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Myide 2 for Atari 8 bit from Atarimax / mr Atari

fernando marrin

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The MyIDE interface has a much longer history than SIDE. Except for the RTC MyIDE can do anything that SIDE can, and more.


The greatest feature probably is that SDX will retain in SRAM of cart and not in (extended) memory of Atari computer.


But... since I'm not a SDX user, I probably stick with the amazing MyBIOS in Rom, which works very stable and fast. My current BBS setup runs from MyIDE I with this Bios, and that is a winning combination.

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@Philsan; yes that reset button would be nice... but I have the MyBIOS in rom and then is a hard-reset easily made by pressing shift+reset.


I think Steven Tucker should seriously consider to add a reset button on the MyIDE II before taking the final version in production indeed.

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Hot Swap ,Ram and sd compatibility come to mind...


To be clear and fair, the SIDE hardware is perfectly capable of hot-swapping a CF card. You just need to press Reset on the Atari afterwards. SD compatibility is a really nice extra, although the caveat is (from my experience, at least) that a CF-SD adapter plus SD card costs more than a Compact Flash card. :)

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To be clear and fair, the SIDE hardware is perfectly capable of hot-swapping a CF card. You just need to press Reset on the Atari afterwards. SD compatibility is a really nice extra, although the caveat is (from my experience, at least) that a CF-SD adapter plus SD card costs more than a Compact Flash card. :)


I'm being more than fair, it's not my intention to trash Side,

Mentioned Very Few advantages, a lot more come to mind...


An the sd compatibility thing is about practicity, not price,

many people have sd slots on their pcs

But not all Cf

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@FJC pressing reset on Atari does mean -> not hot swapable


I have seen this:

Copying files from CF card #1 to CF card #2 by swapping CF cards like swapping real floppy disks.


I don't see myself doing that a lot, but it IS possible. It is a great feature to transfer files from one card to another.

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@FJC pressing reset on Atari does mean -> not hot swapable


I have seen this:

Copying files from CF card #1 to CF card #2 by swapping CF cards like swapping real floppy disks.


I don't see myself doing that a lot, but it IS possible. It is a great feature to transfer files from one card to another.


Marius, I would think you'd have to invoke a media change on the card somehow, and that's what Reset does (or at least can do), otherwise how does the partition table of the other card get loaded into memory? Let's not start arguing the toss here. Steve makes great hardware and I've asked one civil question (does the device have an RTC: answer, no), and sought to clarify what I took to be a potentially erronious assertion regarding whether you can swap media in SIDE without powering the machine down.


If you can just merrily swap cards on the MyIDE II and get 65KB/s reads on the thing, and if the device isn't having to repeateldy reference the disk to obtain partitioning information, then that's a wonderful achievement both in coding and hardware design. :)


I'm being more than fair, it's not my intention to trash Side,

Mentioned Very Few advantages, a lot more come to mind...


Whoa... I'm just clarifying things here. I'm not accusing anyone of trying to trash anything, and I'm not out to pick fault. This looks like a great device which should only broaden everyone's enjoyment of the A8. But if we must compare one thing to another, let's ensure the assertions are correct (indeed, let's be as pedantic as Marius!). ;)


An the sd compatibility thing is about practicity, not price,

many people have sd slots on their pcs

But not all Cf


Completely agree: that's why I invested in a CFII sized CF-SD adapter. Unfortunately it cost 12GBP, but it's a one-off payment and SD cards are cheap, so it's a definite advantage.

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Don't want to talk about SIDE here,

there's already a big thread for that nice device.


But on this there are 4 ways to load a program / game:


Myide mode (atari disk area)

Sideloader (fat 32)

Image mode , to try to run atr files

And cartridge mode, for that rare games that don't work otherwise

(Donkey Kong Arcade comes to mind...)

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Card-detection is hooked in the HSIO-IDE routines of the MyBIOS.


So, yes, the user can hot-swap CF-cards while doing a file copy from SOURCE to DESTINATION disk.


IDE/CF-Speed is the same as MyIDE-I, with SDX or MyBIOS.


Specs (as far as I know):

512k flashrom

512k SRAM (no battery backup)

8k LEFT, 8k RIGHT, 16k LEFT support (can be flash or sram).

50Mhz CLPD

(no real-time clock)


Atarimax does the coding of the CLPD and Studio-software.




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A card checksum comes to mind :? ...


It might well do, but the point appears to be missed. At the file system level, SDX (for example) can reliably detect a media change by reading the boot sector and inspecting the random ID byte and write sequence counter (plus the volume name, if it's there). The boot sector might be checked every time a file is opened, say (and certainly not once per sector request), and thus with minimal overhead, the file system can detect a media change and act accordingly. Now, in the case of a partitioned CF card, the media change needs to be detected not only at the file system level, but at the SIO level, since it's (presumably) there that a re-read of the partition table would be triggered if the card got swapped. Now, all the SIO sees is a bunch of sector read / write requests, and it has no idea that it should only check for a media change when a file is being opened. The only bit of intuition it might attempt is to check for a media change every time a partition's boot sectors are read (which is fairly unambiguous), so doing things that way would at least minimize the number of times the CF card's MBR or whatever needs to be checked to see if it has changed. I'm certain the situation has been excellently catered for here, but one need not don the dunce's hat for wondering aloud about how it might be implemented. ;)


SIDE happens to require a reset when the media changes, and this is an excellent opportunity to re-read the partition table from the device. Certainly you can't perform CF card swaps during the copying process, for those who'd want to do such a thing.

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Internal Bios now running 100% of the games in the Atari area


You really should always be careful with the qualification 100% ... You simply did not try ALL games.


Try The Brundles for instance. This game runs yes... But it is not possible to swap the first level disk with the second as soon as you are at the end of the first level disk. I am sure you did not try that yet ... So don't say 100%


And games that force doing a load on SIO do not run either without a patch.


Then there is still a very minor incompatibility with cmc music play routine.


All these issues are not a real problem (for me). I notice this kind of issues with most existing devices. All have their pro and cons.


Myide internal bios current version is one the best replacement roms ever created for Atari 8bit.


I think from 1000 games around 995 indeed do run perfect. So that brings us at 99.5% which is still a fabulous achievement.

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You really should always be careful with the qualification 100% ... You simply did not try ALL games.


Try The Brundles for instance. This game runs yes... But it is not possible to swap the first level disk with the second as soon as you are at the end of the first level disk. I am sure you did not try that yet ... So don't say 100%


And games that force doing a load on SIO do not run either without a patch.


Then there is still a very minor incompatibility with cmc music play routine.


All these issues are not a real problem (for me). I notice this kind of issues with most existing devices. All have their pro and cons.


Myide internal bios current version is one the best replacement roms ever created for Atari 8bit.


I think from 1000 games around 995 indeed do run perfect. So that brings us at 99.5% which is still a fabulous achievement.



Have YOU tried internal 4.8.01 + R2 rom ?

how do you know i didn't try all games?


There are some issues still -some games take you to mybios- BUT from there you can make them work.


Mr Atari is upgrading the rom everyday, in the end all games from the disk1.atr to disk 4.atr published here run, one way or the other :


of course multi disk games and some .atr ones need cracking but


i meant:


007 - The Living Daylights

1 Million BC - Voyage through Time


21 Black Jack

3 D Noughts and Crosses

3-D Laby (Thomas Tausend)

3-D Maze Escape (Bob Turner)

3-D Pac

3-D Pac-Plus

3-D Red Baron

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe

A-Zone (1989)(B. Ware)

Abracadabra! (1983) (TG Software)

Accion (2006) (PD)

Ace Dribbler and the Roadhogs (1990) (New Atari User)

Ace of Clubs Pinball (1986) (UKACOC)

Acey Deucey (1982) (L&S) [OSb]

Achtung Panza! (2004) (Sente)

Acrobat (1985) (Compute!)

Acrobat [Req Osb]

Action Biker (1985) (Mastertronic)

Action Pinball [PCS]

Action Quest (1982) (JV)

Adams Adventure #01 - Adventureland v3.9-416 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #02 - Pirate Adventure v3.9-408 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #03 - Mission Impossible v3.9-306 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #04 - Voodoo Castle v3.9-119 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #05 - The Count v3.9-115 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #06 - Strange Odyssey v3.9-119 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #07 - Mystery Fun House v3.9-145 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #08 - Pyramid of Doom (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #10 - Savage Island, Part 1 v3.9-123 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #13 - Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle v3.9-123 (1981) (Adventure International)

Adams Adventure #15 - Andromeda (1981)(AI)

Adebar (1991) (Raindorf)

Adventure at Vandenberg A.F.B. (1984)(Analog)

Adventure Creator (1984) (Spinnaker)

Adventure in the 5th Dimension (1983)(Analog)

Adventure in Time (1983) (Phoenix)

Adventure Quest (1983) (Level 9 Computing)

Adventures of Charlie Chicken - Part I - The Hatching

AE (2005) (Homesoft) (5200 Conversion)

Afro Ball Pinball [PCS]

Agent 0 8 15 (1985) (Homecomputer)

Agent 009 (1984) (Jeff'n Jeff)

Agent CIO

Agent USA (1984) (Spinnaker)

Air Attack (1984)(Analog)

Air Ball Pinball

Air Defense (1983) (Compute!)

Air Hockey (1984) (Chris Page)

Air Raid (1982)(APX)

Air Strike (1982) (English Software Company)

Air Strike II (1983) (English Software Company)

Air Support (1984) (Synapse)

Airball (1987)([320k]

Alex - Robbo 3 (1992) (L.K. Avalon)

Alf in the Color Caves (1984) (Spinnaker)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1981) (Stuart Smith)

Alien Ambush (1982) (Peter Fokos)

Alien Bugs

Alien Encounter (1984) (David Firth)

Alien Garden (1982) Epyx)

Alien Pinball [PCS]

Alien Swarm (1982) (Inhome Software)

Aliens Genocide (1992) (Artacyis)

Alley Cat (1983) (Synapse)

Alp Man (1983) (Gemini)

Alpha Shield (1983) (Sirius)

Alphabet Factory, The (1983) (IPS)

Alphabet Maze (1984) (Arrays, Inc.)

