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HELP NEEDED! - Are these CX78 controllers counterfeit?


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Having wanted a pair of these Atari 7800 digital control pads since I found out about them a few years ago I saw a few pop up on eBay for a decent price and bought 2 of them.


I received them today, but they feel extremely cheap! Almost no weight to them, and aside from the silver Atari logo (which is flaking off) there are no codes or other atari markings.


I am very familiar with the bootleg NES and SNES control pads that have flooded eBay, but I didn't think anyone would bother with knocking off the Atari 7800 pad.

Am I wrong? Could these controllers be bootlegs? Unfortunately I don't have another to compare to, but it really, everything about it screams fake. :(


Hopefully someone can help me figure this out so I can take it up with the seller.


This is the auction by the way:


eBay Auction -- Item Number: 2907538730021?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=290753873002&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


You can see that the cord in the auction looks nothing like the one I received.

The seller seems to have a huge supply of these. (He's sold at least 50 of these based on FB)

The Warranty sticker also looks brand new/fabricated.



I snapped a picture (with my cheap iPod Touch), but you can see how the cable is much different than the one Classic Game Room has shown in his video.

The cable is grey and has no Atari symbol on it.




Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Don't know if they are real or not, but if you decide to buy more best electronics sells them for about $17 each:



Thanks for the reply.

I did see that, but I figured osme of those items were out of stock.

I should have looked into it more.


Also, the weight of one control pad (with 6ft cord is ONLY 3 ounces) Roughly 1oz for the pad and 2oz for the cable.

Maybe if someone has a verified original CX78 and a digital scale we can get to the bottom of this.

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I can't say that I've ever seen one with a gray cable, but otherwise the controllers in the pictures look genuine to me. I bought a bunch of CX-78 gamepads at one point, and believe me, they all feel light and flimsy. They're not an especially good gamepad.


Thanks for the replies guys.


I was mostly buying it just in case they get scarce, but it seems everyone is starting to sell them again. Perhaps a warehouse full of them was located or something!


I have been scammed with bootleg NES controllers in the past and didn't want a repeat of that.

Even if they are 100% legit I still think they should have been the black Atari logo cables as shown in the auction.


It's so hard to tell these days with bootlegs, resealed games, This hobby has become more lucrative than comic book collecting and when that happens the scammers are sure

to follow.

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