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Assembling 7800 code with DASM


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I am curious if anyone here knows how to assemble some of the original 7800 games from the source found at http://www.atarimuse...les/7800/games/


using DASM.


I found the information in this thread (http://www.atariage....ation-and-dasm/), using the stuff in "compile.zip" that is in there, as a good start.


As the game source found over at Atari Museum are in separate files, how do you assemble them as a group to create the .bin file that can be executed in emulation?


I am more or less looking for the syntax necessary when running dasm to compile the game. I get how to sign the bin with the 7800 encryption and whatnot.


I'd love to be able to start with one of the classic games as a beginning to learning to program the ol' ProSystem.



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