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JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files


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This is a utility I created at the weekend :-




It is a Windows GUI tool that will convert 24BPP Windows *.bmp file directly into a Jaguar ROM image that can be viewed in 16BPP on real hardware. Just press the "Browse..." button and choose an image and then use the "Convert" button to process it. A new file will be created that has a *.rom file extension. The ROM image is padded to the nearest 1MB so it can be used in emulators like VJ without conversion.


Some notes :-

Images must be 24BPP, 8BPP images are not supported at this time.

Images larger than 320 c 200 (w x h) will be cropped to 320 x 200.

Images smaller than 320 x 200 will be displayed in the centre of the screen.


The utility is ideal for pixel artists who want to create in-game assets without needing a programmer to implement the features they need or to check out how screenshots or mock-ups would look.


The application has been tested on XP fine and the ROMs on a PAL jaguar. (many thanks fto sh3-rg for testing)


Load and execute the final ROM at 0x802000.


Any problems let me know.

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Wow.. so is this the ability to display a image, or a collection of images?


I was using another Jaguar Image Viewer this weekend, which I believe was made by the Jagware folks. Really came in handy. So this will be fun to play with as well.

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