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the executive rom


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I have reverse-engineered the Executive ROM and the portion of GROM that has code in it. I would like to post a disassembly of it, but I am unsure about that...In the meantime I can answer questions about it.




That's great, and I'd love to take a look at it. However, I also wouldn't suggest posting publicly a full disassembly, out of respect for Intellivision Production's intellectual property.


Perhaps you would be interested in compiling some articles that explain how it works and what it does, from a programmer's perspective? Something like a modern "Your Friend The Exec." I think that would be very interesting.



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Would you—please—have someone with a World Book Tutorvision make dumps of its REXEC, REXGROM, REXGRAM, and all 14 of its white cased learning games. We’d all like to use these new .ROM files on our emulators.


Also—please make scans available of the documentations that went with the Tutorvision console.

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Out of Respect for Intellivision Productions? Seriously?


While I am not suggesting you do anything illegal or unethical, it is baffling IMO that Intellivision productions didn't put all of the EXEC, GROM, GRAM and anything else needed to help Hobbyist make better games and emulators into the Public Domain YEARS ago. Keep the game code if you must and all the rights that go with the games and Intellivision name and all that. But come on, The best chance for the Intellivision, or any classic system for that matter, to stay alive and thrive is to make it is as accessible as possible and as easy to play and program for as possible. I may be all alone but I would much rather have new games on my old system than "updates" of the old games on my new phone or tablet. I don't need another version of Astrosmash but I would really like to play with a "Batari Basic" like language and IDE that lets me create games on the Intellivision.


I am not suggestion they stop trying to monetize the history and nostalgia, I am saying they could also enhance the hobby and help the hobbyist.

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I dunno why this topic has suddenly gone active again. I must disagree with DZ-Jay though. No respect need be given because it is a new product made by doppel.


Also, batari BASIC for INTV would really fire up the scene. Unfortunately, it takes a very altruistic and talented developer to focus on such things.


UPDATE: Oops! My bad. He's talking about the disassembly of the actual firmware: not a new reverse engineered one. Sorry DZ-Jay!

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