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Game Idea: KC Munchkin 2600

Mind Master

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KC Munchkin for 2600 would be great. But it's monstly the programmable mazes I'm after (wouldn't care to see the game if it didn't have that). It would be quite an accomplishment for a homebrewer.


Quest for the Rings would be fun, too, but the game board would have to be embedded in the game for this to be feasible. Not sure if that's possible given memory constraints - but it might be - QFTR really isn't terribly complex without the gameboard.

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Saving the mazes would be an interesting challenge. The base KCM maze is 10 vertical lines across by 8 horizontal lines down. Are you allowed to remove the top/bottom and left/right walls?


Assuming worst-case 10x8 storage, that's 80 bits per maze. Or in other words, 2^80, or 1208925819614629174706176 possible combinations.


Storage would probably be in form of passwords. 10 letters from a 256-character set would be the simplest, but least practical solution. Practically, we're limited to A-Z, 0-9. That's 36 unique characters. Cull it down to 32, and we have an even 5 bits per character. 80 / 5 = 16. Then tack on one more as a checksum.


Hrm, 17 characters, eh? Oh well, I've seen worse. :wink:

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