Alphabet Zoo (1983) (Spinnaker)

Amaurote (1987) (Mastertronic)

Amazed (19xx) (Remington Steele)

Amazing (1985) (Antic Magazine)

Amazing Maze (19xx)(Scott Martin)(PD)

Amnesia (Excell)

Amphibian! (19xx) (Business Data)

Analog Man (19xx) (Analog)

Android (1991) (Fuco)

Andromeda (1982) (Gebelli)

Androton (19xx) (Analog)

Anduril (1989) (Ezcan, Kemal)

Angel Azule (1992) (Revista)

Angleworms II (1983) (S. Ockers)

Animal Party (2008) (ABBUC)

Animated Puzzle (1984) (Atari)

Ankh (1984)(Datamost)

Ant Eater (1982) (Romox)

Ants in Your Pants (1987)

Apple Invaders (2010) (XXL)

Apple Panic (1982) (Broderbund)

Apple Tree Pinball, The (1984)

Aqua Marina (Shoesoft)

Aquatron (1983) (Sierra On-Line)

Arachnid (1982) (Softside)

Arcade Attack (Robert Champagne)

Arcade Fruit Machine (1990) (Zeppelin Games)

Arcanoid IV (1988) (Rambit)

Archers, The (Part 1)

Archers, The (Part 2)

Archers, The (Part 3)

Archers, The (Part 4)

Archon (1983) (Electronic Arts)

Archon II - Adept (1984) (Electronic Arts)

Ardy the Aardvark (1983) (Datamost)

Area Covered

Arena (1982)(Med Systems)

Arena 3000 (1982) (Med Systems)

Arex (1983) (Adventure International)

Arkadia (1988)(ArStudio)

Arkanoid (1987) (Taito)

Arkanoid II (1987)(Pro Soft)

Arkanoid II (1988) (Pink Softhard)

Arkon (Raindorf Software)

Arno Boulderdash 01 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 02 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 03 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 04 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 05 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 06 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 07 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 08 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 09 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 10 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 11 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 12 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 13 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 14 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 15 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 16 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 17 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 18 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 19 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Boulderdash 20 (2006) (Homesoft)

Arno Exploding Boulderdash (2006) (Homesoft)

ARoP - Another Ripoff of Pac-Man (1985) (Jon Snyder)

Artefakt Przodkow (1992) (ASF)

As You Like It (1988) (Jolly Roger Software)

Ashido (1990) (KE-Soft)

Assault Force 3-D (1984) (MPP)

Asteraxis 2k (2001)

Asteroid Battle PB

Asteroids (1981) (Atari)

Asteroids II (Incubus)[OSb]

Astra Phantasm (1983) (Ad Astra) [Osb]

Astro Blaster Pinball [PCS]

Astro Chase (1982) (First Star)

Astrogrover (1984) (CBS)

Astron IX (1982) (Cosmi)

Astrowarp (1989) (Peter Caddock)

Astrowarriors (1982) (Apogee)

Asylum (1983) (Screenplay)

Atalan Sokoban (2010) (GR8 Software)

Atalan Tetris (2010)

Atalan the Snake (2010)

Atari Adventure

Atari Blackjack Casino (APX)[Osb]

Atari Invaders (1981)

Atari Jail Pinball [PCS]

Atari Pinball [PCS]

Atari Safari (1985) (Scorpio Soft)

Atari Socoban (1988)(Compysoft)

Atari Version Tetris (1990)

Atarian Attack ( Munzenloher GmbH)

Ataroid (19xx) (Atari Magzin)

Atartris II

Atartris v1.01 (Blind Squirrel)

ATC - Air Traffic Controller (1981)

Atlantis (1983) (Imagic)

Atlantis Boulderdash (2007) (Homesoft)

Atlantis Revenge (1983) (General Masters)

Atom Smasher (1982) (C.C.P.)

Atomia (1983)(Mirage)

Atomia (1993) (Mirage)

Atomit (1990)

Atomix Plus (1993) (Blackfire!)


Atris (1990)(Sawfish)

Attack at EP-CYG-4 (1982) (Romox) [ Req OSb]

Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983) (HES) [aka Gridrunner II]

Attack of the Mutant Camels (1984) (Llamasoft)

Aura BBS Pinball [PCS]

Aurum (1993) (L.K. Avalon)

Avalanche (1980) (APX)

Avalanche (1984) (Analog Computing)

Avalon Quiz (1992)

Awesome Hall (1982)(Channel 8)

Axilox (1993) (Mirage Software)

Axis Assassin (1983) (Electronic Arts)

Aztec (1986) (Datamost)

Aztec Challenge (1982) (Cosmi)

Aztec Challenge (1983) (Cosmi)

B-1 Nuclear Bomber (1981) (Powersoft)

BAA BAA Black Sheep (1981) (Thorn EMI)

Back in Time Pinball (1985)[PCS]

Back Track (Sam Teague)

Backgammon (TK Computer Products)

Bacterion! - The Plague of 2369 (1984) (Analog)

Baja Buggies (1982) (Gamestar)

Ball Trap ((Ripoff Software)

Ball-Cracker XL (1991) (Secret Games)


Ballblaster (1983) (Lucasfilm) [unreleased]

BallBlazer (1983) (Lucasfilm) [unreleased]

Ballblazer (1985) (Lucasfilm) [Regulation Certified]

Ballistic Interceptor (1983) (General Masters Corporation)

Ballon'87 (1987)(AMC-Verlag)

Balloon Capers (1985) (Bignose Software)

Balloon Crazy (1985)(Compute!)

Balloon Pop (1986) (White Bag Software)

Balloonacy (1983)(Computer & Video)

Balloonier (1994) (New Breed Software)

Balls'n'Boobies (1984)[PCS]

Banana (1987) (Club Cenacle)

Bandit Boulder Dash #01

Bandit Boulder Dash #02

Bandit Boulder Dash #03

Bandit Boulder Dash #04

Bandit Boulder Dash #05

Bandit Boulder Dash #06

Bandit Boulder Dash #07

Bandit Boulder Dash #08

Bandit Boulder Dash #09

Bandit Boulder Dash #10

Bandit Boulder Dash #11

Bandit Boulder Dash #12

Bandit Boulder Dash #13

Bandit Boulder Dash #14

Bandit Boulder Dash #15

Bandit Boulder Dash #16

Bandit Boulder Dash #17

Bandit Boulder Dash #18

Bandit Boulder Dash #19

Bandit Boulder Dash #20

Bandit Boulder Dash #21

Bandit Boulder Dash #22

Bandit Boulder Dash #23

Bandit Boulder Dash #24

Bandit Boulder Dash #25

Bandit Boulder Dash #26

Bandit Boulder Dash #27

Bandit Boulder Dash #28

Bandit Boulder Dash #29

Bandit Boulder Dash #30

Bandit Boulder Dash #31

Bandit Boulder Dash #32

Bandit Boulder Dash #33

Bandit Boulder Dash #34

Bandit Boulder Dash #35

Bandit Boulder Dash #36

Bandit Boulder Dash #37

Bandit Boulder Dash #38

Bandit Boulder Dash #39

Bandit Boulder Dash #40

Bandit Boulder Dash #41

Bandit Boulder Dash #42

Bandit Boulder Dash #43

Bandit Boulder Dash #44

Bandit Boulder Dash #45

Bandit Boulder Dash #46

Bandit Boulder Dash #47

Bandit Boulder Dash #48

Bandit Boulder Dash #49

Bandit Boulder Dash #50

Bandit Boulder Dash #51

Bandit Boulder Dash #52

Bandit Boulder Dash #53

Bandit Boulder Dash #54

Bang Pong

Bank Bang! (1992) (Mirage)

Bank Panik (1985) (Computer Kontakt)

Bannercatch (1983) (Scholastic)

Banzai (Mirage)

Barbarian (1993) (L.K. Avilon)

Barge (1983) (General Masters)

Barnyard Blaster (1987)(Atari)(Light Gun)(130XE)

Baseball (1983)(Atari)[5200]

Baseball (1983)(InHome Software)

Basic Burger (1985) (Analog Computing)

Basil the Great Mouse Detective (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)

Basketball (1979)(Atari)

Basketball (1983)(Atari)[5200]

Bat Pack (New Atari User)

Batman (1991) (Atari Project Team)

Battle in the B Ring (1984) (Analog)

Battle of Britain (Discovery)

Battle Ships (1989) (Gizmo Magic)

Battle Ships (1996)(TWAUG)

Battle Tank (1986) (Alan Reeve)

Battleroom (19xx) (SNACC)

Battleship (1988)(Warren Lieuallen)

BattleZone (2005) (5200 Conversion Homesoft) (Atari)

BattleZone (2006)(Fandal)(130 XE)

Batty Builders (1983) (English Software Company)

BC's Quest For Tires (1983) (Sierra On-Line)

Beach Head (1983)(Acess)

Beachcomber (1988) (Antic)

Beamatron (1985) (Dave Oblad)

Beamrider (1984) (Activision)

Bean Machine (1983)(Steve Robinson)

Beastoids (2003)[PCS]

Beat the Beatles v1.1 (1983) (Interactive)

Beef Drop (2005)(Ken Siders)

Beehive (1986) (Compute!)

Beer Belly Burt in Brew Biz (1985) (American Eagle)

Beer Shot (1994)(Kemil Bednar)

Behind Jaggi Lines! (1984) (Lucasfilm)

Beleagured Castle (1991)(Joseph Chiko)

Belljumper 1K (2007) (MatoSimi)

Bellum (1983) (APX)

Beneath Apple Manor - The Special Edition (1983) (Quality Software)

Benton Panic (1989)(Urs Fleisch)

Bergshooting (1989) (Zong)

Bertie (1985)(Page 6)

Bertyx (1992) (Mirage Software)

Berzerk (1983) (Atari)

Berzerk (1992)(Zong)

Best Game Pinball[PCS]

Beta Fighter (1982) (Artworx)

Beta Run (1983)(J.A. Horn)

BeWeSoft's Race (Bewesoft)

BGM v0.5 (1992) (Mark K Vallevand)

Bibber Pinball [PCS]

Biene Maja (1986)(Computronic)

Big Bird's Fun House (1984) (CBS)

Big Bird's Special Delivery (1984) (CBS) [cr Nova Prime]

Big Bump Pinball [PCS]

Big Daddy's Cocktail Backgammon (1985) (Joe Dobson)

Big House (1990) (Bewesoft)

Big Quest (1992)(Zong)

Bigfoot (1983)(Dave Kosmal)

Biker Dave (1986)(Compute!)

