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Images generated by RastaConverter


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Thanks Bob.

After some photoshopping to remove box's defects, I've started the conversion.

Be patient. ;-)


If you didn't already do it. You should probably crop the brown border around box. That way the precious few colors available don't go to trying to reproduce that shade of brown.



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Bitmap layer:


Sprite layer:


A file for Graph2Font: output.zip


Can you confirm that the output from "RasterConverter" looks the same when imported to G2F?

And that the XEX generated by G2F looks the same on the 800XL?


Because as I have done it, all three looked different. That is the reason why I haven't added the "HAR'em" titelpic Flash drew on the ST.

If you want to do the conversion I can send you the original ST pic in the next days.

I had hope that the TurboFreezer could help in finding the problems, but mine has yet to arrive.


EDIT: Typos

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Well, I can confirm that output from RC imported to G2F looks a bit different. Cycle exact sprite repositioning looks different in all software emulators (including G2Fand RC), because it's very complex.

I have tried to make those differences to be minimal and RC produces output similar to Altirra emulation (still not pixel perfect).

What you see in G2F is a bit different, but when saved from it, the output shouldn't change comparing to what has been imported.


Next time let me know - I'll try to help you to overcome those problems.

I'll also think how to limit sprite repositioning to avoid such bugs. A quality of generated pictures will be a bit worse but at least the picture should look the same everywhere.

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Yes, that happens sometime. Antic emulation in RC is not perfect and the bug is caused by sprite repositioning. The problem was not important till RC, because there was newer a need to have perfect emulation of sprites.

The most accurate are latest versions of Altirra. Phaeron also added tests for it in his Acid800

Because Phaeron is working actively on RastaConverter optimizations maybe he will find time also to look a the problem. Working on Altirra he has much more experience with this than I do.

Still those bands will be visible in G2F, Atari800 or Atari++.


What to do currently?

In output.png.rp file replace the lineXXX where the bug happens with a previous line. If it does not help replace also the previous line with a previous from it. Then run the converter with /continue.

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I finished the Atari 400 box conversion but some box damages were still visible so I've done more photoshopping and started another conversion. :(


Even with 160x240 pixels, source image quality is important.

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The image of the glasses breaks my expectations of the Atari 8-bit's capability so much that it is probably my favorite image so far. You'd think it might be in that monochromatic GTIA mode (realizing, of course, that it isn't), but the splash of color in the middle totally changes everything.


A bonus would be if someone hacked color-cycling into that static image.

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