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What are you playing on 3DS?

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I'm getting an XL next week and I have a list of 9 or 10 games I'll be getting for it.


What I'm curious about though is, without getting trolls or into a flame war, how come the 3DS is apparently managing okay now, actually being successful too while the VITA is not doing well at all? I don't think it's the 3D that makes the 3DS successful, most players say they usually turn it off. So maybe it's the games themselves? But I haven't seen too many other than my 9 or 10 that I think would make this handheld a success. I've already looked at this previous thread on the subject.


So I just want to know, what are you folks who have a 3DS actually playing?

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I am the proud new owner of Ocarina of Time 3D, but I am not playing it on 3DS right now... because I haven't bought a 3DS yet! My girlfriend got it for me as an incentive to commit to the 3DSXL.


To answer the second question, the vast majority of games on Vita that can be purchaded right now can be had on PS3 for cheaper because they have been out for a couple of years. Wipeout, Uncharted, ModNation, Resistance, Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid... the list goes on. There is a lot of rehash on 3DS too of course, but there are still original heavyweights like Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, and, uhh, Pilotwings... to even things out. To tell you the truth, I'm hoping for Majora's Mask 3D along with all the other fanboys.

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I'm playing my DSi XL only right now. I haven't touche the 3DS in a while because I find the screen really is too small for my post 40 year old eyes :lol:


Looking forward to the 3DS XL.. I plan on playing through Starfox 64 and Kid Icarus on it, as well as finishing up Super Mario 3D. I might pick up Williams Pinball too.


And I already finished Zelda.. probably won't touch it again.

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I've played the hell out of Shadow War's and highly recommend it. But other than that, my 3DS is pretty much gathering dust as I just don't find any other game releases compelling enough to spend $30 - $40 for. Remakes of Zelda, Star Fox, and Mario Kart don't excite me and I'm pretty much Mario'd out.


I'm looking forward to Luigi which might be fun. But the only game that really makes me hang on to my 3DS is the upcoming Fire Emblem.




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I'm pretty much Mario'd out


I've been mario'd out for years and years.. BUT I found Mario 3D very enjoyable. Prior to that I couldn't play anything past Mario 64


Same here. Super Mario Galaxy is the only 3D Mario game I really enjoyed but Mario Land 3D is also pretty good. I'd rate it above the New Super Mario games, even. It's actually the only game I have for the 3DS and I've owned mine since late last year. I want to get more games for it but it just seems like the library isn't that great yet. I like Ocarina of Time and all but it's hard to get excited about it when I can play it on my N64 or GameCube.

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Let's see..


Currently playing Star Fox as I didn't get enough back in the N64 days.


I played some Pilotwings, Steel Diver, a lot of Ridge Racer, some Mario Kart, a lot of Mario 3d Land and a smattering of other titles.


Don't miss out on some of the digital goodies too! And last but certainly not least, Save Mii is flat out awesome!


And one for the "feel shame" department. I only played Face Raiders briefly and haven't opened up the AR cards but have heard a lot of good stuff is in there too!


Lastly, I'm not a big Street Fighter fan but I picked that up at launch and spent some quality time with it too! (oops forgot about Zelda too)


So yeah, the 3ds has been good to me! :)

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The XL is supposed to be out hat fast? Cool.


Uh, for me, it's Super Mario 3DS all the way, though New Super Mario Bros 2 is supposed to be int he mail when I get home, I bet that replaces it....or whenever angry birds is supposed to get here.


I play a lot of Pegle, it's not a 3DS game, but is still fun.


Pilot wings gets a lot of time too, it's lazy laid back no objectiveness to it just rules.


One question, where are the FPS games? That's one I'd like to see, even if it's just Doom for the bazillionth time, come on, 3D FPS, seriously? Or maybe a 3D adventure game (think Oblivion, hey, Bethesda has TWO games that predated morrowind that could be done on 3DS without much trouble I'd be willing to bet...

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I just bought New super Mario Brothers 2 this evening.. It's been an enjoyable romp thus far. And also, not a 3DS game, but get Advance Wars: Dual Strike. it can be had for under 10 bucks nowadays and is easily as good as any title in the 3DS lineup IMO, zelda and star fox included.

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The last thing I played was New Super Mario Bros. 2 a few days ago. For some reviews, I made this site:


took a look at it and I gotta ask.. The pacman & galaga dimensions, are they the same as pacman championship dx and the galaga on the PSN?

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