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Odyssey Evil Homebrew Official Pre-Order Thread Only 25 copies

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List updated, only 1 left!!!


I am currently working on the dice and boxes. I have been working about 2 hours a day (at least 4 days a week) into this project. I did underestimate how time consuming the wood burning process is for the dice but I think i am still on schedule. They have all been cut, sanded and about half of them finished. As soon as I complete this segment, I will post pictures and another update. Thanks everyone who is supporting my project and I am confident that everyone will enjoy this one.



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************************ SPECIAL UPDATE *********************


The boxes are finally done! These boxes requre so many steps and are so long that they are extreamly difficult to build. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if I want to make ANY odyssey boxes ever again. I hope you all like them........


I made a small change to the "paranormal pack in" The overlay included in for this is the same size as the smaller standard TV overlay that comes with the original games. This makes it more versatile since only one overlay is included for this pack in. The design allows it to be used on large and small TV's. It also saves me some time so that I can get this game shipped sooner.


As far as progress on the game as a whole, ALL of the small overlays are done, half of the dice are done and most of the trophies are finished. I still have to make all of the large overlays, 3 more trophy sets of 25 (the ones that I am making by hand), the instruction sheets, certs, card decks and half of the dice. I have been working and are going to continue to work a few hours each day on these until they are finished. I think I will start accepting payment on October first and my goal is to start shipping within the first or second week. The boxes took a lot longer than anticipated so it did delay the project a bit but this will be at your door before Halloween for sure!


The possible "bonus item" is still up in the air right now depending on time.


I will try to give you all a weekly update for now on since we are so close to the ship date. Thank you all for ordering my first and probably last homebrew game.


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Don't let the work discourage you, from what we have seen and I am sure I have backup when saying this. You have done some FANTASTIC work so far and im pumped to be showing this off in my collection! Maybe recruit some people to help with boxes and such lol



Don't let this be your last!

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Just curious if there was any update on the game...with Halloween getting close I been thinking about it.

I wanted to be sure I didnt miss anything..you mentioned you planned to start accepting payments on oct. 1, but I never heard anymore about that here or by pm...

Hope that wasnt expected to start happening yet??

You said they should be here for sure by Halloween? Is that still a plan or possibility? No pressure, just curious what the plan is and when we should expect to pay etc.

thanks :D cant wait!!

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I ran into a problem with the large overlays. My plan was to connect together 4 pieces to make one large overlay. The prototype one came together nice so I thought it would work. I had all of the transparancy prints done and they all had sight imperfections in them. I'm not sure if it was the film or the way they printed them. I didn't really notice it until I already cut them all out so the print shop won't re-print them. The next issue was attaching them together. They didn't line up properly like the original did and the heat gun was warping them which didn't happen on my first one. With this being said, I have to make a tough decision to not include a large overlay with this package and reduce the price by $5 to make up for it. The smaller standard size overlays came out great and will work on large and small TV's so this wouldn't affect the game play in any way. If this changes anyone's decision on the purchase of the game, I have no problem removing you from the list. This issue really set me back a while and I could not find anyone who could print a 1 piece large overlay at a resonable cost.

As far as payment goes, I didn't want to accept payment until the game was 100% complete and ready to ship in case I ran into any problems like this. I am really close to the finished product. The dice are all done and I am working on the card decks now. I am anticipating completion by Monday. I apologize for the delay and I am working as hard as I can to finish these up for you guys. I should start sending pm's on Monday for payment and shipping info.

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Thanks so much for the info and update.

Its certainly cant be an easy process doing a ody homebrew. And it was a noble idea not to take money from anyone until you were 100%-so no complaints at all here :)

Personally, I would still take one of the best large overlays you were able to produce even if it wasnt perfect and let you keep the $5...if thats any option to me.

Otherwise what you mention can be acceptable of course.

I also would be up to hear what the cost would be to get a full print of a big one...but I can imagaine it probably is expensive.


thanks again for the update ;)

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Please know that I have been working every free minute I have on this game but EVERYTHING is taking a lot longer to make than anticipated. I completed the "Evil" card decks but I have 2 more deck sets to go. Each card has to be hand cut, laminated and trimed and it is a painfull process. When I made the first prototype deck I said "that wasn't too bad" but making 25 sets of EACH deck is very time consuming. There is 30 cards total in each game set. After these I have to finish 25 sets of (2) different home made trophies and print instructions. I am sorry I didn't make my anticipated deadline of today but I am very close to the end so please be understanding of the issues I ran into along the way.


Thanks for all the support on this project and I will keep you all updated.

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Great News for everyone, Odyssey Evil is finally complete! All I have to do is box everything up and ship it out. I will start sending out pm’s to everyone on the pre-order list tonight with payment information and to get shipping addresses. I need to find 25 boxes to put these in or makeshift something. They are such an odd size that a standard box won’t work. I will start shipping this week in the order I receive payment and will try to get them out as soon as possible but please allow me at least a week to get it boxed up and dropped off after payment. I will update you via pm with tracking info when they ship.


Thanks again to everyone for being patient and I hope you enjoy this game!

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