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Interest Check: New production run of S-video cables and RGB Scart cables


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Hiya folks!


I am checking for interest in another run of composite/s-video cables for the Jag and RGB Scart cables as well. For anyone interested, my last run of cables was here:



I am thinking of changing it up this time. Instead of the short, female connectors that allow you to plug in your own cables, I am thinking of building a more traditional 6 foot long cable with Stereo audio, Composite and S-video. Same kind of cable like would have been OEM.


Second cable is a Stereo RGB Scart Cable with 6 foot cable on it. Good for folks that want to plug it into something like one of those Scart to Component adapters. No more combo cables with AV and RGB. One or the other.



Tentative pricing:


Stereo S-video/composite cable: $24


Scart RGB cable: $30





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