Billiards (1981) (Thorn EMI)

Bio-Defense(1984)(Game Gems)

Birth of the Phoenix (1982) (Phoenix)

Black Hole Pinball [PCS]

Black Lamp (1989) (Atari)

Blackbird (1981)(Paul Freeman)

Blackbox (2008)(Martin Chris)

Blackjack (1984)(Fandangel)

Blah Blah (2011)(English Version)

Blast! (1986)(Steven Grimm)

Blaster (1984)(Williams)

Blastermind (1998)(Datadoom)

Blazer II (1987)(Astrosoft)


Blinky! (James Stage)

Blip! (1992)(Hard Software)

Blitz (1985) (Page 6 Magazine)

Block Buster (1981) (APX)[OSb]

Block Puzzle (1987) (Rassilon)

Blockaboo! (1990) (Aussmware)

Blockade (1981) (Compute!)

Blockbuster (D. Knowles)

Blok-Head (Peter Lister)

Blokers (2004)(Michal Szwaczko)

Bloud (1987)(Suma)

Blue Max - 2001 (1984) (Synapse)

Blue Max (1983) (Synapse)

Blue Print (1982)(CBS)[Glenn][5200]

Blue Thunder (1984) (Wilcox Software)

BMX Simulator (1986)(Code Masters)

Bobie (1992)(Becuel Ltd.)


Boing! II (1992) (Tiger Developments)

Bomb Blast It! (1982) (English Software)

Bomb Escape (SOS Software)

Bomb Fusion (1993) (Virgin Mastertronic) [cr KGBboys]

Bomb Hunter (1982)(New Atari User)

Bombay (1994)(ESC)

Bombay II (1994)(ESC)

Bomber (1985)(A. Reeve)

Bombex (2005)(Fandal)

Bombjack (Elite)

Bombs Away! (1995)(Bryan Zillwood)

Bong (1998)(New Atari User)

Bongo (1990)(Landsoft)

Bonk (1984)(Analog)(James Hague)

Bons Bond

Bootleg (1983)(APX)

Bopotron (1985)(Kyle Peacock)

Boulder Bombers (Mark Price)(Analog)

Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)

Boulder Dash (1987)(Iron Soft)

Boulder Dash (1990)(Persoft)

Boulder Dash (Hacker)

Boulder Dash 4 (1986)

Boulder Dash 7 (Madgame)

Boulder Dash 8 (Iron Soft)

Boulder Dash Construction Kit

Boulder Dash Hop III

Boulder Dash Hop IV

Boulder Dash Hop V

Boulder Dash II (1985)(First Star Software)

Boulder Dash II (Cheat Version)

Boulder Dash III (1986)(Homesoft)

Boulder Dash XI (1986)(Mapsoft)

Boulders and Bombs (1982)(CBS)[OSb]

Bounder (1986)(Michael Baxier)

Bounty Bob Strikes Back!(1985)(Big Five Software)

Bow of Beura (1992)(Alias Maximus)


Break It (1988)(Oliver Cyranka)

Break Out II (1988)(Ingo Tamme)


Breakout (Pierre Faller)

Breakout Duel (1991)

Breakthru' (1989)(Sawfish Software)

Breath of the Dragon (1985)(English Software Company)

Brick Layer's Nightmare (1984)(Analog)

Bridge Crosser (PI Software)

Bridgepro (1983)(CMC)

Brik-Bat (1989)(New Atari User)

Bristles (1983)(First Star Software)

Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft)

Bruce Lee's Return (1986)(Sawfish Software)

Bubble (1988)(Sawfish)

Bubble Trouble (1986) (Players)

Bubble Zone (1994) (Ricard Gore)

Buck Rodgers (1983)(Sega)

Buffalo Stampede (1983)(General Masters)

Bug Attack (1982)(Cavalier)

Bug Hunt (1987)(Atari)(LG)

Bug Off! (1982)(Adventure International)


Bugrunner (1985)(Isis Software)

Bull and Cow (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Bull Ants (1985)(Ace Newsletter)

Bull Dog Pinball (1982)(Hayden Book)

Bumper! Pinball [PCS]

Bumpomov's Dogs (1983)(APX)

Bunkers (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Bunny Busters

Burger Boy! (Ken Siders)

Burger Chef (Gordon Kakegamic)

Burger Time (Homesoft)[5200]

Burgers! (1983)(APX)

Buried Bucks (1982)(Analog)

Busy Baby (1983)(Royale)

Byx-Man (2008)(M. Grzybek)

C'est la Vie (1983)(Adventure International)

California Gold (Charles Evans)

California Run (1988)(Alternative Software)

Caméléon (1985)(Atari)(France)

Candy Factory (1982)(Gebelli)

Canfield's (1991)(Antic)

Cannibals (1983) (Calisto Software)

Cannibals and Missionaries

Canuck Pinball (Chris Grislak)[PCS]

Canyon Climber (1982)(Datasoft)

Canyon Runner (1984)(Compute!)

Capital! (1988)(Analog)

Captain Beeble (1983)(Inhome)

Captain Cosmo (1982)(Nexa Corporation)

Captain Milly (1984)(Columbia)

Captain Sticky's Gold (1983)(English Software Company)[OSb]

Captain Sticky's Gold(1983)(English Software Company)

Capture the Flag (1983)(Sirius)

Capture the Flag (1989)(Analog)

Car Crazy (1988)(Atari User)

Card Grabber(2002)(Multi-Joy)

Carnival (Jeff Casbeer)

Carnival Massacre (1983)(Thorn EMI)

Carnival Pinball [PCS]

Castle Assault (1986)(Blue Ribbon Software)

Castle Attack (1984)(Alan Reeve)

Castle Crisis (2003)(Edewaard, Bryan)

Castle Hassle (1983)(Roklan)

Castle Hexagon (1982)(Stan Ockers)

Castle Martian (1983)(General Masters)

Castle of Cire-Nampahc

Castle Quest (1983)(Compute!)

Castle Top (1985)(DBM Software)

Castles and Keys (1982)(Romox)

Castles of Confusion (1990)(KE-Soft)

Cat Nap (1982)(Zimag)

Catapede (Randy Timo)

Catch 88 (1991)(Simon Trew)

Caterpiggle (1982)(APX)

Cave Runner (1983)(English Software)

Cavefire III - Dark Caverns

Cavelord (1984)(Atari)(English)

Cavelord (1984)(Atari)(German)

Caveman (1985)(Mirage)

Cavernia (1990)(Zeppelin)

Cavernrunner (2006)(WF)

Caverns of Eriban (1986)(Firebird)

Caverns Of Khafka (1983)(Cosmi)

Caverns of Mars (1981)(Atari)

Caverns of Mars II (1981)(Greg Christensen)

Caverns of Nala (1988)(Atari User)

Caverns of the Lost Miner (2007)(Baktra)

Caves of Ice (1983) (Compute!)

Caves of Madness (1986)(Mayberry Madness Enterprises)

Caves of Rigel (1984)(Silicon Joy)

Cecil (S.A. Parker)

Cecil II (S.A. Parker)

Cellar Terror (1983)(General Masters)

Cementario (1989)

Centipede (1981)(Atari)

Centipede (1982)(Atari)

Centipede (Atari)[5200]

Ceres (1985) (Frank T. Wittenmayer)

Cervi (1998)(Raster)

Cervi II (2006)(Raster)

Challenge 5 (1982)(Jay Gee)

Chambers of Zorp (1983)

Chaos (D. Castell's) [Osb]

Charlie Chicken Part 1

Chase (1982)(Cymbal)

Checker King (1980)(Personal Software)

Checkers (Silcon Valley Systems)

Checkers v2.1 (1982)(Odesta)

Chennault's Flying Tigers (1982)(Discovery)

Chess (1983)(Parker Brothers)

Chicken (1982)(Synapse)

Chicken (Stan Ockers)

Chicken Chase (1986)(Bug-Byte)

Chiseler [paddles]

Chomper (1982)(Robert Jaeger)

Chop Suey (1985)(Engilsh Software)

Chopin (2010)(Krzysztof Dudek)

Choplifter (1982)(Broderbund)(B&W)

Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund)(Color)

Choplifter! XE (1988)(Atari)

Chopper (Bonus Software)

Chopper Hunt (1984)(Imagic)

Chopper Rescue (Geoffrey Storey)

Chopperroid (1983)(Compute!)[OSb]

Chromatics (1990)(KE-Soft)

Chuckie Egg (1985)(A&F)

Chutes (1983)(Compute!)

Cimex Rex (1982)(Bytrex)

Circus Pinball (1984) (Warren Small)

Citadel Cards (1991)(Joseph Chiko)

Citadel Warrior (1983)(English Software Company)

Cities UK (Collin Hill)

Cityhawk (1991) (Fuco & Raster)

CL Baker Cards (Joseph Chiko)

Claim Jumper (1982)(Synapse)

Clash of Kings (1985)(Analog).xex

Click!(2009)(Chris Martin)

Climber 5 (1987)(Compute!)

Cloak of Death (David Cockram)

Close Assault (1982)(G Bedrosian)

Closeout! (1983)(Compute!)

Cloud Hopper (Greg Knauss)

Cloudburst (1982)(Tensor)

Clowns & Balloons (1982)(Datasoft)

Cobb's Adventure

Cobra Raccce!

