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Donkey Kong XM Pre-order and demo


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8/12/2022 Update:

I have decided to stop selling the physical carts of this game. I'm out of the boards and don't have any interest in continuing to produce these in small quantities.  I will continue to offer the serialized A78 file for $10 to use on emulators or multicarts.  I have been working on Donkey Kong Remix (see my avatar) on/off for a few years and will hopefully finish it some day.  It's a nice enhancement of the original game with more screen variations to keep it interesting.



9/16/2021 Update:

With the recent release of several SD carts for the 7800, I've decided to start offering the game as an A78 file to use with these carts. I will still be offering the carts if people still want a physical copy. These binary's will be serialized.  Price is $10.  Please PM me if you would like to purchase.





I've just uploaded the final demo's. Game is complete and bug free, as far as I can tell. Testing on the XM unit went great and I've started making carts. I also put together a manual that I will be including with everyone's order. THANKS!


This video has low production value, but shows the game well.


All carts from the first two sets of orders are shipped!


1 NML32 Paid/shipped
2 Trebor Paid/shipped - 2 carts - Box winner!
3 iesposta Paid/shipped
4 twoquickcapri Paid/shipped
5 waggie Paid/shipped
6 allpaul Paid/shipped
7 corby Paid/shipped
8 trekmd Paid/shipped
9 gambler172 Paid/shipped
10 nuclear pacman Paid/shipped
11 Gandor Paid/shipped
12 eddhead Paid/shipped
13 Mitch Paid/shipped
14 cfn Paid/shipped
15 gorfcadet Paid/shipped
16 JonnyBritish Paid/shipped
17 Mayhem Paid/shipped

18 atarinerd Paid/shipped
19 jeffgamer Paid/shipped
20 streps Paid/shipped
21 thursday83 Paid/shipped
22 swlovinist Paid/shipped
23 MetalGhost Paid/shipped
24 keitaro Paid/shipped
25 moon patrol Paid/shipped
26 HammR25 Paid/shipped
27 ckirkman Paid/shipped
28 edweird13 Paid/shipped
29 evg2000 Paid/shipped
30 cmart604 Paid/shipped
31 jwierer Paid/shipped
32 kman Paid/shipped

33 AtariBrian Paid/shipped
34 atarinut76 Paid/shipped
35,36 lucifershalo Paid 2 carts/shipped
37 ntavio Paid/shipped
38 retrogmr Paid/shipped
39 smagnotta Paid/shipped
40 marc oberhauser Paid/shipped
41 mmervine Paid/shipped
42 furor Paid/shipped
43 zodiacprime Paid/shipped
44 san-d-2000 Paid/shipped
45 jinks Paid/shipped
46 Atariappleman Paid/shipped
47 bizarrostormy Paid/shipped
48 bennybingo Paid/shipped
49 fandal Paid/shipped
50 mimo Paid/shipped
51 potzrebie Paid/shipped
52 psw Paid/shipped
53 chris leach Paid/shipped
54 romeoteknik Paid/shipped
55 toymailman Paid/shipped
56 Defender_2600 Paid/shipped
57 purenergy Paid/shipped
58 kevinmos3 Paid/shipped - Box winner!
59 shaky Paid/shipped
60 bcprs1 Paid/shipped
61 7800 emucoder Paid/shipped
62 Bill Loguidice Paid/shipped
63 revolutionika Paid/shipped
64 madaracs Paid/shipped
65 Justin42 Paid/shipped
66 chocotaco Paid/shipped

2nd batch
1 Liduario Paid/shipped
2 Jaybird3rd Paid/shipped
3 phattyboombatty Paid/shipped
4 7800 Paid/shipped
5 atariLBC Paid/shipped
6 mckafka99 Paid/shipped
7 TMOSteel Paid/shipped
8 atarian63 Paid/shipped
9 atomickneedrop Paid/shipped
10 YANDMAN Paid/shipped
11 uberarcade Paid/shipped
12 Ianoid Paid/shipped
13 MAC-42 Paid/shipped
14 Pacmanplus Paid/shipped
15 diggs130 Paid/shipped
16 retrogc Paid/shipped
17 coleco Paid/shipped
18 Mckie1 Paid/shipped
19 skosh Paid/shipped
20 imstarryeyed Paid/shipped
21 rdemming Paid/shipped
22 jdheins Paid/shipped
23 pmpddytim Paid/shipped
24 Allan Paid/shipped

