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CORGS Classic Gaming Event in Columbus Ohio November 17th 2012 CORGS


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I am helping to organize a classic gaming event in Columbus Ohio. Please PM me if you are interested in being a vendor at this show. Tables are $20 each and space is limited so please don't hesitate til the month of the show. Video games of any type are welcomed!


This event is to take place Saturday November the 17th @ the Columbus Fort Rapids Water Park and Resort. http://www.fortrapids.com/


The hours are tentatively set at 11am-6pm.


The admission is going to be no more than $2 at the door. I am bringing at least one pinball machine/arcade game set on free play to the show.


You can see pics of the room the event will be in here http://www.fortrapid...lic/conference/

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I am considering bringing a neo geo. My plans right now are to bring Secret Service pinball, a custom tabletop mr. do arcade, a 60-in-1 multicade cocktail, and about 1500 carts to sell. I will also have some homebrews and custom 1 of a kind 2600 games as well.

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I have a table or two. As usual, I just bring interesting things for people to toy around with that they might not have fudged with before. I expect to bring a Supergun/Jamma stuff and some interesting and not-often-seen consoles/games. Some form of Neo Geo, I think, and a heaping helping of multiplayer stuff.

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I should have taken some pictures. There were anout two dozen vendors with a wide selection of games ranging from boxes of common $1 games to the guy in the back that had many extremely rare games (Stadium Mud Buggies, Chase the Chuckwagon, Panic Restaurant, Chubby Cherub, Bubble Bobble 2, Magical Chase and others) all boxed. It was good if you are local but I probably wouldn't have driven real far to attend.

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