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Activision Anthology in the App Store tonight!


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I'm not quite sure I understand why Activision didn't hand over the original PS2 assets for this package. I mean, they have them don't they. I left them an asset package when I was there. Seems like there's ALOT more that could have been done with the package. "Does anyone know .. OR... have they unlocked or included any of the original TV commercials or ?"


I'm also not sure if they've included ALL of the Imagic titles. I seem some, but not all of them. :-/


- K

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Hey I just downloaded the Activision anthology and generally like it. The games I was most excited about were Demon Attack and Megamania, because I figured that three switch games (left/right/fire) can be done pretty well on a touch screen device. But alas, none of the control options work very well. I've had an idea for a control scheme that would work very well for three switch games in which auto fire is oftentimes used (like those two games), but I haven't noticed anything like it used in any vertical shooter I've seen on Android or iOS. Here's my idea: with the screen in landscape mode, you just tap the lower left and right corners to move left and right, so when auto fire is on, it just works like any other two-switch game (this would be great with demon attack 80-90% of the time). Then you just touch anything above the bottom of the screen to toggle auto fire on and off. With auto fire off, the bottom of the screen between the corners becomes a fire button, so if you are standing still you can just reach one of your thumbs over a bit and place a well-times shot. Alternatively, you want to shoot while moving left, you hold your left thumb down and just reach in a bit with your right thumb to fire. In other words, the control scheme would just look like this:



. Toggle Auto .

. Fire On .

. And OFF .

.____________________ .



And of course when the screen isn't being touched the joystick auto-centers, whether rapid fire is on or not...


I'd be very curious if this works... and if it does I'd love to play Demon Attack on the subway using this control scheme!

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