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Price Check: lot of two Atari 800XL, XMD121 printer, and other things


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I was hoping I could trade this for a good game or two and feel I got a good deal, but so far all offers have been cash based. So I am wondering what all this is worth together as a lot.


Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/ILwcz


One Atari 800XL has bad ram, the other thinks the 4 key is stuck down. I'm also wondering if I should open the system with the stuck key and see if I can fix it. Does anyone think it will be an easy fix or not? Would it increase the value enough to be worth it? The printer and modem are untested.


A rough list of what I have:

2 Atari 800XL consoles/systems

Atari XMD121 Printer and instructions

2 power supplies (one for the printer one for the 800XL?)

Atari 400/800 Invintation to Programming 2 book

Switch Box

A c-20 tape

manuals for the system

Atari writer (cartirudge, book, cheat sheet)

Big Bird's Special Delivery (box, cart, book)

Movie Musical Madness (box, cart, book)

Epyx cart

Pit Stop cart and instructions

Beam Rider cart

Basketball cart and instructions

Mastertype cart

Color Math tape and instructions

Alphabet Arcade instructions

Gateway to Apshai instructions

Atari XC12 Program Recorder instructions

Atari XM301 Modem with box and papers

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