25 sdrake Paid/shipped

26 DarthCloud Paid/shipped

27 rmaerz Paid/shipped

28 o.pwuaioc Paid/shipped

29 thetood Paid/shipped

30 jaglynx4life Paid/shipped

31 Dr Manhattan Paid/shipped

32 Doyman Paid/shipped

33 davidcalgary29 Paid - 2 carts/shipped

34 Defender2600 - Paid - 2nd cart/shipped

35 GaryH917 Paid/shipped

36 sunsetrider91 Paid/shipped


I've been working on this off/on for a while but I think its time to get things rolling since the XM seems to be around the corner. Initially I was only adding the POKEY sound since I couldn't stand the original TIA stuff. But with the XM taking longer than expected, I found myself making a mod to add the "How High Can You Get?" screen. I still had space left in the 48k rom, so I decided to add the animation of Kong climbing the ladder and bouncing across the screen at the start of the game as well as him escaping with Pauline betweenlevels. After that, the knowledge that I gained about the original code gave me confidence that I could add the missing "Pie factory" screen, so I got to work on that. It's worked out and is almost ready to release for testing. The only problem was that I had to change to a bank switched cart due to lack of memory. These carts are not available new, so I will be making these from donor carts.

So here are the enhancements to the game.

- POKEY sound! I borrowed heavily from the 8-bit version. I had to create the tunes that play at the end of the rivet screen. Both versions are there and the game alternates between them as you progress through the levels. You can also now hear Kong beat his chest as you try to save Pauline.- "How High Can You Get?" screen is present and accounted for.
- Intro and between level animations. Kong starts the game climbing the building with Pauline, hops across the girders and finishes with a laugh at Mario. He will escape with Pauline at the end of the Girder, Cement and Elevator levels.
- Cement (Pie) factory! This screen has turned out pretty good. Kong moves across the top conveyor as Mario works his way up the screen while avoiding the fire balls and cement containers.
- Graphics have been updated on all screens. New menu and score line. Sprites have been made more like the arcade thanks to Defender_2600.
- AI for firefoxes and fireballs has been updated. It is now arcade perfect on Cement and Rivet screens. Barrel tossing on Girder screen and Bouncer patterns on elevator screen have been updated to replicate the arcade as well.
- Modded colors to be a more like the arcade, thanks to KevinMos3 and Trebor's help.
- HSC support has been added!

I am building the carts using Jinks donor carts and they have a high quality die cut label. I won't be making manuals or boxes for this release. It will be cart plus manual only. Price is $30 plus shipping. Both Marc Oberhauser and Yandman have designed some nice boxes that can be found in this thread. PM them if you are interested.

If you would like to order a cart, send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll get back to you with a total and put you on the list for the next batch. I normally ship USPS Priority in the US at $5.80 and USPS 1st class outside the US. The cost is about $6 to Canada and $8 to Europe. USPS prices have gone up a lot since I took orders for the 1st batch. Including shipping supplies, it's now $10 for Canada and $15 for UK.


DEMO - Final Version - 5Sept13
This is it! The final version. That is, unless Robert or Marco dig up another bug. ;) I don't there there are any catastrophic bugs left though.

These two files only work on Prosystem and include HSC emulation.



These two files will work with the XM support in MESS




This demo should work on the later versions of the Mateos Multi-cart with POKEY sound.




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Very cool. Is there anyway this game could play without the XM, by this I mean could a Ballblazer cart be modded? By this I mean is the reason it needs the XM for the pokey chip?


It could be played if you have an XBOARD modded 7800. Unfortunately, it won't work with a Ballblazer cart because of the bank switching. I do have a version without the Pie Factory that will work on a modded Ballblazer cart. I've posted some picks of my modded cart in the other thread.

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Fantastic! Maybe we can get Curt to give us an update on the XM now that there's an XM game for pre-order!

he had an update last week:



Oct 12th - Sorry get sidelined by a nasty upper chest cold, took me a week or so to fight it off. Mark was pre-occupied a bit with a personal project of his which is now been made public, he took my Atari ST Star Raiders source code and ported it over to the Jag64, certainly an interesting turn of events. Okay well back to the board, I've printed out the top and bottom layers and I'm running through visual checks of the traces, things look good so far, no errors, so I'm hoping to place the order for the test boards and begin section by section population of the board, running tests until fully populated.

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