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Mercenary: Escape From Targ


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Not trapped any more now input is emulated!


up/down/left/right - mapped to joystick


A = T(ake)


C = D(rop)


0 - speed = 0

1-5 - speed (10% -> 100%)

6 = Y(es)

7 = B(oard craft)

8 = E(nter) Elevator

9 = L(eave craft)


Have at it, internal testing team!

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Pretty cool! I love this on the Atari 8bit :) I guess we can finally play this at decent speed :)


The 48K low-res version for the 8-bit was quite speedy, good frame rate. and with vector-line graphics it hardly makes a difference in "looks." I never saw an advantage myself, to the ST version or the slow high-res 64k 8-bit version, over the low-res 800 version(it's like choosing thick or thin vector lines on Tempest 2000). It's cool for the Jag though, I'd like to try it on a console. But...still nothing wrong with the humble 800 version, IMHO. Definately great for Jag owners without an 800/XL/XE or ST or any other version of Mercenary.

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Another one that got a nitrous boost from SCPCDs new code:


This one is quite playable, apart from not being able to enter hangers (which means you can't finish it - but I am working on this)


A - take

B - fire

C - drop


0-5 set speed when in craft


6 - Y

7 - B

8 - E

9 - L






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