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"NES Super 8" project


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On 3/23/2020 at 9:54 AM, Bratwurst said:

Ah, name calling, and I'm the immature one? My only point is expecting someone else (in this context, low_budget) to give away their labor is a bad attitude. Open source work is just fine when someone volunteers it. Asking for it when it wasn't volunteered is bereft of class.

I just showed the Sanni thread how to add a clock generator to the pocket SNES model to dump and rewrite NP SFC.  I contribute to open source anywhere I can.


Can you show me some of your work? 


 We weren't asking to profit off his labor we were asking for him to save us some time. All the information to do this is available, but I suppose you want the wheel reinvented everytime a NES pcb goes down.  You attacked me for asking for files after red herring released them and it didn't matter anyway. You might want to ask yourself why you're here.  


I've basically made my own blinky light win on four different nes's now but I've handwired all of that(sucks).  These PCBs are really sexy.  I love how the cartridge just slots into the board. I might have to get a few. I have a batch of cpu and ppu on the way....


If any of you buy NES cartridge slots.  Get the ones with tabs on them it has a much smaller Gap to grab the cartridge.  Cut the tabs off.(cart won't insert if you don't)   I've had bad experience with the ones without tabs.  The slot is too large.  Devil is in the details, this one cost me time.  



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I have version 1.3 of the NESessity now available https://www.tindie.com/products/low_budget/nesessity-v13-replacement-pcb-for-nes-console/

I will also be offering the NESessity in kit form once the parts arrive.


Improvements over v1.2:

  • changes to the motherboard shape to allow a much larger heatsink for the 7805 linear regulator
  • extra solder pads on power switch connection, reset pins, and controller ports allow Borti's A/V power board replacement to be used
  • various trace optimizations and component footprint improvements


I have installed the NESRGB and IGR mod boards.  The wiring is a bit simpler as the extra 5v regulator included with the NESRGB is not needed and there are solder pads to connect the IGR mod. Since the NESessity uses the reset circuit from a top loader NES, set the "LO" jumper on the IGR.


I am also working on a NES - Neo Geo controller adapter.  Basically a standard controller circuit x2 wired to Neo Geo controller ports.  I hope to have this available soon.





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Great! Very nice pics! Very clean board.


18 hours ago, low_budget said:

I am also working on a NES - Neo Geo controller adapter.  Basically a standard controller circuit x2 wired to Neo Geo controller ports.  I hope to have this available soon.


Wow! For the joystick or gamepad? Powerfull Nes :)

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I have updated the parts list for the NESessity v1.3 because several parts on the last version are out of stock or end of life.



I also have NES - Neo Geo controller adapters available.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-to-use-Neo-Geo-Arcade-Controller-with-Nintendo-NES-Console-2-Player/184709166961?hash=item2b01863771:g:CUEAAOSw5FxgTNX~

NESessity v1.3 Parts List.pdf

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I am considering making another run of Super 8 bit PCBs after not making any since 2016.


Would anyone be interested?


Unlike before, this will likely be a small production run of the bare PCBs, I don't plan on making the powder coated cases (unless there is a lot of demand.)


Send me a PM if you would like one, and if there is enough interest I will begin taking preorders.

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I have been following this project for a while and I think it's one of the best NES-related projects out there but I have some questions before buying one. What are the differences between NESessity and the Super 8 other than the Famicom cartridge slot? Does this work with the UMC CPU and PPU replacements? If so, is there a way to use the RGB signal from the PPU? And do you plan to add 2 more controller ports to play 4-player games without using a multi-tap?

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