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Tiny Lynx Adventure


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Hi Lynx fans,


It is with pleasure, pride and enthusiasm that I present you a small game for the Atari Lynx: "Tiny Lynx Adventure" or just "Adventure".


The game is based on a sample called adventure.asm which you can find on the

www.6502asm.com website. (Simply select that file from the dropdown, press Compile, then Run and play with the WASD keys to move). I found that small sample so enjoyable to play, simple as it looks and works, that I chose it as my learning project.


So, this past Sunday I started work on it, armed with the knowledge that I showed in the tutorials that I wrote (I have more tutorial sample code written than blogs posted. I am a bit behind). Work progressed well and presto ...




The game has primitive graphics as you can easily see. However, the potential for the Lynx is so great. Single colored blocks can be replaced by better sprites and all of a sudden you have a fairly decent adventure game. Enough room for (easy) improvement. I can now see how Ninjabba built his RPG. For a programmer it should not be too hard to see what it takes.


Anyway, enough said.

The ROM file is attached as well as the source code (under the original GNU GPL Level 3 license since I used the game design (graphics, levels, story, not code) of Norman B. Lancaster who wrote the original game). I would have released the sources anyway, because I believe that it is a relatively "easy" program that is very educational.

Some features of the game:

  • Random item placement. The world stays the same, but the items will spawn at random locations in the world
  • Intro and outro screens
  • Simple graphics

Known issues:

  • The game can only be played once. You will need to turn your Lynx off and on (Flashcart or EEPROM burner owners) or reset Handy (F3 on Windows)
  • No savegame feature
  • The screen does not flash red when you loose from Evil Guy. Instead you get the Game Over screen.

I am very interested in any feedback, comments, remarks or questions that you have.


Here are some simple instructions from the original source:

; Thank you for trying my game! You are Good Guy, and you are on a

; quest to defeat Bad Guy, the only other guy in this area of The

; World.


; You start in the forest. Somewhere within the forest are a pair of

; flippers, which will allow you to swim in the river. Somewhere along

; the banks of the river there is a key to the White Castle. Within the

; White Castle are a protective crown and a deadly weapon (it looks like

; a red star thingy). These two items are needed to defeat Evil Guy.


; Evil Guy lives in the Black Castle, which you can get to through the

; desert. Conveniantly enough, the key to the Black Castle is somewhere

; in the desert.


; Find Evil Guy in the Black Castle while wearing the crown and weapon

; and you win! If you lack either the crown or weapon, the screen will

; flash only red, and you will loose!





Make sure you extract the adventure.lnx file before opening the file in Handy (or your other favorite Lynx emulator)

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Congratulations and thank you for this little game.

I can not congratulate you for the graphics :-D but otherwise I'm happy because there is a title screen a game and an end, this is not just a demo endless, I like.


Now I will try again to find the bad guy :)


I hope to have another game from you very quickly.

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Thanks for all the positive comments.

To anyone who has tried the game, some questions:

  • Who has noticed a bug in the game when you open the gate to the white castle and it shows some out of place white and gray blocks? I noticed this only playing on the real Lynx using the Flashcart, not when running in an emulator.
  • Is anyone interested in a map, or walkthrough?
  • Who wants to know how it was built/programmed?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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So far I have only played in on an emulator; I haven't noticed any bugs. as far as a map or walkthrough, it is a fun game but I don't think it is big or complex enough to need a map or walkthrough. I'm not much into the programming side of things... yet, but I am always interested in how things work. If you share I'll read it :) Only other feed back would be that it would be fun if you started adding more complexity to the game, more fighting baddies or something, but it is already a nice little game.

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I've played the game and congrats, its working like a charm! didn't notice any bugs. The engine you created could be very useful for creating a rogue-like rpg I been wanting for ages now on the Lynx :P cough*nethack*cough. Simple goal, some random maze generation & lots of enemies


If you're considering to built upon this project, I would suggest to try and fit in music/sound fx first, and not like me try to do this painfully afterwards in the leftover bytes...

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