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I played on emulation casually over about 4 days. I guess if you sat in a single session you'd probably knock the whole thing over in anything from 1/2 hour to a few hours.


There's probably 3 or so levels that just take ages - you keep ending up at the same dead end then realise a path you'd missed.

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Abbuc competition is over, so I'd just like to ask: as discussed and many people agreed, it would be good to have level passwords or level skip feature to play it on real ATARIs. Is there any chance for an updated version? :)

Hi, im currently working on it. So there WILL be codes for level skipping, NTSC support, and posibility to turn off ingame music.

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Hmm...obviously it counts relatively to your local time. - i do not know that for sure, but its the only explanation of that. i just downloaded nice countdown timer plugin... did not know it has such issue.


we are CET ... so just wait about 35 minutes and game will be available for download ;-)

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