Coco-Notes (1984)(CBS)

Cohen's Towers (1983)(Datamost)

Collapse (1985)(Firebird)

Collision Course (1982)(Zimag)

Coloid (1998)(Jiri Pecher)

Colony (1987)(Masteronic)

Colony 7 (1983)(System 3 Software)

Colorasaurus (1983)(Learning Company)

Colossal Adventure (Level 9)

Colossal Adventure (Level 9)(Text)

Colossus Chess 3.0 (1984)(Publisher Software)

Colossus Chess 4.0 (1987)(CDS Software)

Colossus Chess 4.1 (1987) (Lionsoft)

Combat Leader (1983)(SSI)

Comet Game (1985)(Firebird)

Commando+ (Fandal)[256k]

Commodore Invaders (1986)

Compco Computer Cube (1983)(Page 6 Magazine)

Compute 4 / Reversi (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Computer Aquire (1981)(Avalon Hill)

Computer Chess (1979)(Atari)

Computer Solution

Computer War (1983)(Thorn EMI)

Condensation (1983)(ALA Software)

Confuzion (1987)(Bernd Mueller)

Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)

Conquest of the Crown (1994)(Lindasoft)

Contagion (1992)(Xelyte)

Convention (1984)(Cymbal)

Cops 'N' Robbers (1990)(Atlantis Software)

Copter Chase(1983)(G.M.)

Copy Cat (1983)(Compute!)

Corsair! (1993)

Cosmic Crusaders (1985)

Cosmic Defender (1985)(Analog)

Cosmic Glob (Analog)

Cosmic Hero (2004)(Zelax)

Cosmic Invasion (Sheldon Leemon)

Cosmic Life (1983)(Spinnaker)

Cosmic Tunnels (1983)(Datamost)

Cosmic Zap (Cascade)

Cosmos Pinball (G.T.)[PCS]

Countdown (1984)(Synapse)

Countdown (1985)(Atari User)

CounterMeasure (1982)(Atari)[5200]

Courting Crickets

Crab Nebula (Jeff Potter)

Crack-Up! (1989)(Atlantis)

Craps Simulator (1984)(Symsoft)

Crash Dive (1984)(Analog)

Crazy Ball II (1996)

Crazy Clown Jumper (1989)(Brad Timmins)

Crazy Cobra (1986)(Illusion Software)

Crazy Eights (1986)(Antic)

Crazy Quader (1990)(Bit Power)

Crazy Scooter (1985)(Propaganda)

Creep(1987)(Jowood Software)

Creepers (1982)(Silicon Valley)

Creepshow Pinball [PCS]

Crillion Antist (Stefan Soelbrandt)

Crime Buster (Fandal)[5200][256k]

Crisis Mountain (1983)(Synergistic)

Crix (1993)(KE-Soft)

Crockford's Trench (1982)(Atari)

Crooked House (New Atari User)

Crossbow [LG][5200][256K]

Crossfire (1981) (Sierra On-Line) Version 2

Crossfire (1981)(Sierra On-Line) Version 1

Crowland Preview

Crownland (2007)

Crumble's Crisis (1986)(Red Rat)

Cryptogram Solver (1988)(Antic)

Crypts of Plumbous (1982)(Cosmi)

Crystal Castles (1984)(Atari)

Crystal Castles (1988)(Atari)

Crystal Crysis (Page 6 Magazine)

Crystal Raider (1986)(Mastertronic)

Crytabor (1988)(Daniel Klodt)

Ctetris4e (2009)

Cube (Raindorf)

Cubes in Space (M.A. Baxter)

Cubic Games (1994)(Leosoft)

Cubico (2005) (Flop)

Culmins (1994)(G. Fuenzalida)

Curse of Crowley Manor (1981)(AI)

Curse of the Pharaoh (1981)(Peter Kirsch)

Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (1984) (Microdeal)

Cybernome (1983) (Leisure & Business Developments)

Cybor-Stein (1989) (B. Ware)

Cyborg Warrior (1990)(Marcel Programming)

Cyclod (1981)(Sirius)

Cygnus X1 (1989)(Atari)

Cypher Bowl (1981)(Artsci)

Cytron Masters (1982)(Dan Bunten)

Cywilizacja (Mirage)

Czarny Orzel (1995)(Krysal)

Czaszki (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Da' Fuzz (1983)(Roklan)

Dalej niz slonce (1991)

Dam Trouble (1988)(Atari User)

Dampfmaschine (1985)(PRZsoft)

Dan Strikes Back (1984)(English Software Company)

Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price)

Danger Cross Walk (1983)(General Masters)

Danger Hunt (1986)(J Engelhardt)

Danger Ranger (1984)(Microdeal)

Danny's Mirror Magic (Softkorn)[PCS]

Daredevil! (1985)(Zong)

Darg (1987)(STV Software)

Darg II (1993)(Maciej Zwolinski)

Dark Abyss (1993)(Mirage)

Dark Chambers (1988)(Atari)

Dark Star (1982)(K.H. Rinne)[OSb]

Darkness Hour (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Darkstar (1985)(UK Gold)

Darts (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Darts (1986)(Blue Ribbon)

Dateline Titanic (1982)

Datri's Brutal Karate (1997)

David's Midnight Magic (1982)(Atari)

David's Midnight Magic 2 (1982)(Broderbund Software)

Dawn of Civilization (SUPERware)

Dawn Raider (1989)(Atlantis)

Day at the Races (1985)(Red Rat)

Daylight Robbery (1988)(Atlantis Software)

De Re Pac-Man (1984)

Death by Solitaire (1998)

Death Race (1987)(Atlantis Software)

Death Races (1987)(Tony Goacher)

Deathchase (1983)(Mervyn Estcourt)

Deathland (1994)(StanBit)

Deathzone (1986)(Analog Computing)

Deathzone Pinball (1983)(AFB)[PCS]

Decathlon (1984)(Activision)

Deep Funk Pinball (2003)

Defend (1982)

Defender (1982)(Atari)

Defensor (1995)(Stan-Bit)

Deflektor (1989)(Atari)

Deflektor II (2009)(Flop)

Deimos (1993)(Sonix)

Deluxe Invaders (1981) (Roklan)


Demon Attack (1982)(Imagic)

Demon Attack (1982)(Imagic)[OSb]

Demon Ball Pinball [PCS]

Demon Birds (Analog)

Demon Dungeons (Acme Soft)

Demon Racer (1988)(Antic)

Deneb (1993)(Robespix)

Denis through the Looking Glass (1993)

Denk & Schieb!(1992)(Torosoft)

Depth Charge (1982)(Compco)

Der Blitz! (1982)(Solitare)

Desert Falcon (Atari)(130XE)

Desmond's Dungeon (Thorn EMI)

Despatch Rider (Mastertronic)

Destiny the Cruiser (1983)(Adventure International)

Destroyers (KP Middleton)

Detonator (1992)(Best Quality Ltd.)

Devil's Dare (1983)(Jay Gee)

Devilator (1983)(Zebra)

Diamond Dave (1987)(Antic)

Diamond Mine (1983)(Roklan)

Diamond Mine (1984)(ACE)

Diamond Mine (1985)(Blue Ribbon)

Diamond Ride (1984)(Len Dorfman)

Diamond Traol (1983)(Gilsoft)

Diamonds (1983)(English Software)

Diamonds (Frank Priggert)

Diamondz (2010)(Flop)

Dianes (1984) (English Software)

Die Mission

Dig Dug (1982)(Atari)[graphical title]

Dig Dug (1982)(Atari)[text title]

Dig Dug (1983)[5200]

Digger (AMC-Verlag)

Diggerbonk (1982)(Steve Robinson)

Dilemma (1990)(New Atari User)

Dimension Wizards (1988)(Antic)

Dimension X (1984)(Synapse)

Dinky-Do (Steven Macilwee)

Dirty Harry Pinball [PCS]

Divested Bell Pinball [PCS]

Dizzy Dice (1987)(Players)

Do Akcji (1994)(Rafal Senator)

Doctor Boris! (Atari User)

Dodge Racer (1981)(Synapse)

Dog Daze (1981)(APX)

Dog Daze Deluxe (1983)(APX)

Doggies (1983)(Inside Info)

Domain of the Undead (1986)(Red Rat)

Dominoes (Jeremy Smith)

Don's Ball Pinball [PCS]

Don't Shoot That Word (1983)(Hayden Software)

Donkey Kong (1983)(Nintendo)

Donkey Kong Junior (1983)(Nintendo)

Donny 2 (2010)(Winfried Fiedler)


Dotter Dash 6 - Boulder Dash

Dotter Dash 7 - Boulder Dash

Double Agents (New Atari User)

Double Bounce (Stan Ockers)

Double Decker Pinball [PCS]

Double or Quit (Joseph Chiko)

Double Trouble Pinball [PCS]

Dr. Boom! Pinball [PCS]

Dr. D Adventure

Dr. Download Pinball [PCS]

Dr. Mario (2010)

Dr. Mindwarp (1983)(ALA)

Dr. Seuss - Fix up the Mix up Puzzler

Dr. Tom's Castle (Kemal Ezcan)

Draconus (1988)(Cognito)

Draconus II - The Story Continues (1991)(National Soft)

Draconus III - The Larger Challenge (1992)(National Soft)

Dragon Castle (M Tal)

Dragon's Breath (1985)(Analog)

Dragon's Hideaway (1983)General Masters Coporation)

Dragon's Lair (1986)

Dreadnaught Factor (1984)(Activision)

Dredis (1989)(KE-Soft)

Drelbs (1983)(Synapse)[OSb]

Drelbs (1983)(Synsoft)

Droga Wojownika (ASF)

Droids (1983)(TG Software)

Drol (1983)(Broderbund Software)

Drone Dusters (1988)(Bob Ayik)

Drop (1983)(Antic)

Drop It (1993)(Sonix)

Drop Zone (1984)(U.S. Gold)

Drutt (ASF)

Duch (1996)(Patrol)

Duck Gallery (1990)(R.Gore)

Duck, Arrow, Balloon (1984)

Ducks Ahoy! (1984)(CBS)

Duel II (Bonus Software)

Duelists (John Thornburgh)

