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The official "Yie Ar Kung-Fu" thread


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Yie Ar Kung-Fu down to around 20 copies. The CV version of YAKF was released in 2005 and to date it has sold approximately 180 copies. The game is a port of the MSX version, but with many improvements, like the 2 players versus mode, improved graphics and AI. Things you may not know about the CV version:


- Lang, the shuriken throwing female fighter, got a complete graphic makeover, based on the improved Famicom version. In fact many other graphics improvements were added to make the CV version closer to the Famicom version. AI was also tuned to make the game harder.

- The 2 players versus mode is exclusive to the CV version, not available either from the MSX or Famicom versions.

- The original MSX version is hidden inside the CV cartridge. Can you find it?


In early 1985 (probably January), Konami released both the arcade and MSX versions of the game. They are mostly unrelated, except for the fact both are kung-fu games and a couple of fighters look similar. A few months later (in April I believe) the Famicom version was released, based on the MSX version with a few improvements. Interestingly YAKF was the very first game Konami released for the Famicom. Due to the success of the original game (YAKF was a major hit in Japan), Konami released a much improved sequel in December 1985 exclusively for the MSX, though it was later ported for the C64 and Spectrum in Europe. The sequel included 8 new fighters (3 more than the original), and many different and more varied scenarios. Years later YAKF was the inspiration for another very successful series, Street Fighter.


BTW, did you know that the title "Yie Ar Kung-Fu" is actually a pun to 1-2-3-4 in Chinese: Yi Er San Si.


ROM image available soon.

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I think I may place an order too. I used to play Yie Ar Kung Fu in the arcade when it was released in 85' well before Street Fighter. I could never get passed tonfun or sword (cant remember). I did beat it on the C64.

This version isn't too bad and I had fun playing it on the NES.


I traded my SIC to a guy years ago to get a small collection of CV titles. I now regret it.



I cant wait for another SIC re-release to re-buy it. I will look forward to that!

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I posted in the Marketplace thread earlier about Yie-Ar, saying it showed as sold out.. once I finally saw it was near-gone, I went to order one. No suck luck. I will download the rom when I get home, thank you very much for posting it.


No SUCK luck? Geez, I hate dumb misssspelllllings.


Nateo, I don't THINK so, but hopefully that will be answered soon.

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