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SOLD OUT is correct sirs.




We are in the middle of the road here now. We have a lot of complainers (which is understandable to a small degree) But we also have even more support. Does anyone here think we should do another run of carts?



I'd say make another run of 25....then make CD versions....then release the file.


Yeah I think following the original plan is probably the right way to go. I agree :)


Thats what we had in mind anyhow.


You can do like they did for FrogFeast sale some carts on e-play to help out with funding for making more copies of your game!

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Sounds evident to me that as long as the PAL bug is not fixed you can expect very few sales to european Jag fans just because very few of us made the mod on their Jag to switch on 60Hz mode.


Saying that is not complaining, just being factual: I am sure some here in Europe would like to get your game but they just can't at the moment.


Receive all my encouragements to try to fix that ugly bug as we are many Jag fans in UK, Germany, France...

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Damn, missed out.... Please make a second run, we have many guys here in Germany alone who missed out. life_is_pleach didn't told any of us about the release -.-


Yep, because nobody told me about the release. ;) As i realise that the release started there were only 3 copies left. And i was happy that i could grab one of the last ones. And the next information a couple of hours later was that it is sold out. So what should i told you about a release which is sold out.

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