Duellin' Droid (1984)(S. Burns)

Dungeon Adventure (Level 9) Graphics

Dungeon Adventure (Level 9)(Text)

Dungeon Duel (1982)(C&C Software)

Dungeon Lords (Brian Bradley)

Dungeons of Xotha

Durtle Pinball (R. Pressley) [PCS]

Dwie Wieze (1993)(ASF)

Dyna Blaster (2004)(MadTeam)

Dynakillers (1997)(GMG)

Dziedzictwo Gigantow (1993)(Mirage)

Dziedzictwo Gigantow (1993)(Mirage)

E Racer (1988)(Antic)

Fighter Pilot (1982)(Interceptor Software)

Robbo B1 (1993)(Robbosoft)

Battalion Commander (1987) (SSI)

Cooltris (1993)(New Breed Software)

Crazy Kicker Pinball (R. Nesset)

E Factor (1983)(Cosmi)

E=MC2 (1992)(Zolna Dariusz)

Eagle Wing Cards (Joseph Chiko)

Earthquake 1906 (1982)(AI)

EASA II Pinball [PCS]

Eastern Front 1941 (1981)(APX)

Eastern Front 1941 (1982)(Atari)

Easy Money (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Eckn (2007)(Berlin Softworks)

Ed-Ball (1985)(Pace)

Egg Catcher

Eggard (1984)(Scandsoft)

Egypt Ball! (Marshall, Tyrone)

Eidolon (1985)(Epyx)

El Dorado (1983)(General Masters)

Electo Maniac! (2009)(ABBUC)

Electric Starfish (Calisto Software)

Electrician (1984)(Synapse Software)

Electroids (1984)(ANALOG Computing)

Elektra Glide (1985)(English Software)

Elementry (Jacek Binkul)

Elevator Repairman (1985)(ANALOG Computing)

Elevators (1981)

Eliminator (1982)(Adventure International)

Eliza (1979)(Creative Computing)

Embargo (1982)(Gebelli Software)

Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9)

Emil-Hilf (1990)(Barthold, Dieter)

Empire of the Over-Mind

Emulator (1984)(T&G Software)

Encounter! (1983)(Synapse Software)[OSb]

Ennumereight (1982) (APX)

EORoid (1994)(Wolf Software Ltd.)

Equestrian (1983)(APX)

Erg (1984)(D-Mind Software)

Eriban (1986)(Firebird)

Ernie's Magic Shapes (1984)(CBS Software)

Erosion (1986)(Gummibacher)

Eryus (1984)(Laurence Klein)

Escape (1984)(Virgin Books)

Escape from Doomworld (1986)(Red Rat Software)

Escape from Epsilon (JD Casten)

Escape from Perilous (1983)(English Software)

Escape from Satellite A19790C (1979)(Faulkner, T. W.)

Escape from Syntron

Escape from the Dungeon of the Gods

Escape from Traam (1981)(Adventure International)

Espial (1984)(Tigervision)

Eureka! (1992)(Mirage)

Evader (1986)(ProMega Software)

Evolution (1984)(Sydney Development)

Excelsor (1986)(Players)

Exchange (1988)(Rassilon Software)

Exit Watch (1983)(General Masters)

Exocet Blastoff (1983)(General Masters)

Expedition (1985) (Oliver Cyranka)

Exploding Wall (1989)(Byte Back)

Explorer (1984)(Activision)

Exterminator (1982)(Fasner, William)

Extirpator! (1988)(Firebird)

Exwall (1989)(Antic)

F-15 Strike Eagle (1984)(MicroProse Software)

Face-Up Patience

FaceMaker (1982)(Spinnaker Software)

Factor Blast (1983)(Hayden)

Fairy Castle 1.2 (2003)(Henryk)

Fake Frogger!(2008)(Sikor)

Falcon (1983)(Wolgang Mueller)

Fanda (1984)(Access)

Fantastic Soccer (1989)(Zeppelin Games)

Fantastic Voyage (1982)(20th Century Fox)

Farao (1995)(Datri Software)

Fast Eddie (1982)(Sirius)

Fastgammon (1980)(Quality)[OSb]

Fatal Connection (Electric Software)

Fatal Game (1993)

Fear-Figure Eight Auto Racing (1985)(Rascom)

Fidget (1986)(Mr. Chip Software)

Fighter (H.F. Kemp)

Fill'er Up! II (ANALOG Computing)

Final Flight! (MMG Micro)[OSb]

Final Legacy (1984)(Atari)

Final Orbit (1983)(Sirius)

Fire (1986)(Zong)

Fire Bug (1984)(ANALOG Computing)

Fire Chief (1985)(English Software Company)

Fire Fox Boulder Dash 13

Fire Man (1985)(Glenn Stucker)

Fire One! (1983)(Epyx)

Fire Power (1993)(ASF)

Fireball 1K (2008)(MatoSimi)

Fireball Pinball [PCS]

Firebird (1981)(Gebelli)

Firefleet (1983)(English Software Company)

FireFox Boulder Dash 01

FireFox Boulder Dash 02

FireFox Boulder Dash 03

FireFox Boulder Dash 04

FireFox Boulder Dash 05

FireFox Boulder Dash 06

FireFox Boulder Dash 07

FireFox Boulder Dash 08

FireFox Boulder Dash 09

FireFox Boulder Dash 10

FireFox Boulder Dash 11

FireFox Boulder Dash 12

FireFox Boulder Dash 14

FireFox Boulder Dash 15

FireFox Boulder Dash 16

FireFox Boulder Dash 17

FireFox Boulder Dash 18

FireFox Boulder Dash 19

FireFox Boulder Dash 20

FireFox Boulder Dash 21

FireFox Boulder Dash 22

FireFox Boulder Dash 23

FireFox Boulder Dash 24

FireFox Boulder Dash 25

FireFox Boulder Dash 26

FireFox Boulder Dash 27

FireFox Boulder Dash 28

FireFox Boulder Dash 29

FireFox Boulder Dash 30

FireFox Boulder Dash 31

FireFox Boulder Dash 32

FireFox Boulder Dash 33

FireFox Boulder Dash 34

FireFox Boulder Dash 35

FireFox Boulder Dash 36

FireFox Boulder Dash 37

FireFox Boulder Dash 38

FireFox Boulder Dash 39

FireFox Boulder Dash 40

FireFox Boulder Dash 41

FireFox Boulder Dash 42

FireFox Boulder Dash 43

FireFox Boulder Dash 44

FireFox Boulder Dash 45

FireFox Boulder Dash 46

FireFox Boulder Dash 47

FireFox Boulder Dash 48

FireFox Boulder Dash 49

FireFox Boulder Dash 50

FireFox Boulder Dash 51

FireFox Boulder Dash 52

FireFox Boulder Dash 53

FireFox Boulder Dash 54

FireFox Boulder Dash 55

Fish - Adventures of Mr. Fish v1.00 (1995)(Ken Siders)

Fishing Fun (Cascade)

Five Card Stud Poker (1983)(SoftSide)

Fizzbuzz (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Flak (1984)(Funsoft)

Flapper (1983)(Romox)

Flappy (1988)(Doltari)

Flash Gordon

Flex Pinball [PCS]

Flimbo's Quest (Demo)

Flinstone's Adventures (1993)(JK Soft)

Flip and Flop (1983)(First Star Software)

Flip! (1990)( Norbert Hagemann)

Flood Beta (2005)(Serious)

Flood Final (2005)(Serious)

Floor Walker (1985)(Dave Munsie)

Flop and Flip (1990)(Zong)

Flop Super Ball

Flowers Mania (2006)(XXL)

Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin' (1986)(Analog)

Fluid-Kha (1993)(LK Avalon)

Fly Blaster (1982)(Brent Borghese)

Flybuster (1987)(Steven Kueppers)

Flying Ace (1982)(Avalon Hill)

Flying Tigers (1982)(Discovery)

Follow Me! (1992)(W Rawdnick)

Food Fight (1987)(Atari)

Football (1983)(Atari)

Footballer of the Year (1986)(Gremlin)

Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)

Force of Four (1989)

Fort Apocalypse (1982)(Synapse)

Fortress (Graphicwares)

Fortune Hunter (1982)(Romox)

Four by Four Square (1988)(Rassilon)

Four Card Blind Hookey (1996)

Four In Order (1983)(Page 6 Magazine)

Fraction Fever (1983)(Spinnaker)

Frank & Mark (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Frank the Fruit Fiend (1986)(Atari User)

Frantic! (1986)(Computronic)

Freaky Factory (1986)(Red Rat)

Fred (1991)(L.K. Avalon)

FreeCellXE (2001)(Fandal)

Freeway Ace! (1986)(Page 6 Magazine)

Frenesis (1987)(Tony Takoushi)

Friday Salom Pinball [PCS]

Frisky Tom (Homesoft)[5200]

Frog (2987)(Antic)

Frogger (1982(Sierra On-Line)

Frogger 2 - Theeedeep! (1984)(Parker Bros)

Frogger II - the Sewer Level

Froggie (Eddy Fries)


Frogs and Flies (1982)(Nighthawk Group)

Frontier Galaxy (1983)(ALA Software)

Fruit Machine Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)

Fruit Pickin (PF Software)

Fruit Salad (PF Software)

Fruitmania (1993)(Leo Software)

Fruits (Atari User)

Fujiama Run (2006)(Multi-Joy)

Full House (1987)(Homecomputer)

Fuse (Evan Marks)

Fuzzy (1985)(Shoesoft)

G Men (1983)(ALA Software)

G.F.S. Sorceress (1981) (Avalon)

Gabi (Landsoft)

Galactic Avenger (1982)(Cosmi)

Galactic Chase (1981)(Spectrum)

Galactic Cresta (1987)(STV)

Galactic Defender (1984)

Galactic Empire (1981)(Doug Carlston)

Galactic Explorer (KH Rinne)[Osb]

Galactic Patrol (1983)(ALA)

Galactic Pinball (Galactic Gang)[PCS]

Galaxi Barkanoid (1991)

Galaxia (Demo)

Galaxian (1982)(Atari)

Galaxian (1984)(Sawfish)

Galaxian (2009)(XXL)

Gallahad and the Holy Grail

Galleons (Antic)

Gallery (Plotkin, David N.)

