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Odyssey Evil Homebrew Official Pre-Order Thread Only 25 copies

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*** Odyssey Evil Official Pre-Order Thread ***



If you are interested, I am starting the bid out at ONLY $30 and FREE shipping


What is Odyssey Evil?

Odyssey Evil is a homebrew game for the original 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system, the world’s first video game console. This game has been in development for over 6 months and only a few people even knew it was a brewing. This is no ordinary game but a VERY EXTRAORDINARY game.


Why is this game so extraordinary and a must have for video game collectors?

This game is breaking some records for this ancient system:

  1. This is the first Odyssey horror themed game ever to surface on this platform.
  2. This is the first Odyssey homebrew game to be packaged inside a “Full size box”
  3. In MY opinion as well as a select few others who have been privileged enough to see a preview of this game, this is the best game ever made for the odyssey system due to its’ vast amount of detail and hand crafted game pieces. Everything included with this game has been hand crafted by me and a professional sculptor that builds amazing museum quality artifact replicas and specializes in sideshow/horror products.
  4. This is a LIMITED SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION of ONLY 25 copies. No other copies will ever be made. Each copy is numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication.

Now with that being said, here is a description of the game:

Odyssey Evil opens up a door to another dimension merging fantasy with reality and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game play. This two player game utilizes the odyssey as an electronic game board with our unique full color screen overlay. Put on the overlay, dim the lights and enter a realm of pure evil as you roll the dice and follow our game guides. The object of the game is to seek out mythical creatures only rumored to exist and destroy them. Be prepared to pull and cut off pieces of their bodies or items they hold as trophies to prove their death and existence. Be the first hunter to return with 6 trophies and you will gain wealth beyond your wildest dreams…….


What is included with this fantastic Odyssey game?

This game includes:

  1. A FULL SIZE professional hand built box numbered 1-25 of 25 (You may reserve your number if available)
  2. A game board overlay
  3. 3 complete decks of cards (approx. the same size as ordinary playing cards) each card is printed in full color and laminated for protection.
  4. A set of hand crafted wooden dice with the numbers burned into the wood.
  5. A standard size and formatted instruction sheet (designed by Nicholas Broetzman)
  6. A set of 10 hand crafted game “trophies” Most of these trophies as indicated above were made by one of the best sculptors in the world that specializes in sideshow exhibits and professional haunted house props. 3 of these trophies were/are made by me. The quality and detail of these game pieces alone make this game special! These pieces come wrapped in a brown fabric for protection and are used during game play to hold the trophies in place.
  7. A signed certificate of authentication.
  8. ** BONUS PARANORMAL PACK IN ** this includes another small size screen overlay representing a “Spirit Portal”. If you truly want to “open the door” to the paranormal world, this is your key. Similar to the famous OUJI board, this overlay turns your odyssey system into a communication device with the paranormal world. What makes this BETTER than an Ouija board is the fact that it is an electronic device. Spirits have been known to be able to communicate through electronic waves which make this a very powerful device! You can be sure that this is no fancy programming because you use an original game card that came with your odyssey that contains “NO PROGRAM CODE.” Be sure that if you ask this thing questions and it responds, IT IS REAL! This also comes complete with an instruction sheet explaining how to use this and other techniques to communicate with the dead…….. Use at your own risk!
  9. Possibly another bonus item if all goes well…….

What if I don’t have an odyssey, don’t want to take it out of my display box or my odyssey doesn’t work?

Be excited to know that although this is a game designed FOR the odyssey system that you don’t necessarily NEED the odyssey system to play the game. There are a few features of the odyssey that enhance the game play but you can lay the large overlay down on the table and it becomes a traditional game board. Use anything you desire as a player token and this game may be played without the use of the odyssey.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the game is $85 shipped inside the US. Outside the U.S. will just have to pay a little more to cover the additional shipping cost. This might seem like a lot for a homebrew game but please understand the quality of the game pieces and everything included cost a lot to produce. I wanted my first homebrew game to be very high quality and high impact which unfortunately means a higher price as well. I actually was planning several other items and features to include with this game but decided to eliminate them to keep the cost down.



The first prototype game has been completed and the rest are still in the production process. I am doing this pre-order based on your integrity to pay in full at the time of project completion which is estimated by September-October timeframe (just in time for Halloween). So to reserve your copy, you must make a post here AND send me a PM and I will add you to the list in order of PM's recieved. Please do not get on the list if you are not 100% certain that you want one and are willing to pay. I am only making 25 copies of this game because it is such a time consuming (and expensive) project so I don’t want to turn away any serious members who want one and then end up with extras due to non-payment. Be assured that this is a ManCaveArcade quality project and I WILL DELIVER IN A TIMELY MANNER. If there is any delay at all for any reason, you will receive weekly updates.



1. The first picture is the prototype box side by side an original wipeout box for size comparison.

2. Back of the box sample (watermark not on actual box)

3. Hand crafted dice cut from raw lumber and numbers burned in.

4. Just a few of the trophies included with this game.

5. A sample of the 3 game card decks front and back. There is also my hand carved dagger which is used with this game also...... Notice the engravings and the wood is torched for that antique look.

6. A sample of the overlay (watermard not on actual overlay)

more pictures to come in the future.







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1. Nicholas

2. ManCaveArcade

3. Atarinut76

4. Ntavio

5. Zodiacprime

6. Ianoid

7. Stupus

8. PsychedelicShaman

9. Chuys450

10. retrogmr

11. skosh

12. davidcalgary29

13. Uppy

14 Jeffgamer

15. mb7241

16. blazing lazers

17. MrAtari2600

18. Mark T

19. Godzilla

20. swlovinist

21. y-bot

22. Ccc

23. CoreyCorey2000

24. RayXamber





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I'll take one! I'd take two if I could...


Updated the list but I think it would only be fair to allow one copy per member at this time because it is such a limited edition. If there is any spots still open by Oct. 1st (my estimated shipping date) or if anyone fails to pay then I will be glad to sell you another copy :-D

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I can honestly say that I think this will be a truely amazing release. The attention to details and quality is second to none. Plus itll be nice to have an original looking homebrew. The other thing I think is great about this is the box art. I think it would have been a natural progression for Magnavox back in the day as they went from having only the overlay on the front to having a half box graphic.

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Shipping update:


The actual box measures aprox 17" x 1" x 4.25" but I want to bubble wrap this box and place it inside another box to prevent any damage during shipping. I could prob squeeze it into a 18" x 2" x 6" box (that I may have to make also) so I entered this info into a shipping calculator and an estimate to Canada is aprox $25. US shipping is about $6.00 which is included in the price so it would cost and additional $19 to ship to canada. Please consider this if you are in canada before you reserve a copy. I would only charge actual shipping cost -$6 in case there is a cheaper shipping alternative that I overlooked.

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Here is a sample of the Spirit Portal overlay.


Legal Disclosure:

ManCaveArcade is not responsible for any interactions with paranormal entities that you may experience. If the use of the Spirit Portal results in any form of paranormal haunting (malicious or otherwise) we assume no responsibility for its removal. Any use of the Spirit Portal should be done at your own risk. You have been warned.


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