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The best Famiclone ever: Innovation TriStar/Super 8 Video Review

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As I said on Famicom World....


Using a soldering iron isn't rocket science. it's simply a iron that heats a point of metal that then melts a metallic-like substance called solder. You don't need to spend much - a standard 6watt soldering iron and a small spool of solder should cost no more than $10-15 altogether.


Before you being to fix try out soldering on junk electronics - go to a thrift store and buy a crap radio, vcr, whatever. Or ask relatives, friends, neighbours, whatever it takes. With some junk electronics, you can learn how to solder effectively. The general rule is that less is always better. You don't want to apply too much solder.


Also, look up youtube videos. There's plenty of teaching tools online so you really don't need to be too afraid of soldering.


All that said, don't be an idiot - the key solder in soldering iron is iron. If you are absent minded, you can easily give yourself a nasty burn, destroy what your working on, or even cause an electrical fire. Remember, safety first. I don't want to hear you ended up in hospital because you lit your hair on fire or something ;)


Seriously though, just be careful, gain some basic skills working on junk electronics first and this mod will be a breeze. Remember not to apply the solder in the brightly lit parts of that image as those are the actual contacts that go into the system. You don't want solder in there.

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I have one of these with box also off ebay many years ago. Its broken. Does any one know how to fix these. Or should I just get a new one.


The lines were wavy so my friend soldered in a new capacitor (back left theres a empty spot in the back) to fix the problem But now the snes slot works. And the nes slot just shows black and no picture. So can I send it to one of you guys. Or is it cheaper just to get a new one.

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I got mine off Ebay. They come up fairly often. Here's a guy selling a brand new unit.

eBay Auction -- Item Number: 1807357967071?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=180735796707&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


THANKK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You just saved me some cash. I almost just bought a used one for $70, this guy is selling them new $49 free ship!! Cool, I sold one a few years ago when I was moving and totally regreted it.

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