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Official lab loaner list.


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I think we should start a list of all owned lab loaner atari releases or possibly all lab loners with an actual stickers/dates. Like the Parker bros. stickers saying the title and ROM size or, the Activision sticker with title/production number. I want to try and keep best electronics prototypes as well as hardware out of this thread. Also, I do NOT have a lab loaner pepsi invaders. It's a long story that I'd rather not discuss here. Let's just say I got burned bad on that deal. I can also understand if someone doesn't want to post what they have. You could simply state how many protos wih labels/stickers with dates ect. that you have. I own:



Pengo 01-04-84

Gremlins 04-23-84

Enduro 1-28-83


8 bit:

Keystone Kapers 1983,1984

NOTE: This is also signed witht the initails B.H. Not sure if that was who you were supose to send it back to or the programer or what???



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You'll have to wait until I get home for an exact list of my lab lonaers, but it is rather numerous (with 18 more arriving yesterday).


Although it's far from a "complete" list of all the lab loaners out there, I humbly suggest you take a look at my site: http://www.atariprotos.com


Have you ever dumped your prototypes? Can you confirm that your Pengo and Gremlins are indeed the final versions?



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Arrgh, too many to list and you can look at quite a few of them on www.atariprotos.com anyway (well, unless Matt didn't already have it). :)


@MattG: That sucks about the Pepsi lab-loaner, I hate that crap. :x


I got taken for a ride with this one:




The asswipe that sold it to me took a really burry picture of it and darkened it to hide the fact that it is green. :mad:

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There's no way I could stay away from www.atariprotos.com. I just wanted to see what other people had in their collections. CPUWIZ, I know a lot of the protos on atariprotos.com are yours as well. I realize I am a humble proto collector compared to you guys.


Matt, I am curious how you would go about aquiring 18 prototypes at the same time??? That's the kind of deal I would dream of.


My protos have not been dumped but I'm bringing them to Philly so that they can be.



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