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3 hours ago, ivop said:

This colorized one or the original black and white? I mean, colors? We don't need no stinking colors! :)

thats great - a classic mugshot! ?

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didnt see you had already done it
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1 hour ago, a8isa1 said:



One more reason to wish to have PAL hardware!

It would have been perfect if it had resolved the sky fully in the top left corner, but the rest turned out so well I didn't feel like attempting it again.


Maybe you can talk Dropcheck into bringing back the PAL GTIA board, that's what I have in my 1200XL along with PAL Antic and GTIA. Though I got a PAL CPU board for my 800 and with the Incognito I'm going PAL with it. I'm going to be reverting my 1200XL to NTSC. But the PAL board and chips are going into a 1200XL that I'm giving a British friend of mine, or I'd sell them to you.

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I suppose with the new Spophia2 you can just load a PAL palette while running on an NTSC machine. It's still 114 cycles per scanline. Even Rastaconversions should work.


Edit: but not 50Hz PAL demos....

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Here's one I tried years ago, but failed. My "new" method resulted in this:


Prince - Purple Rain

35 colors





I struggled with the exact cut-out of the film poster/album cover. Might do a close-up of his face later, but this time I wanted Apollonia Kotero to be in the background and enough motorcycle within the frame to support the "story" the image portrays.



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On 5/26/2020 at 2:42 AM, Rybags said:

It's sort of pre dithered in non native resolution so I'm not sure how well it'd turn out - ed:  posted before I saw it, better than I'd have expected.

I suppose the pre-dither is because of the paper grain? Don't do much drawing on paper anymore.


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I think so.  It looks like that home made paper/parchment you see with the rough texture which shows through unless you use hard or multiple strokes of the pencil or crayon.

Works well for the created picture and I was surprised it turned out as good on the Atari.

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Here's another uplifting conversion ;)


Andy Prieboy - Tomorrow Wendy

65 colors




Thanks to @Stephen who got me hooked on Concrete Blonde.


This is more obscure. It's the original of CB's Tomorrow Wendy, but Johnette Napolitano also sang backing vocals on this.


Rule zero of Rastaconversions is: never be afraid to start over completely.

Rule one of Rastaconversions is: get proper source material!


That last one was difficult, as there were only four scans on google image search of mediocre quality. The longer you look at this conversion, the more line artifacts you'll find. Don't look too long ;) No line errors/bugs though.


The song is about a real girl named Wendy. She contracted HIV/AIDS in the late eighties. Instead of seeing her body degenerate and die, she chose to end her life by her own means.


Underneath the chilly gray November sky
We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive, and
We're shooting for the moon and smiling Jackie's drivin' by


They say, good try

Tomorrow Wendy is going to die
Tomorrow Wendy is going to die


Only God says jump...




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10 minutes ago, ivop said:

Peter Steele - Type O Negative - Black No. 1

8 colors




Her perfume smells like
Burning leaves
Everyday is Halloween


Loving you was like loving the dead.....


ivop_black-no1.xex 22.25 kB · 1 download

Good timing.  When my dad graduated paramedic school (at 42 years old), he & his partner would JAM to Type O Negative when transporting patients :)  Well, I just spent the last half hour trying to MIG weld stainless and not having good luck.  Dad died 2.5 years ago so I can't ask him what I am doing wrong.  Sat outside in my shop and cried for a while (feeling sorry for myself).  This put a smile on my face (as I sit here smelling my burned arm from the failed welds).  Trying to hide the tears from the wife.


Funny how these "coincidences" work.

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On 5/4/2020 at 11:49 PM, Rybags said:

Pretty famous Page 3 girl probably second only to Samantha Fox.  I was surprised that she didn't dominate the image search though it's probably 20 years past her peak.

I recently was going through a bunch of old 80s music, and she was on the list of 'Not much talent, but a fine looking woman'.  But yeah I still remember either on the ST or Atari 8bit a black and white pixelized version of her for sure.

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Eight shades of friendship.








C & C




Chris Cornell     July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017


Chester Bennington     March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017







It's haunting...




ivop_c-and-c-friendship.xex ivop_chester-bennington.xex ivop_chris-cornell.xex

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