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OH MUMMY! New homebrew for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Pre-order opened!


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Hi guys! :)



Some friends from another forum finally finished the port of the classic 8 bit computer game Oh Mummy for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It´s also included a revamped version of the game with improved graphics, music, intros etc...






Here´s a short video of the game with the two versions in action:






The price of this game is 25€ + shipping and it includes cart, case and full color insert and manual. The game is multi region so you can play in both PAL and NTSC consoles.



You can pre-order this game and ask for more info here: http://www.1985alternativo.com



They also released last year Watman for the Game Boy Advance, also a port of the classic 8bit computer game Batman and they still have a few copies on their website in case anyone is interested:





I´m not involved in this release but I wanted to help these guys and I wish them the best :) . I don´t know how many Oh Mummy! are going to be released or if there´s going to be more runs (I think not but..) so if you want more info better contact them, they will be happy to answer your questions.

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There is art ripped/slightly tweaked from Bishi Bashi, and slightly tweaked Coryoon art in that game...








Otherwise, it looks pretty nice, especially compared to the original.

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I ordered this too.


The guys from 1985alternativo are great; they are doing this non-profit, and when you look at the price for what you get it is a great deal.


The game is said to be released in October; the devs are sometimes a bit slow to answer when work is heavy (other times they are very quick though), but I can tell you that the GBA game Watman arrived in time and well at a couple of people I know, so I expect there to be no problems with Oh Mummy in October. :)

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Mine was held up in customs unfortunately.

The thing is, expecting delivery from Spain I made mass order for 16 others and myself to save some shipping. There's no customs for items sent within the European Union.


Surprisingly, the package came from China of all places; the home of bootlegs, where pretty much all parcel coming into the country in big boxes is controlled. The result is the hold up and 19% of the price in customs, about 100 Dollars. I was really pissed at first, but the guys from 1985alternativo were cool and offered to pay the customs themselves because they had not informed me of the delivery from China.


So props to them!


Now I hope to get a big box of Mummies any day. :)

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