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My new Breakout 2000 score: 94,554

Cobra Kai

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I've been working at this for a few weeks. My previous high score posted here in these forums is the 3rd score down on the screen there, 75,397, and that was quite a few years ago.


Tonight, I got to level 4-0 and posted a big 94,554 , which surpasses the best score in the high score club by 4,000 points (http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/145001-breakout-2000-jaguar-hsc-june-09-atardi-90887/.) I don't participate in the HSC so I posted it in general. Who will be the first to break 100,000? Will it be me? hmm...

If you haven't played this, it's a very good score of a very difficult game. If you have played it, you know what I'm talking about. :)



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I think Breakout 2000 is a better game than Arkanoid, but both have certain things going for them. I've read quite a few complaints of the game, including many people think much of the screen is wasted do to the nature of the iso-metric 3D, if thats an accurate description of the playfield. What this design allows for though is a real sense of depth, and the ability to have deeper, more complex level design with multiple layers of bricks stacked on top of another.


I think the graphics are adequate, though not up to par with the rest of the 2000 series. The inclusion of the 3 different robodrones that both help and hinder your game is brilliant. They add a bit of attitude to what is a rather dull premise, and it seems each robodrone has its own character traits, where they can be generous with the power-ups or stingy. Moody would be a good description of the drones.


I think it's a rather hard game, but the difficulty curve is superb, with a very slow transition from easy stages to moderate difficulty. I love how the levels are broken down into 5 stage increments, with a refresh of your 5 lives at the start of each new level. I use this to my advantage often, if I have an excess of lives left, I'll often take more chances grabbing power-ups even if I know I'll lose my ball doing so, since every power-up is worth 1,000 points.


It's possibly my most played Jaguar game, and certainly in my top 5 best.

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