Game Harry (2007)(Winfried Fiedler)

Game of Jericho (1983)(Davka)

Game of Live! (1987)(Peter Straif)

Gangsters (1984)(Page 6)

Gangway (1987)(WW)

Gaps (130XE)(Chiko, Joseph R.)

Gateway to Apshai (1983)(Epyx)

Gato (1987)(Atari)[128k]

Gauantlet Pinball [PCS]

Gauntlet (1984)(Lebeau, Donald)

Gauntletak(1987)(Donald Lebeau)

Geewizz Pinball [PCS]

Gem (Gluck, Joel)

Gemdrop (New Breed)

Genesis (1983)(Datasoft)

Genetic Drift (1982)(Broderbund)

Genius Pinball [PCS]

Geo (1988)(Raindorf)

Getaway! (1982)(APX)

Getris (130XE)(2006)(MadTeam)

Ghost Chaser (1984)(Artworx)

Ghost Encounters (1982(JV)

Ghost Encounters (1982)(JV)[OSb]

Ghost Hunter (1981)(Arcade Plus)[OSb]

Ghost! (1983)(Action Software)

Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)

Gigablast (1991)(MHS-Studio)

Gladiator (1985)(Richwood Software)

Glaggs It! (1990)(Raindorf)

Glasnost Game (Scott Johnson)

Glibber! (Kemal Eczan)

Glip (1985)(M Guntersdorfer)


Gnom Factory (Kemal Eczan)

Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9)

Go (1982)(Hayden Software)

Go Cart (Raindorfsoft)

Go Elwood Go! (2010)

Go Fish (1982)(Dynacomp)

Goble-Snake (Bonus)

Goetter (1985)(Rolf Kothe)

Goff (Wolfgang Heesoth)

Gold Hunter (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Gold Mine (1983)(Spectravideo)

Golden Sword (1986)(Sawfish)

Golf (130XE)(1989)

Golf Challenge (1982)(Sierra)

Golf Solitare (1991)(Dan Elek)

Golfer (ABBUC)(Jiri Bernasek)

Gomoku (1980)(Artsci)

Gomoku III (1983)(Bob Harris)

Goonies (1985)(Datasoft)(130XE)

Gorf (1982)(Roklan)

Gorgon (1983)(General Masters)

Gorilla Warfare (2009)(ABBUC)

Gossip (1983)(Atari)

Grab an Apple (1983)(Page 6)

Grabit (1986(Software Cellar)

Grand Prix II (1985)(Page 6)

Grand Prix Simulator (1992)

Grateful Dead Pinball [PCS]

Gravitar (1992)(Zong)

Gravity (Brent Borghese)

Great American Cross Country Road Race

Great Maine to California Race

Greedy Caterpillars (1987)(Page 6)

Green Beret (1986)(Imagine)

Green Fingers (1986)(New Atari User)

Green Paras (1986)(Atari Info)

Greenout (1985)(Feelavision)

Gremlins (1984)(Atari)[5200]

Greyhound Racing (1985)

Grid (1984)(Page 6)

Gridrunner (1983)(HesWare)

Gridrunner (1983)(Llamasoft)

Gridwars (1989)(Page 6)

Grizu (1986)(Carsten Reitz)

Grom (1993)(Madman)

Grow Worm (1983)(P. Margrave)

Growing Pains of Adrian Mole PT1

Growing Pains of Adrian Mole PT2

Gryzzles (1988)(Perwares)

Guard (1992)(Sonix)

Guardians of the Gorn (1982)(Inhome)

Gumball (1983)(Broderbund)


Gumby Ball (1985)(Mr. Spock)[PCS]

Gun Boat (1983)(General Masters)

Gun Powder Charlie (1988)

Gunfight (1981)(Hofacker)

Gunfight (1983)(Epyx)

Gunfighter (1989)(Telegram)

Guntris (1996)(Richard Gore)

Gwobby Strikes Back! (2010)(ABBUC)

Gypsy (1982)(Avalon Hill)

Gyruss (1984)(Parker Brothers)

H.E.R.O. (1984)(Activision)

H2O (BeWeSoft)

H3x0r 1K (2009)(MatoSimi)

H3x0r Deluxe (2010)(MatoSimi)

Hacker (1985)(Activision)

Halftime Battlin' Bands (1984)(CBS)

Hammerhead (1983)(AIM)

Hans Kloss (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Hard Hat Mack (1983)(EA)

Hard Hat Mack (1983)(EA)(B&W)

Hard Hat Willy (1983)

HardBall (1985)(Accolade)

Harvey (1996)(Holger Winkler)

Harvey Wallbanger (Analog)

Hats (Peter Kanold)

Haunted Hill (1982)(Swifty)

Hawk Fire (1983)(G.M.)

Hawkmoon (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Hazard Run (1982)(Artworx)

He is Risen Pinball [PCS]

Head Banger (1987)(Bill Halsall)

Head On (2006)(CPU)

Head Over Heels (Colin Porch)

Heart Break (1988)(Atari)

Heartlight (Janusz Pelc)

Hearts v1.1 (1992)(SW)

Heathcliff - Fun With Spelling

Heavy Metal (1988)(Page 6)

Heli Killer (1994)

Helix (1993)(Mirage)

Hell Cat Ace (1982)(MicroProse)

Helliman (1987)(Klaus Fecker)

Henry's House (1987)(Chris Murray)

Hex War (1986)(Compute!)

Hexan (1987)(Rabbit Soft)

Hexxagon XE (2003)(Flop)

High Rise (1986)(Compute!)

High Rise (Microlearn)

High School Confidential

High Speed Pinball [PCS]

Highway Duel (1984)(J. Reschke)

Hijack! (1985)(English Software)

Hio Grio (1982)(Tronix)

Hivmania (1993)(Shadows)

Hlavolam 1 (Radek Sterba)

Hlavolam 2 (Radek Sterba)

Hobgoblin (2008)(GR8)

Hockey (1981)(Gamma)

Hoehlen Gnom (Kemal Ezcan)

Hollywood Medieval (1982)(Atari)

Home Pong (Homecomputer)

Homer's Honey Craze (New World)

Homonimos (Pelusa Software)

Honky (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Hopper (Petivan, James L)

Hoppo (1985)(Compute!)

Horse Racing (1984)(Cymbal)

Hot Blocks (1990)(New Atari User)

Hot Copter (Andrew Bradfield)

Hot Dice (Allan Suchy)

Hot Lips (1982)(London)

Hot Rod Raider (1985)(Bill Halsall)

Hot Wheel (1989)(Ingo Linkweiler)

House of Secrets (David Blease)

House of Usher (1985)(Kingsoft)

Hover Bovver (1984)(Llamasoft)

HSB-X Pinball [PCS]

HSNX 4 Pinball [PCS]

Hubert (1986)

Hulk Out (1985)(Krahmer, Jon)

Humanoid (1992)(Sonix)

Hunt (1991)(Zong)

Hyams Adventure

Hydraulik (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Hyperball (1989)(Antist)

Hyperblast! (English Software)

Hypnotic Land (1992)(Lindasoft)

I.Q. (1983)(Nu Wave)

I.Q. Master (1992)(ASF)

Ice (1984)(Cymbal)

Ice (AMC-Verlag)

Ice Cap ( MacIlwee, Steven)

Illinois Smith (1987)(Magnum)

Illumina (Arcade Machine)

Illuminations (M. Levien)

Impact (1983)(David Buehler)

Incoming!! (1985)(Conrad Tatge)

Incredible Laboratory (Jay Carlson)

Incydent (1993)(ASF)

Indian Gold (New Atari User)

Indianna Jones in the Jungle

Indianna Jones in the Last Crusade

Inferno (1991)(Zednek Kadlec)

Infiltrator (1986)(Mindscape)

Infiltrator the Adventure (1988)

Ingrid's Back (Level 9) PT1

Ingrid's Back (Level 9) PT2

Ingrid's Back (Level 9) PT3

Insects (1982)(Jack Snooyink)

Inter Galleon Battle (1984)(K-Tek)

International Karate 1 (1986)

International Karate 2 (1986)

International Karate 3 (1986)

International Karate 4 (1986)

International Karate 5 (1986)

International Karate 6 (1986)

International Karate 7 (1986)

Interstar (1984)(Adisoft)

Interval (Douglas Crockford)

Into The Eagle's Nest (1988)

Intuiture (1992)(Preview)

Invaders (1991)(A. Edwards)

Invaders (1991)(New Atari User)

Invaders (1992)(S.R. Lakey)

Invaders (1993)(Zong)

Invaders (2-Bit Systems)

Invaders (Bonus Software)

Invasion (1988)(Normin Lin)

Invasion Planetary Defense

Invasion UK (1987)(Bulldog)

Invasions from Outer Space (Radical)

Invert (XE)(1994)(Pokey)

Ion Power Pinball (1984)(Dog Byte)

Ion Roadway (1983)(APX)

Iron Roadway (1983)(Carlo Singler)

Island (Aura)

Isora (2009)(XXL)

It's about Time (1983)(Softside)

Ithix (1983)(Romox)

Itsy Bitsy Pinball [PCS]

Ixion (1985)(US Gold)

Jack Pot (Atari)

Jack the Digger (Homecomputer)

Jaffar (1993)(Mirage)

Jagdstaffel (1980)(Discovery)

Jail Break (James Stage)

James Bond (1984)(PB)

Janes Program (Atari)

Janosik (1994)(Mirage)

Java Jim (1984)(Thorn EMI)

Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra)

Jawbreaker III (1980)(Sierra)

Jeepers Creepers (Quality)[Osb]

Jelly Fish (Kevin Mills)

Jeopardy (Steven Lee)

Jerkoff Junior (Jumpman hack)

Jet Boot Jack (English Software)

Jet Set Willy (2007)(XXL)

Jet Set Willy (Tynesoft)

Jetboy (2007)(XXL)

