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Fixing Genesis/SMS game cases


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Not all Genesis/SMS game cases can be "fixed". The cases I'm referring to are the plastic (older style) game boxes. In my collection I have a few game boxes that no longer have the clear vinyl pocket on the case. This means I can not put a box sleeve on the case.




In the past I would just throw these away thinking they are no good. Well, not any more. I found by using a full (high quality) printed sheet label, laminating it and placing it back on the damaged game box, makes it look very close to an original undamaged case. Since the label is laminated it mimics the clear vinyl sleeve that would normally be over the box. Since its a label, it sticks to the box. When placed next to an undamaged box, it is hard to tell the difference.




I also found that just scanning the sleeve in wasn't good enough to make the label. That's because over time the sleeves discolor and you get shadowing anywhere there are creases on the sleeves. So after I scanned in the sleeve, I did redraw/clean up the image. The image was also made a quarter inch longer to make up the difference of the vinyl cover not being there.




Even with the boxes open it is hard to tell the difference between the two.


post-9874-0-61305400-1348414841_thumb.jpg post-9874-0-57549600-1348414851_thumb.jpg


I may be able to offer these labels if the interest is there (pricing is TBA). Let me know what you guys think.

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Well, admittedly I thought there would be more interest in this project. I also made a label for "Alex Kidd in Miracle World". Again, this can be done just as easily for Genesis games as well. I just decided to start with my SMS collection.


I don't have many cleaned up yet, but hopefully in time I will.



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