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Jaguar HSC Revamped, Season 4, ROUND 5


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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 4, ROUND 5

(Round Over)





Start a game from the beginning on the Normal difficulty setting. Choose any type of ship. Play until you Game Over. Do not restart/continue a game from a save spot.


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: http://www.atariage....son-4-schedule/. It is recommended that you take a photo of your score, but it is not required. We go on good faith here, so please be honest.. :)



  1. Lentzquest - 272,700(+9pts)
  2. Twoquickcapri - 165,195(+6pts)
  3. atariLBC - 24,562(+3pts)
  4. Darrin9999 - 22,095(+1pts)

The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:

  1. Lentzquest - (30 pts)
  2. Twoquickcapri - (27 pts)
  3. Jeremiahjt - (12 pts)
  4. Gunstar - (9 pts)
  5. sh3-rg - (9 pts)
  6. PFG 9000 -(7 pts)
  7. Darrin9999 -(5 pts)
  8. atariLBC -(4 pts)
  9. ydcl - (3 pts)
  10. Jblenke - (3 pts)
  11. Roadrunner - (3 pts)
  12. Samanthalt - (3 pts)
  13. Atari2600land -(1 pts)

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I am but keep getting distracted by shiny things.


Edit: 31100. It's a terrible score, but maybe it'll get some competition going. This game's pretty new to me but I'll spend some more time with it here in the next couple days and see if I can improve it. Getting a picture is tough as they only display for a few seconds. Also, does anyone know if the score only shows up after level completion? I never saw a score at the actual game over.



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