Jetman (David Eaton)

Jewel Bits (2010)

Jewels (Thimo Graef)

Jigsaw - Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Jigsaw - Baa Baa Black Sheep

Jigsaw - Colosseum

Jigsaw - Hickory Dickory Dock

Jigsaw - Humpty Dumpty

Jigsaw - Jack and Jill

Jigsaw - London Bridge

Jigsaw - Notre Dame

Jigsaw - Pathenogen

Jigsaw - Rome

Jigsaw - Tower of London

Jigsaw - Windsor Castle

Jigsaw (Stephen Logie)

Jinks (1991)(AMC-Velag)

Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge

Joe (1987)(Roy York)

John Anderson's Rally Speedway

Jolly (1992)(Leosoftware)

Journey to the Planets (JV)

Joust (1983)(Atari)

Joy Ride Pinball [PCS]

Jr Pacman (1984)(Atari)[5200]

Jr's Dots

Jr's Oil Fight PB

Juggle's House (1982)(Atari)

Juggle's Rainbow (1982)(Atari)

Juggler (ISDI)[OSb]

Juice! (1983)(Tronix)

Jumbo Jet Pilot (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Jump (1990)(AMC-Verlag)

Jump Pac (1994)(Zong)

Jump! (1986)(Happy Computer)

Jump! II (1986)(Happy Computer)

Jumpin' Spider (Kemal Ezcan)

Jumping Ball

Jumping Ghost (Computronic)

Jumping Jack's Big Adventure

Jumping Jim v0.3 (Jim D'Agostino)

Jumpman #1 (Randall Glover)

Jumpman Junior (1983)(Epyx)

Jungle Boy (Harold Siegmund)

Jungle Hunt (1982)(Taito)

JunkYard Racing (1999)

Juno First (1984)(Datasoft)

Jupiter Lander ( Kemal Ezcan)

Jurassic Gold (Bill Halsall)

Justice Pinball (1984)[PCS]

K Bert (Kevin Minard)

K Robbo No.1 (1995)(LUK)

K Robbo No.2 (1995)(LUK)

K Robbo No.3 (1995)(LUK)

K Robbo No.4 (1995)(LUK)

K-Star Patrol (1982)(K-Byte)[OSb]

Kaboom! (1983)(Activision)

Kalah (1988)(Analog)

Kamikaze (1981)(Star Gazer)[OSb]

Kampania Wrzesniowa (LK Avalon)

Kangaroo (1983)(Atari)

Kapitan Planeta (Mirage)

Karate Champ II

Karate Master (1986)(PD)

Karateka (Broderbund)(130XE)

Karmic Caverns (1983)(L Dorfman)

Kason's Tower (Jim Rogers)

Kay Ball Pinball [PCS]

Kayos (1981)(Computer Magic)

Kazoo (1984)(Southbay)

Kelb (Rassilon)

Ken Uston's Puzzlemania (1984)(Epyx)

Kennedy Approach (1985)(MicroProse)

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager


Ketchup (1996)(Sikor Soft)

Key Man (Bonus Software)


Keyed Up! (Antic)

Keystone Kapers (1983)(Activision)

KGB Kill (1985)(Braniac-5)

Kickback (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Kid Grid (1982)(Tronix)[OSb]

Kidnapped (1981)(Softside)

Kids on Keys (1983)(Spinnaker)

Kij Samboji (1992)(K Walczyk)

Kik-Start (1986)(Mastertronic)

Kill Zone (Slimedevils)

Killa Cycle (Goodwin-Muncer)

Killer 'Thello (1988)(Mark T. Price)

Killer Chess (Greg Knauss).

Kindercomp (1982)(Spinnaker)

King Keno (1988)(Antic)

King of Canadian (1989)(AMC)

King of the Castle (1983)(ALA)

King of the Ring (1985)(Beowulf)

Kirchen Karl (1992)

Kissin' Kousins (1985)(English Software)

Kitten (Happy Trash Software)

Klocki (1982)( Tajemnice Atari)

Klondike Solitaire (1985)(Antic)

Klystron Raider (1982)

Knicker-Bockers (1988)(TDC)

Knife Edge Pinball

Knight for a Day (1983)

Knight Lore (2008)(XXL)

Knight Orc (1987 )(Level 9)

Knights and Wizards (Bill Rogers)

Knights of the Round Table (1983)

Knobs and Knockers (1984)[PCS]

Knock-Out (1986)(Kingsoft)

Knock! (1992)(Domain)

Knockout! (1982)(Avalon Hill)

Koffi Yellow-Kopter (2002)

Kolorest (1992)

Kooky's Quest

Kosci (1995)(Kamil Nowinski)

Koung (1989)(Phoenix)

Krazy Antiks (1982)(K-byte)[Osb]

Krazy Katerpillars (David Huff)

Krazy Kopter (1983)(English Software)

Krazy Kritters (1982)(K-Byte)[OSb]

Krazy Mazes (1989)(Analog)

Krazy Shootout (1981)(K-Byte)

Krebs Removal (Chuck Rosko)

Kross (1990)(Carsten Strotmann)

Krucjata (1993)(ASF)

Kstaze (1994)(Mirage)

Kubert (Kemal Ezcan)

Kulki(1992)(Tajemnice Atari)

Kult (1992)(ASF)

Kung Fu Master (Pelusa)

Kvadryk (Pantola, Roland)

La Belle Lucie (130XE)(1991)

Labirynt (1994)(Daniel Numan)

Labyrinth (1982)(Broderbund)

Labyrinth (1986)(Dave Oblad)

Labyrinth (Jens Woehrmann)

Labyrinthe (Peter Falton)

Labyrinths (1987)(Analog - ArgoSoft)

Labyrinths Of Kamerra (1985)

Lancelot (1988)(Level 9)

Lander (1985)(Daniel Deighan)

Landscape (1984)(Broderbund)

Larkanoid (2008)(Arsoft)

Las Vegas Cards

Las Vegas Casino (1988)(Zeppelin)

Laser Ants (1982)(Syncro)

Laser Blaster (2005)(Matosimi)

Laser Chess (1987)(Compute!)

Laser Cycle (1984)(SGM)

Laser Duell (Torsten Karwoth)

Laser Gates (1984)(Imagic)

Laser Hawk (1986)(Red Rat)

Laser Robot (1991)(mhs-Studio)

Laser Strike (Stedek)

Laser Tennis (1983)(Allsoft)

Laser Wars (1981)(Crystalware)

Laserbase (SNACC)

Lasermania (1990)(L.K. Avalon)

Lasertraz (Darren Broome)

Last Flight of Phoenix

Last Guardian (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Last of the Dragons (1983)(ALA)

Last Oldie (Raindorf)

Last Starfighter (1984)(Atari)

Last V8 (1986)(Mastertronic)

Last Warrior (1985)(Compute!)

Last Will and Testament(1984)

Launch Code (1986)(Analog)

Lawkeeper (1984)(Broderbund)

Lawn Mower (1991)( Kemal Ezcan)

Lazer Feds (1986)(White Bag)

Lazer Type (1985)(Analog)

Lazy! Pinball [PCS]

Leaderboard Golf (1986)(Access)

Leap Frog! (1983)(Rantom)

Leap'in Lizards! (1983)(Gentry)

Leaper (1986)(Bug-Byte)

Leaping Larry (1987)( Rhett Anderson)

Leapster (1988)(Alternative)

Learning with Leeper (1983)(Sierra)

Leggit! (1983)(Imagine)

Legionnaire (1982)(Avalon Hill)

LEM(2008)(Filippo Santellocco)

Lemming (1993)(Flysoft)

Lepus Revenge (1983)(General Masters)

Let's Bubble! (1986)(Striezel)

Let's Frog 3-D (1987)(David Ralf)


Life (1984)(Dave Oblad)

Life (1985)(Larry and Larry)

Life in the Fast Lane (Analog)

Lifespan (1983)(Roklan)[Osb]

Light Cycle (Happy Computer)

Light Flight (1988)

Light Up! (2006)(MatoSimi)

Lighthouse (1983)(ALA)

Liner! (2008)(Sikor)

Linking Logic (1984)(Fisher-Price)

Literki (1993)(Tajemmice Atari)

Little 15 (2010)(Husak, Jakub)

Little Devil (Red Rat)

Little Frog (1991)(Pelusa)

Little Green Thingies from Outerspace

Livewire (1983)(Analog)

Livewire 2 (1983)(Analog)

Lizard (1994)(Tiger)

Loco (1986)(Alligata)

Loco-Motion (1982)(Designer)

Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)

Logic Games (1993)(ABC)

Logic Levels (1984)(Fisher-Price)

Logicmaster (1993)(Ivan Turcan)

Logik (1992)(Tajemnic Atari)

Logik (2001)(Petr Svoboda)

Logistik (1991)(Stefen Weilert)

Logo-Square (1987)(R. Dekinger)

Lone Raider (1985)(Atari)

Lone Raider (1985)(Atari)[Osb]

Looney Tunes Hotel [5200]

Loops DX (2009)(XXL)

Loops of Zen (2008)(XXL)

Lord of the Orb (1983)(Antic)

Lords of Karma

Lords of Time (Level 9)

Lorien's Tomb (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Los Angeles Swat (1986)(Mastertronic)

Lost Tomb (1984)(Datasoft)

Lowca (1993)(Krysal)

Lucifer's Realm (Med Systems)[OSb]

Lumberjack (1983)(Analog)

Lunar Defender (M.A.S.H.)

