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little infrared project for Multimega


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Hi guys,


Here's an uploaded picture of some small extension leads I made in order that the wireless controllers from the megadrive 2 can work with the multimega.


I found the spacing between the controller ports are exactly the same on Megadrive, Megadrive 2 and the Genesis 3, however they're angled away from the unit on the multimega. The same infrared wireless system works perfectly on all 4 models by the way.


It's just that for the multimega little extensions are needed.


They're not the best - I knocked them up in a frustrating 3 hours or so with tiny little wires from a cut up vga extension lead that I originally bought to extend the jaguar's lead (but this never worked with the jag). I digress. I simply bought x2 male and x2 female 9-pin D-subs and soldered them in 'straight through' fashion.


I originally considered buying regular MD extention leads and cutting them up - but couldn't justify that expense for what it was.


I had to saw the ends off the the females and shape them round with sandpaper to make them fit the multimega.


They're not perfect as I say and I geuss someone else with more patience and time could do a much better job.




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