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Images generated by RastaConverter


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15 hours ago, amarok said:

Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, 14 colors.




amarok_leonardo.xex 22.02 kB · 14 downloads


3 hours ago, Gunstar said:

Perplexing. 31 colors.




Perplexing.xex 22.03 kB · 3 downloads

I like when you don't see it's a Rastaconverter conversion because there aren't artifacts, and the latest two images are perfect examples.

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3 hours ago, Rybags said:

Do that on any other 8-bit computer except Plus/4 !  Yep, Perplexing turned out very nicely.

...and released 4 (four) years later... Not bad for a 1979/80 creation!


I am not always a fan of rasta-conversions, but... YES, these last two renditions are as impressive as the prior green-field and Swiss landscape ones (!)

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These aren't up to my usual standards, but I'm tired of working on them and they are just barely good enough, to me, to go ahead and share instead of delete forever. Both from the Steampunk genre.


The watch is from a photo of an actual Steampunk watch one can purchase, with separate hour, minute and second faces. I'm thinking about looking into it myself, see what they cost at least...


Pretty Deadly. 36 colors.


Steampunk watch. 31 colors.







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wrong file upload
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This is my first post ever on Atariage, having recently reconnected with the Atari 8-bit scene after a 20year+ break. 


I am astounded at just how well the A8 still is thriving and I've spent the last month reading up as much as I can on many sites, in particular AtariAge. (So much to catch up on in terms of hardware mods, new coding discoveries/techniques, new games and game ports, (honestly - the imminent release of Prince of Persia has made my decade - it looks incredible on every level!!)).


Also I am currently using the Altirra emulator until such time as I can get my ol friends set up - namely my 800XL, 130XE, & modded 65XE among others - (hope they all still power up?!). 
A massive thanks to Phaeron for this amazing emulator - it has enabled me to connect with the Atari scene again with ease.


I've been amazed by Rastaconverter and have been obessively converting pics for the best part of a month. 
Thank you so much Ilmenit for creating it - and to Larek for the UI. I am not a programmer/coder - I neither have the brains nor skill-set! 


Having grown up with Atari in the 80's/90's in the UK, I really had no idea just how many colours the ol' Atari is capable of displaying. (I vaguely recall dabbling in Atari art packages like Technicolour Dream and Rembrant, both of which allows DLI colour changes to a limited degree). 

Then I came across this topic thread and was instantly blown away on seeing the first few images. I'm amazed at the quality and number of colours of the 100's of Rasta converted images posted on this thread. If ever there was an example of modern computing directly benefiting older tech - this is it.


Sure - I've known about the higher number of colour pallette available with the low res GTIA graphics modes (Gr9), and the horizontal DLI rainbow Atari 8bit graphics widely used in games and demos over the decades. I was also vaguely aware that PMGs were used to add extra colours (utilized in some game title splash screens, in Window's software like Graph2font and the like). 


I know Rastaconverter has been around for nearly 10 years. However I think it has really opened up possiblities and in higher res Gr15 (160x192) mode no less. (I am personally not a fan of the lower res GTIA Gr9 or many of the flicker based HIP, TIP, APAC, SuperIRG techniques for images - too chunky/washed out for me and the flicker is far worst on PAL than on NTSC hardware. Although I've read with interest some of the Pal blending techniques in games discussed on Atari Age topic threads). 


Incidentally I appreciate that in order to display these images it takes a lot of Atari's system resources - (processing cycle time, DLIs, PMGs, etc) - and the file size is relatively large (23k). But honestly it's worth it when you see the results of a really good image. I can't wait to boot some of them up on my actual Atari hardware. (I've got a Side3 cart on it's way!). 


Image file size and the fact displaying them takes up so many resources is also IMHO less of an issue nowadays when it comes to the potential for graphic adventure games or - dare I dream - point and click adventure games. 
In an age of modern storage devices with faster data transfer rates, (60kbps), coupled with software compression and increasingly an audience of Atari owners with memory upgrades - make the scope for using Rasta images very promising IMHO. (I know there is a thread on Atariage that already discused Rastaconverter in this capacity so I won't go into it further here).


Rastaconverter is also responsible for adding a new behavioural trait to my already impressive list of personal quirks - that of "Pixel Twitching"! 
The amount of time I spend staring at an image I am converting "willing" a line/banding imperfection, colour or individual pixel to change is borderline obessive!! ;) I actually do them in batches of anything between 4-6 on average - so that's a lot of Pixel Twitching!


Anyhoo - enough of my incessant ramblings - (Sorry - 1st forum post and all that!)


I've been experimenting/converting lots of images and I thought it high time to share some of the more successful ones. 
FYI all the XEXs are listed at the end for downloading. 


