals, laoo palette, knoll dithering, smart initial state, yuv colour distance):



Next post will be just pinhead, without the Hellraiser logo

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Now some of my all time favourites - although sad. They are from the troubled artist Louis Wain (google him if you are not familiar). I hope if I go off the deep end that I end up in a happier place than this poor soul did. Anyhow - here are my 1st attempts at his cats (I am redoing #3 with a details mask. I will let the machine run as long as it needs to in order to eliminate the banding). I have two machines running image #3 over night (both do around 4 thousand evals per second). One is doing knoll dithering laoo palette, the other is chess dithering with altirra palette. So far, neither is looking very promising.


Details are in the filenames.



post-650-0-21683100-1342415230_thumb.png EDIT post-650-0-21568600-1342436512_thumb.png




Post edited with new version of cat#3. I think this one is just too much for the little Atari to render.

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