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Ridiculous Reality


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Many of you have already seen and played our Ridiculous Reality... here are some new screens from game for those who have not seen it yet:



Game can be downloaded from my website:

DOWNLOAD Ridiculous Reality


Hope you like it, enjoy!

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although I did encounter what could be a bug. I finished a number of rooms and it just dropped me back to Dos without any ending music/screeen. This was in Altirra booting from the Abbuc floppy image.

Had the same problem as Rybags after one of the "cactus" levels.

I just tried Abbuc disk under Atari800winplus and it is indeed incorrect, it crashes after 3rd cactus level and it rewrites videomemory of loading screen... and obviously also other memory areas...


I don't know if is caused by DOS or game binary is corrupted, but I also tried my binary (downloaded from my web) under Dos2.5 few minutes ago and it worked just fine, no problem to access 4th level of 2nd world.

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I think we might have our game of the year winner...


Sorry for not being so enthusiastic, but in relation to the antetype 'Continuity' I'm even disappointed.


IMHO it is the most impressive participant - technically.



* who got the idea to play that over arpeggiated pesky tune all the time?

'Continuity' supported the mood of being lost a lot better with it's two more inconspicuous tunes.


* singular screens are too scattered and confusing which do harm to the brilliant game principle - I wasn't able to find the correct transition screen at level 4 or 5 and I abstain from playing it further due to the last point:


* contrary to the original, part of the gaming challenge is now to cope with the controls. Jumping isn't fun and that throws a big shadow on the playability.


(not mentioning minor points like taking the keys away when reached would be good too ;-) )


It is still a good game, but other participants make IMHO more fun.

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RR is defective (Error 164) on the ATR images which Sascha Kriegel provided for download on his site... luckily the Abbuc magazine disk (Sondermag 46) is ok and has no such Error. So, download the game from Matosimi`s site instead. And last not least, the game really works under DOS and Gamedos (tested with MypicoDOS and TurboDOS, but as said before, the file on Sascha`s ATR image is defect)... -Andreas Koch.

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The music doesn't bother me really, but it's nice in a game to have the option to turn it down or off.


Agreed with the keys thing, the colour change can be confusing - a different graphic or have them disappear might be better.


The level skip code/savegame - that kind of thing can reduce the challenge of these types of games and affect return value.

I think you get unlimited lives anyway (?) so it reduces the need somewhat.

Maybe the best solution would be level codes, but stop giving them out a few levels from the end of game.

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I also asked if it is possible to switch off the music during playing. What you don`t know, my Atari room is next to our sleeping room (of my wife and me) and when I played RR late in the evening/night for quite some time, my wife complained about that noise. Since there is a wall between the Atari room and the sleeping room, the music doesn`t come thru I guess, just some beeps and some noise - so the only way to stop that, was to switch off the tv speakers via Mute / speakers off function which isn`t such a big thing after all...


In some levels I also noticed that certain parts of a room seemed to match perfectly with another room, but still I could not leave the room I was in (think thats what Irgendwer means with finding the correct transition-screen) and this is really confusing/irritating and sometimes even frustrating. But on the other hand, you do have unlimited lives and unlimited time, so after some more playing around you sooner or later get the level solved anyway...


Greetings, Andreas Koch.

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Thanks for your opinion. Please remember that RR wasn't supposed to be a conversion of "Continuity" (what - as I understand - was your expectation), there was a DIFFERENT approach. The main "Continuity" idea was the starting point, but we intentionally went the other way (more arcade elements, more graphics, more music). The noble simplicity of "Continuity" is really great, but we didn't want to copy that in RR. Some people will like it, some don't - it's natural :)


Adam Wachowski

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Regarding the keys' colours:

- firstly, the map is the answer if you're not sure whether you touched the key or not - and every time you're shifting rooms (i.e. constantly during gameplay) you can check it

- secondly, this "problem" is present only in the first levels, then the behaviour of the "taken" keys changes


Regarding possibility of turning off the music - I understand the problem, but only MatoSimi can add such feature, so it's a question to him :/


Thanks for all comments.




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Me too. Great game, played it with Tezz. Sorry I didnt get to see you again later on Tezz, I popped by a couple of times after. Nice speaking to you.
Yea we must have crossed each other, I came back over a few times too and was sat there for the last hour chatting with Jason and Jeff Minter.
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Great programming, original ideas, wonderful level design, highly challenging gameplay...


You guys could have made just a few levels - and you'd have gotten away with it! - but chose to make a LONG game with considerable depth. This is a BIG production, something you almost never see on the Atari.


The game has its flaws but, to me, it's already a classic!


Thank you!



Atari Frog


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where did I say something about the keys ?!? I like it the way they are...


And err, you may believe it or not, I really love this game, great gfx, great playability (tested on real A8), good music (though my wife does not like A8 music, its just noise for her) and a high fun-factor. Most of all, the game is fair to beginners, in other games I would not have solved many levels thanks to fast timers/time running out too fast, limited lives and what not - but here we have unlimited time and unlimited lives to solve a level (thus no big need for level codes), so that I could even solve 7 or 8 levels so far...


For me this game should score the 1st place at the contest. Greetings, Andreas Koch.

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I'm in the dark why anyone might be contradicting "level codes" or "skip level feature"... There's no hi-score, if someone doesn't want that, simply don't use it, what's the issue?


My point is, it's a great game and I'm playing it on real hardware, which is probably the target platform anyway. Emulators offer save-state possibility, my 130XE doesn't. I reached level 6 or 7 and didn't have time to play more and I wouldn't like to keep my ATARI power-on for a week of so, blocked on one game. I'd like to start when I left, why should I be forced to go through all the previosly completed levels over again? It's frustrating and demotivating and more of a punishment than fun ;)


So I kindly ask authors to rethink adding such option, so those using real hardware could also play comfortably.



It's probably the best game attending ABBUC competition in years, thanks! :)

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I agree on level codes. I am playing on real hardware, too. Continuity saves its state in a cookie (I had to turn them on for that particular domain though ;) ). As for the rest, if the music bothers you, turn the volume down. If you can't find the right transition between screens, look harder! :) Or perhaps you cannot leave the screen at that side at all. Happens in Continuity and I have seen it in RR already. That's the whole point of the puzzles. Which leads me to the puzzles. As there's is no time limit and unlimited lives, it's not really an arcade game, but a logic game. That's why I got really frustrated when I had solved the puzzle, but didn't advance to the next level for over 10 minutes because the way to solve it needed to be pixel perfect. Still, it's a great game IMHO. A remarkable piece of programming!

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