A heads up - as I have been running Altirra I have been converting images for PAL displays and mainly using the altirra pallete. I've also tweaked the Altirra display settings to approximate an actual Atari output on a CRT (bloom etc). I've detailed the settings I've used at the end of this post. Apologies for any non emulator NTSC Atari owners, none of my images are NTSC friendly.


Rather than just post the images I thought I'd have some fun with it, so - here goes - (where I urge you to hold (Futurama's) Zap Branagan's voice in ya head as you read the rest of this post heh heh ;)) :-


"Kif my good man - fire up the A-tari - I'm in the mood for some stimulating imagery......

 88 - unique colours (Filename: ZapandkifAtarisincomplete7)



"Uuuuggghhhhhh, yesss sir"


"Are you sitting comfortably on your sexy velour clad couches?!"

 - 72 unique colours (Filename: simpsonscouchincomplete9)



"..good...then I'll begin....

...let me take you on a journey, a story in pictures if you will....

...The story begins as do all, with a teller of stories.."

61 Unique colours (Filename: thestoryteller2smincomplete6)



"The storyteller recalls tales of valour and adventure with strong heroines...."

66  - unique colours (Filename: Disenchantment1smincomplete6)



"...supa-sexy fare maidens......."

 57 - unique colours (Filename: tiaraelfeditsmincomplete14)



32  - unique colours (Filename: redheadelfedit2smincomplete5)



49  - unique colours (Filename: Forestelfsmincomplete8)



36  - unique colours (Filename: Wizardryladyeditsmincomplete3)



"...of Spider like supa-men.........."

47  - unique colours (Filename: Spideystatue1croppedsmincomplete9)



60  - unique colours (Filename: Spidey1smincomplete16)



47  - unique colours (Filename: Spidermantornsmincomplete4)



"....impressive warrior woman........."

59  - unique colours (Filename: Wonderwomanarms3smincomplete7)



59 - unique colours (Filename: Nebula2smincomplete4) Earlier save as final version crashed before I could save - hence the imperfections)



51 - unique colours (Filename: Anyachalotra1smincomplete4)




"...indomitable metal men...."


56 - unique colours (Filename: Ironmansmincomplete2)



colours unknown (Filename: Ironmanunleashed)



"...beautiful places........"

75  - unique colours (Filename: Castlelake3smincomplete9)



79 - unique colours (Filename: Bali_Indonesia2smincomplete12)



"...strange dwellings............"

 42  - unique colours (Filename: fantasyhousesm2ndincomplete8)



unknown colours (Filename: Bagend2sm5thsave)



"...other worlds..."

39  - unique colours (Filename: Anotherworldlabsmincomplete2)



34 unique colours (Filename: Anotherworldbackdrop1strun)



"...magic rings...."

unknown colours (Filename: Ring)



"....and many other fantastical things...."

unknown colours (Filename: Multiwoman)



 unknown colours (Filename: Mirrorsedgegirltattoosm1st)



"Ahhh Kif, viewing these images on the faithful A-tari has given me a thurst for ad-venture....

Call forth my two faithful crewmen so they may lay down their pitiful lives in glorious battle in the name of the Zap..."


"Sir, it appears they are too busy ....playing Pong...."


64 - unique colours (Filename: Fryzoidbergsmincomplete8)



"Nevermind Kif.... I'll settle for this fine sweet beverage instead... "


76  - unique colours (Filename: ZapkifdrinkAtariincomplete6)






Incidentally some of the images have some obvious line errors and the odd imperfections. Some of the Futurama images I quickly processed for the purpose of this post (sad admission I know!). Case in point the Nebula image was an earlier save as my laptop crashed whilst I was running mutiple conversions and annoyingly I lost the final version). 


Generally I spend a lot of time tweaking both the source image (in Irfanview), and also the RC settings (several million times!) However as many have no doubt experienced, you can only run these so many times with different settings before you have to accept you aren't gonna get em 100% at times. 


On balance I am really happy with how the majority turned out. Reading the various posts and advice in this topic thread has been invaluable (a big thanks); and I've still got a lot to try out. Good thing is the whole process is strangely rewarding, albeit very time consuming. 


As mentioned here are Altirra display settings I have used to mimic an Atari CRT output:



One last thing - given at present I can only view them in Altirra I'd really be interested to see how some of my images look on the real Atari hardware, especially on CRT monitors - feel free to post some photos of them.

