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Should the 7800 rarity guide be revised?


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I hope I don't sound like I'm being insulting by saying this, but I think some of the scores in the guide are out of whack. I've heard from the Al's before that rarity guide is based on actual production #'s as best they are known, and not on supply/demand, but even if that's true the supply-side has got to be a little bit off balance. For example:


Desert Falcon is not a 1. The game is being rated the same as oversatured titles that don't sell on eBay constantly, the same games you can buy for $5 each from O'Sheas, like Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Joust. Good luck getting Desert Falcon the same way!


Mario Bros. is not a 2. It's definitely harder to get CIB or otherwise than Touchdown Football, Choplifter! and Karateka. I can't even find PAL copies of this game for sale very often, let alone NTSC. I wonder if this wasn't another "late release" game.


TItle Match Pro Wrestling is more than a 3 to me. I honestly think if it was that common someone would have offered me one in trade or I would have found a loose copy of it for sale by now. I own all of the other 3's except that one, and some I've had multiple copies of.


Mean 18 Ultimate Golf is definitely more than a 4. We've heard horror stories about people who ordered this game back when it was IN production that never got it, and it always seems to be one of the last two or three 7800 games anybody needs for a complete set (it is for me).


And on the other hand..


Ballblazer red label is not a 5. That's not as hard to get as Fatal Run by a long shot. Double Dragon is overrated too, but not nearly as much. I'd drop it down to a 4.


I'm not sure Water Ski should be a 6. There's been a flood of these on eBay lately and I don't really believe it's that rare after all. I've got two myself; one sealed in the box and one loose.


I do agree with the fact there are no 8's, 9's or 10's though when it comes to the 7800. That's just good common sense. Anyway, I'm trying to start a debate here, not piss on AtariAge for the invaluable and highly useful rating service it provides. I just think that the 7800 section might need a rehaul at some point.

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I agree with everything except Title Match pro wrestling 3 seems to be the middle ground of rarity for the 7800


and the water ski is definetly to high seen them alot on ebay and you can still buy them NIB at Atari2600.com for $20 maybe a 4 at the highest


Mario Bros could be a 3, ive seen quite a few Cart only's list on ebay but not many complete ones tho, and i think Atari2600.com has them for $4 or so for carts with end label problems, and its definetly hard to find then Touchdown Football, Choplifter! and Karateka



Mean 18 golf should be atleast a 5 if not a 6 i think its harder to find and get then Tank Command



Ballblazer might be alittle high, but i havent looked around for this label variation



I just think that the 7800 section might need a rehaul at some point.


I agree as well, and the Al's probably feel the same way :)

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Here is my take on the rarity of the 7800 carts in question:


Ballblazer red-2

Desert Falcon-3

Mario Bros.-3

Title Match pro wrest.-4

Water Ski-4

Mean 18-6


And some others that I think need revising as well:


Planet Smashers-5

Summer Games-4


I agree with MMF on nearly every cart in question.



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We agree that section of the guide needs updating. There have been some other threads on this and we will be compiling information and updating the guide accordingly. Please continue to post your thoughts to this thread for any games you feel should be adjusted.

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I agree with all the suggestions made my MMF, especially the direction of which carts need to be raised a notch. They are getting much harder to find these days.


Other games that may need tweaking:


Alien Brigade - harder to find than most 2's, I think it's a 3 or 4.


Food Fight - is probably only a 2 or a 1, not a 3.


Ikari Warriors - may be a little higher than a 4. Might be a 6.


Impossible Mission - is a little easier to find than a 4. Probably a 3.

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Water Ski should stay a 6. It is one of the hardest games to get in NTSC format and had a much lower production run than most 5s or 4s. There have been tons of Quadruns and Waterworlds on Ebay in the past year. Should they be dropped just because of Ebay??


I definitely agree with all of you that the ratings need revising, but please don't base the changes on Ebay availability. If you are going to do that then 5200 Decathlon should be around a 9 since it's only shown up twice on Ebay in the past year.

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