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Super Giuseppe! (Odyssey²)


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As some of you may know, I have been writing games for the Odyssey². This is a thread for the current game I'm working on called "Super Giuseppe!" which is basically Super Mario Bros. on the Odyssey². In this binary, you start from the beginning. There are two levels, the second one isn't finished yet, in fact I'm not even halfway done with it yet. In the second level, you're falling and the object of it is to avoid the enemies and get to the end of the level (the end of the level hasn't been programmed in yet. It just loops forever right now.) What do you think?




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Begun work on level 3. Right now there's nothing much to do. Shooting the bird is impossible right now and because of this, I put him at a place where you can't get him. Stuff to do:

+make bird move from right to left

+make bird disappear when you shoot him

+add new bird y positions

+add new coin y positions

if you have any suggestions, give them to me to consider.


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Is there an odyssey cartridge that you can load binaries on to play on a real machine? I'm extremely interested in trying this on real hardware.



There is a cart that does this, but the guy who makes them hasn't announced whether he'll make any more or not. It's called C7050, and I was lucky enough to buy one when I had the chance.

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