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Does anyone have a copy of the Zoom! rom that works with the Everdrive MD? I have tried downloading it from a couple different sources and I get just a black screen.


I was reading some old digital copies of Sega Vision Magazine and saw Zoom! advertised and wanted to try it out.

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Do you have an emulator on your PC..cuz if you do then you can check to see if the file works or not...from what I understand about the everdrive.. it wont play .smd files...but .bin. I have found a smd to bin converter just now...but have not opened it yet so I dont know how it works....I have a working zoom.smd file will work on it to see if I can convert it to bin...based on the graphics of the game.. it looks as thought this game originated from the UK division of Sega.

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see if this worksZoom!.zip


I appreciate you trying, but that one doesn't work with my Everdrive MD either.


I know there are a lot of Everdrive MD owners if someone would be nice enough to test and see if they have a working rom and hook me up it would be appreciated.

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I think I know what your problem may be. When I first loaded the game onto my EverDrive just now, it booted but I was getting very strange behavior -- the controller was wigging out, autoselecting menu items, and otherwise acting strangely. Then when I power-cycled, the game stopped booting at all and I got a black screen.


What fixed it was going into the EverDrive options and turning hard reset on. Then the game booted fine and I had no problems. As soon as I turned hard reset off again, I had the same issue.


BTW I'm using a ROM from the GoodGen set which should be easy to find. But I suspect your ROM is fine and your problem is the setting I mentioned. Turning off hard reset helps with certain games (especially pirate games on a Genesis with TMSS), but it can cause problems with others, I assume because something (RAM?) isn't initialized on reset.


I hope you're not too disappointed after all that effort, because the game stinks IMHO! :D I own the cart, have beaten it, and even played through twice in a row to make sure there wasn't a third loop (since there is a second loop of sorts). Super-repetitive, very easy and yet frustrating since it's hard to see and navigate when your character is at the far end of the playfield. If you want a much better game with a vaguely similar mechanic, you might try Trampoline Terror.

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I believe he was saying "cum on boy" and Michael Jackson really liked that idea, that's why he signed a deal with Sega to make games, Michael thought he and Sega had mutual interests...




That was awful I know... but I had to say it.

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