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Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon

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The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 1 March 1973 by Harvest Records in the UK and Capitol Records in the US. Developed during live performances before recording began, it was conceived as a concept album that would focus on the pressures faced by the band during their arduous lifestyle, and also deal with the mental health problems of the former band member Syd Barrett, who departed the group in 1968. New material was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at EMI Studios (now Abbey Road Studios) in London.






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Quantum Effect

colors: 42

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Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory in physics that describes the behavior of nature at and below the scale of atoms.[2]: 1.1  It is the foundation of all quantum physics, which includes quantum chemistry, quantum field theory, quantum technology, and quantum information science.



Atari8man_Quantum Effect_.png


Atari8man_Quantum Effect_.xex

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29 minutes ago, ilmenit said:

Beta10 has been released:

* pthreads dependency removed (laoo)
* Added thousands separator in statistics
* Added command line parameter to window title
* Changed default auto-save to "auto" to save SSD disks life

Wow this is great!!  I'm setting up 10 folders with beta10  already have 2 images being converted.  Thanks ilmenit


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