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SPACE MONSTERs & other T-Handles


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Greetings from Down Under :)


On a recent interstate trip i picked up a couple of loose 2600 T-Handle carts in the wild. One is Karateka, the other Space Monster.


I've been trying to find out the rarity or value of Space Monster but am having no luck. Is this game well known? I picked it up because of the unique look (and appeal) of the T-handle, and i knew they are 'rare' in general so its nice to add to the collection.


Btw, i also have a loose TRON T-handle of Enduro, but again, have been experiencing difficulty in finding adequate info on these carts. Are there any good guides for collectors, different releases, etc of T-handle carts? I couldn't find anything in the Forum Search so i thought i'd just ask the experts :)


Any and all help is much appreciated!

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Space Monster is not that rare,value is under $100,I saw a couple sold a few months back for under $40 each.


Also Tron goes for about $20

Cheers. Not bothered about the value, just wish there was a better idea to the rarity rather than just a '?'


The Tron T-Handle Enduro i got a couple of years back for about $40 (can't remember exactly. It was an Aussie seller on eBay who had quite a few of those Tron T-handles. most went for more then that (by memory) and almost all to the same US buyer. Mine was the last of the lost so it sold for cheaper (i guess he ran out of cash :D ) and as Enduro is my fave 2600, thought i'd get a more 'unique' version (and i love the art).

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So where did you buy the Karate cart from ?

Both Karate & Space Monster i got from a Cash Converters store. They had the few loose Atari 2600 carts in a bargain box for $10 ea, but i ended up getting a 20% discount.


Don't tell me you found them in Sydney!!! :mad: ;)

Haha, sorry to break it to ya mate, but Sydney/NSW it was! :D I have to say, that store was THE best Cash Converters i have ever been to in the last decade! Got a GREAT GameCube package from them that day as well (Cube, Carry Case, 2 original Nintendo controllers, A/V cords, power supply, super duper rare/expensive component cable, grey memory card, GC to GBA connector cable all for $44)! Melbourne Cash Converters have nothing that good yet about 4 times the price!!

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