Cheers and happy pixel twitching


Anotherworldbackdrop1strun.xex AnotherworldLabsmcomplete2.xex anyachalotra1smnewincomplete4.xex Bagend2sm5thsave.xex Bali_Indonesia2smincomplete12.xex castlelake3smincomplete9.xex Disenchantment1smincomplete6.xex fantasyhousesm2ndincomplete8.xex forestelfsmincomplete8.xex FryZoidbergsmincomplete8.xex Ironmansmincomplete2.xex Ironmanunleashed.xex mirrosedgegirltattoossm1st.xex multiwoman.xex nebular2smincomplete4.xex redheadelfedit2smincomplete5.xex ring.xex simpsonscouchsmincomplete9.xex spidermantornsmincomplete4.xex Spidey1smincomplete16.xex spideystatue1croppedsmincomplete9.xex thestoryteller2smincomplete6.xex tiaraeleditfsmincomplete14.xex wizardryladyeditsmincomplete3.xex wonderwomanarms3smincomlete7.xex ZapandkifAtarismincomplete7.xex ZapkifdrinkAtarismincomplete6.xex

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Hi Roydea6


Great, much appreciated and thanks so much putting the slideshow together. I have just realised in my haste I posted one of the Ironman images in error. I meant to post the following file for this one, XEX attached:


Filename was meant to be: ironmantorsocrop1smincomplete6



Edited by Beeblebrox
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WOW - @Beeblebrox comes out swinging!  Welcome back, and thanks for the photos.


My only advice - on any image that is only 200 pixels tall (less than 240 I guess) - I always use a program that pads to 240 lines vertically (without changing aspect ratio) and center it.  That way, the image is centered on the screen in both emulator, and on real hardware.


BTW - can't wait to check these out on my real machine on CRT.

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Some images are very beautiful @Beeblebrox. I will post a photo from real PAL hardware.


Screenshots would look better if you cut the image to 320 pixels, to avoid black borders on the sides.


If you'll make other conversions, could you please save the xex with the format "Author's name_Imagename", for example Beeblebrox_Ring?


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Hey, I don't have any images to post, and not to derail the thread, but does ANYONE know how to make these images so that they will work on a non-XE/XL regular 48K Atari 800?  I've tried and tried, and cannot figure it out.  Feel free to PM me if you know.  Thanks for any help.


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15 hours ago, Roydea6 said:

Using the RasterView program I have turned the above conversions into a slideshow for my Side2 computer.


And I must say they just as good as any of the other files I have used RasterView batch file on.



Was so evil to cut the slideshow into two halves and put the files onto two 130k ATR images for those that would like to use them on real floppy drives or floppy drive emulation...




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16 hours ago, Stephen said:

WOW - @Beeblebrox comes out swinging!  Welcome back, and thanks for the photos.


My only advice - on any image that is only 200 pixels tall (less than 240 I guess) - I always use a program that pads to 240 lines vertically (without changing aspect ratio) and center it.  That way, the image is centered on the screen in both emulator, and on real hardware.


BTW - can't wait to check these out on my real machine on CRT.

Hi Stephen. Thanks :grin: I'll bare it in mind with the 200p tall ones. Most of mine are 320*240. Gotta whole load more images in the pipeline - just cooking em. 


It's good to be back. Atari was a massive part of my life at one stage. 

Edited by Beeblebrox
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10 hours ago, Philsan said:

Some images are very beautiful @Beeblebrox. I will post a photo from real PAL hardware.


Screenshots would look better if you cut the image to 320 pixels, to avoid black borders on the sides.


If you'll make other conversions, could you please save the xex with the format "Author's name_Imagename", for example Beeblebrox_Ring?


Hi Philsan. Many thanks, glad you like em.


Sure, no probs re naming convention, I'll do this going forward. The screenshots are taken from Altirra using the View-Copy frame to clipboard function, where I then paste into Irfanview and save it. I can easily edit out the black borders in all future images. More in the oven. :D  ps and I've love to see some images of my pics on people's Atari CRT screens - thanks. I can't wait to dig out my 800XL, etc. (Side3 cart literally just arrived today).

Edited by Beeblebrox
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14 minutes ago, Philsan said:

Downloaded my preferred conversions, renamed xex, loaded on Atari PAL 800XL and photographed. Cool!


Beeblebrox_FantasyHouse.thumb.jpg.ef5b2b137d0808a8c47b3a1d9ef1da65.jpg Beeblebrox_IronMan.thumb.jpg.6853be643d2aae2ea65ee667052c3d6e.jpg 


Beeblebrox_RedHeadElf.thumb.jpg.b0a5d654d21008d14e874e66cab85619.jpg Beeblebrox_SpideyStatue.thumb.jpg.6bd2505431ea34218a86d26b56e4713e.jpg 

Beeblebrox_Tiarael.thumb.jpg.0b45e4e620173a67b5a069da4ea4576b.jpg Beeblebrox_WizardryLady.thumb.jpg.15ed98313786d6ca079744b45387d758.jpg 




Philsan - You've made my day! Interesting to see the Spiderman line error in one of the eyes on real hardware. (I know that Altirra will sometimes not show these errors). Is that a 14" CRT? 

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