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10 minutes ago, Mr Robot said:

We were too slow, someone else posted an atari800 pic, this is now the representative example of the atari 8bit EkcDn2JXgAAIX6q.thumb.jpg.d7a2d423ce045ca6d5a9f9a4c9f7950c.jpg 

I went back to the twitter thread but could not find this posting.

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22 minutes ago, Mr Robot said:

I've posted yours as well


annoying thong about twitter threads is the way comments can get lost in sub threads 


Yeah, so true, I've never even been on twitter until I went to look at this thread. And I still can't find the images or comments posted for either Atari 8-bit image. I tried to make sure I didn't miss any responses or sub threads, but obviously I did.

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OK this is the permalink to the tweet where the image is posted. 




I posted both of your pics as replies to that tweet. 



Experienced twitter users know to only reply to the first tweet in a thread but it can quickly get derailed.

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On 10/21/2020 at 9:42 AM, drpeter said:



Ian Fraser Kilmister (aka Lemmy)  1945-2015.


Founder, songwriter, bassist and vocalist of heavy metal band Motörhead.


32 colours.




drpeter_Lemmy.xex 22.1 kB · 13 downloads

I actually met Lemmy and the rest of the band back around '97-98. I was living in Huntington Beach SoCal, and had a friend who was lead guitarist and singer in a band named Sidedog. Anyway, after a show at one of the Hollywood venues, either Coconut Teaser's or the Rainbow Room or Whiskey Go-go, whichever one it was that had a Pizza joint in it. And the band and I were having piizza in a booth when we noticed the entire Motorhead band across the room in another booth. I was the only one that had the guts to go introduce myself and tell them I was a fan. We chatted for about 5 minutes about them and my friend's band. Lovely blokes, down to earth and appreciative of their fans.


The only other famous person I met while out there was Slash from Guns and Roses. Again, I was with my friend's band after the show at one of these same clubs, though I'm pretty sure it was the Rainbow Room this time, which has an upstairs bar above the stage(s). Slash was down at the other end of the bar from me, dressed as you would expect, hat and all. I waved, he waved back, I bought him another of what he was drinking and he got up and came and shook my hand, we talked for a minute or two. I was drunk and don't remember what about, but I'm sure just some small talk.

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On 10/23/2020 at 4:17 AM, drpeter said:

St Basil's Cathedral


The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Red Square, Moscow- commonly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral.


48 colours.





drpeter_StBasils.xex 22.14 kB · 11 downloads


Must be a civil airport, since a german (M.Rust) landed there with a small civil plane (a Cessna) in 1987...  ;-)



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New version of Assembly Language program for generating xex files from Rastaconverter


As many will have noticed, if Rasta is asked to automatically resize a picture of wider proportions than 4:3, the resulting 'letterbox' image of less than 240 scanlines is displayed at the top of the Atari screen in xex files generated from it, rather than being vertically centred.


The same applies if Rasta is asked through the manual height setting to produce an image of less than 240 scanlines.


Up to now, the only simple way to produce a vertically-centred image in a Rastaconverter-generated xex file has been to either always feed images to Rastaconverter that have been cropped to an exact 4:3 ratio or to 'pad' 'letterbox' images with lines of black pixels above and below the image to create an overall 4:3 ratio before feeding to Rastaconverter.


In the hope that it will be useful to others, I attach a new version of the Assembly Language program that Rastaconverter invokes to generate xex files.  This generates xex files that automatically pad images with blank lines so that they nevertheless appear vertically centred on the screen.  It works for both PAL and NTSC displays ( although I have tested this only in Altirra).


To use this, rename by appending a  .bak extension the corresponding files in Rastaconverter's folder named 'Generator' (in case you ever want to switch back to the original behaviour) then just move or copy these files to said 'Generator' folder in their place.




Many thanks to @ilmenit both for the original program and for agreeing to me posting this updated version.


I also attach an example of a 'letterbox' image generated with both the 'old' and 'new' versions.





Lakeland_farm_new.xex Lakeland_farm_old.xex no_name.asq no_name.h

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That's pretty cool, though I never and will never do images that aren't 4:3 with a full 240; it's already really low res and I see no point in not cropping as those pics are far too low res without all 240 lines. But good for others who want too.

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31 minutes ago, Gunstar said:

I see no point in not cropping

As my postings demonstrate, I agree with you 95+% of the time. Every effort should generally be made to crop to the best possible 4:3 image. But occasionally, oh so very occasionally, the effect of cropping on aesthetic composition of the image, or the cropping out of important picture elements, just might outweigh maximising of resolution.


I tried cropping the 'Reaper' picture posted above to 4:3, but ultimately decided to preserve the 'widescreen' format.


It was this picture that inspired me to reprogram the generator.  Being a still from a movie (Monty Python's 'The Meaning Of Life') it has an original 1.86:1 ratio and the director (Terry Jones) had the composition spot on.  Plus, it's one of those unusual images where resolution is not so important, even at 160x???









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@drpeter are these stills from the DVD? The amount of banding and blocking in the dark parts is staggering.


As far as compositions go, I have been known to fiddle with that ;) No Rastaconversion yet, but the band photo of Slayer was heavily edited for the Atari Invasion Invitro, to ensure the heads were large enough to be discernible in 48 lines of just 2 colors. For example, I put the heads closer together so I could zoom in a little more.


With this image, you could put the (Joshua?) tree a little closer to the grim reaper, or the other way around :) But then you will miss the wideness of the landscape.

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