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Sega CD - Model 2 - Skipping!


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Hi everyone! I just bought a model 2 Sega Genisis with the CD attachment in new like condition, it did not have any qames when I went to meet the guy (found it on craigslist) but he did show me a CD playing. It skipped once or twice but I thought it was the CD. When I got home I had the same issue. So I am sure there is an issue. I don't have a Sega CD Game yet to try out but I should have something soon. I got it for $65.00 but not sure its worth it since it seems to have an issue.


The CD is found though and does play, the skipping is an issue though. I looked over the Internet and did not find anything helpful. I'm wondering if anyone here has a suggestion. I tried to clean the CD Lens and the gears look to be in working order. I am wondering if I should just buy a replacement Laser. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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Either the eye is weak, eye is dirty, gears could be dry and binding, the spindle motor could be worn out and not spinning the disk fast enough to keep up the data flow, the spindle top (the part the disk sits on when in the drive) could be pushed down a Tad too far and causing the eye not to focus. There's a few other things that could be causing it but the above is common.


You should have ran into this topic if you was to use Google to search http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?22027-Sega-CD-systems-repair-thread about all you need to know

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I actually found that site and then signed up on the forms but did not see this. Thank you!


No problem, I signed up about a month ago when I seen that topic. Being that I'm in the market for a Sega CD I'd figure it would be useful to know what I'm getting into. Plus being a gaming fan it makes for good reading.

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