Lunar Lander (1981)(AI)

Lunar Lander (1984)(Gary Ryan)

Lunar Lander II (1983)(Kemal Eczan)

Lunar Leeper (1983)(Sierra)

Lunar Outpost (1985)(Analog)

M-A-S-H 4077 (1982)(Fox Video)[OSb]

Mad Marble Maze (Atari-Magazin)

Mad Netter (1982)(Computer Magic)

Mad Stone (1993)(Blue Flame)

Mad's Revenge PB (1983)(Berndhentschel)



Magia (1993)(Mirage)

Magia Krysztalu (1992)(ASF)

Magic (1990)(Tensoft)

Magic Castle (Gilsoft)

Magic Escape (1988)(Lindasoft)

Magic III Pinball (1983)(Sen)

Magic Micro Mission II

Magnetit (1993)(K-Soft)

Magnetit 2002 (Radek Sterba)

Mahna-Malysz (2003)(Piotr Fusik)

Major League Hockey (1983)(Thorn EMI)

Malpass - The Asteriod Mines


Maniac Miner (1983)(Gentry)

Maniac Mover! (1988)(Atari User)

Maniac! (Rick Messner)

Mankala (1982)(Elizabeth MacRae)

Mansbie Quest (1987)(Mike Howard)

Marauder (1982)(Sierra)[stage 1]

Marauder (1982)(Sierra)[stage 2]

Marble Magic (Earl Hall)

Marbles (1987)(Compute!)


Mario Bros. (1983)(Nintendo)

Mario Bros. (2007)(Madteam)

Mario Bros. XE (2006)(Fandal)

Market Blitz (TK Computer)

Markus Rosner Pinball

Mashed Turtles (2011)(Fandal)

Master Blaster (Younie, S.)[PCS]

Master Chess (1986)(Mastertronic)

Master Head (1992)(Sonix)

Master Match (1989)(C. Mullally)

Master of the Lamps (Activision)

Master of the Mindfire (1985)

Mastertype (1983)(Scarborough)

Match (130XE)

Match Racer (1981)(Gebelli)

Match Up! (1984)(Hayden)[Osb]

Matchboxes (1983)(Broderbund)

Math Busters (1984)(Spinnaker)

Math Encounter (1984)(HSU)

Math Game (1984)(IO)

Math Mileage (1983)(CBS Software)

Math Terminator (1988)(Fred Dunaway)

Math Works - Addition (1985)(CFD)

Math Works - Subtraction (1985)(CFD)

Mathematics Action Games (Roklan)

Matrix (1985)(Dave Oblad)

Matta Blatta (1988)(Firebird)

Matterhorn (1984)(Tigervision)

Mauer Fluch

Max (Sikor Soft)

Maxter Mind (1983)(Antic)

Maxwell Manor - Skull of Doom

Maze (1990)(Sawfish)

Maze Maniac (1983)(Antic)

Maze of Agdagon (1993)

Maze War (1985)(Analog)

Mazerunner (1989)(Analog)

Medevial Era (David Castell)

Mediator (1985)(English Software)

Mega Blaster (1983)(Panic Software)

Megablast I - Prepare to Die (1992)

MegaGun (1982)(Microvection)

Megalegs (1982)(Megasoft)

Megamania (1983)(Activision)

Melt Down (1982)(Stephen Romejko)

Meltdown (1982)(Cosmi)[OSb]

Memorice (1992)(Revista STAK)

Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher Price)

Memory Match (Joe Brzuszek)

Menagerie (1982)(Softside Publications)

Mengcop (1983)(Ed Wegryn)

Mental Age (Daniel Zukowski)

Mental Age (Enhanced Version)

Mercenary - Escape From Targ

Merry Christmas [PCS]

Meta Pen Soft Pinball

Metagalactic Llamas (2008)

Meteor (1984)(Russell Payne)

Meteor (Germ-Soft)

Meteor Attack (Bonus Software)

Meteor Storm (1982)(Royal)

Meteorites (2005)(Homesoft)[5200]

Metro Dome (1984)(Cymabal)

Miami Ice (1986)(Compute!)

Mickey Goes Hiking

Mickey in the Great Outdoors

Micro Chess (BMI)[OSb]

Micro Eviron (Bobby Clark)

Micro Shuttle (1983)(General Masters)

Microdash (1988)(H Langenhahn)

Microdash (2004)(Thimo Graef)

Microdash II (1989)(H Langenhahn)

Microdeal Shuttle (1983)(Microdeal)

Microgammon SB (2005)[5200]

Midas Maze (Analog)

Midimaze (2010)(Fandal)[256k]

Midnight (1992)(Mirage)

Midway Campaign (1980)(Microcomputer Games)

Mig Alley Ace (1983)(MicroProse)

Mike's Casino

Mike's Slot-Machine II (1985)(AMC)

Milk Nuts (2010)(Fandal)

Milk Race (1987)(Mastertronic)

Millipede (1983)(Atari)

Millipedes (1982)(Designer)

Millipedes (1984)(McConnell)

Mind Blast (2007)(Flop)

Mind Buster

Minefield (1985)(Antic)

Miner 2049er (1982)(Big Five)

Miner 2059er (1984)(Sawfish)

Mines! (1993)(New Generation)

Minesweeper (1993)(NSOFT)

Mozaico (1991)

Galaxy Defender (1981)(Amulet)

Mini Maxter-Mind

Miniature Golf (1985)(Antic)

Miniature Golf (2005)(Homesoft)

Mintaj (1992)(Tajemnice Atari)

Minute Magic (Pinball)

Miny (1996)(Leosoftware)

Miny 2.0 (Pawel Strelec)

Mirax Force (1987)(Tynesoft)

Misja (1990)(L.K. Avalon)

Missile Action (1993)(Mirage)

Missile Command (1981)(Atari)

Missile Command (Aki Schueler)

Missile Command+ (2005)(Paul Lee)

Missile Math

Missing - One Droid (1986)(Analog)

Mission (1991)(Zeppelin)

Mission Arcsoft (2011)

Mission on Thunderhead(1985) (Avalon Hill)

Mission Shark (1991)(L.K. Avalon)

Mission X (1985)(Atlantic)

Mixtrood (1994)(ESC)

MJR Boulder Dash

MJR Boulder Dash II

Modem Magic Pinball [PCS]

Modern Art Pinball

Mogul Maniac (1983)(Romox)

Mole Attack (1981)(Antic)

Molecule Man (1986)(Mastertronic)

Moner (1995)(Denoxy)

Monex (2005)(MatoSimi)

Money Hungry (1984)(Analog)

Money Pouch (1988)(Analog)

Mongo Pinball

Mongoose (1983)(Aim Software)

Monkey Magic (1987)(Micro-Design)

Monopoly (J Seehaus)

Monster Bash (Demo)

Monster Hunt (1992)(mhs-Studio)

Monster Maze (1982)(Epyx)[OSb]

Monster Smash! (Dave Eisler)

Montana Test #7

Monte Carlo (130XE)

Monte Carlo II (130XE)

Montezuma Strikes Back (1985)(Sawfish)

Montezuma's Revenge! (1983)(Utopia)

Moogles (1983)(Sirius)

Moon Beam Arcade (1983)(ZiMAG)

Moon Lander II (Surowiec, Paul)

Moon Lover Pinball (1984)

Moon Marauder (1983)(APX)

Moon Patrol (1982)(Avalon Hill)

Moon Patrol (1982)(Williams)[5200]

Moon Shuttle (1983)(Datasoft)

Moon Shuttle (1984)(Gary Ryan)

Moonbase IO (1982)(PDI)

Mordon's Quest (1985)

Moreby Jewels (Ted Bugler)


Motie (1983)(ACE Newsletter)

Motorcross 800 (1982)(Kaleidoscopic)

Motorcycle Maze Rider (Analog)

Mountain Bike (1989)(Zeppelin)

Mountain King (1982)(CBS)

Mouse (1990)(Faiman, Jaromir)

Mouse Party (B. Halsall)

Mouse Trap (1987)(Micro Value)

Mouskattack (1981)(Sierra)

Movie Musical Madness (1984)(CBS)

Moving Maze (1983)(Compute!)

Mr. Bear's Honey Craze (London)

Mr. Cool (1983)(Sierra)

Mr. Dig (1984)(Micodeal)

Mr. Do! (1984)(Datasoft)

Mr. Do! (1984)(Datasoft)[+8 lives]

Mr. Grumpy (Bonus Software)

Mr. M (Anthony Ku)

Mr. Robot & His Robot Factory (1983)(Datamost)

Mr. Robot II (1989)(Mirek M.)

Mr. Robot Plus (2009)

Mr. Splash (1990)(Ulf Petersen)

Mr. T's Pussy Galore Pinball

Mr. TNT (1982)(HESWare)

Mrs. Rockford Dash

Ms. Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)

Ms. Pac-Man (Fix)

Mt. Rock (1985)(Compute!)

MULE (1983)(EA)

Multi Dash (2000)(BeWeSoft)

Multi Race (2002)(BeWeSoft)

Multi Worms (2002)(BeWeSoft)

Multris (2001)(Radek Sterba)

Munchers (1981)(ACE Newsletter)

Munchy Madness I (Page 6)

Munchy Madness II (Page 6)

Munchy Madness III (Page 6)

Munchy Madness IV (Page 6)

Munsiepede (1985)(Dave Munsie)

Munsiepede II (1985)(David Munsie)

Murderer PB (1991)(Powersoft)

Mushroom Version 1.1

Music Memory (AtarionlinePL)

Musical Pilot (1983)(APX)

Mustak Hunter (2005)(Sikor)

Mutant Bats (1986)(Red Rat)

My Jong (Bruce Fish)

Myriapede v1.1 (1982)(Landon Dyer)

Mysterious Adventures #01

Mysterious Adventures #02

Mysterious Adventures #04-PT2

Mysterious Adventures #06

Mysterious Adventures #07

Mysterious Adventures #08

Mysterious Adventures #09

Mysterious Adventures #10

Mysterious Adventures #11

Nadral (1985)(Atari)

Najemnik (1992)(Krystal)

Najezdzcy z Kosmosu(1995)

Nalot(1993)(Tajemnic Atari)

Napoleon at Waterloo (1984)(Datasoft)

Nasza Ziemia(1994)(RG Williams)

National Flags (1982)(APX)

NATO Commander (1983)(MicroProse)

Naturix (1994)(Raster Software)

Naughty Gnom's Great Adventure

Nautilus (1982)(Synapse)[OSb]

Necromancer (1982)(Synapse)

Negaquerg - II Chess

Nemo's Vault (1985)(Martin Walls)

Neptune's Daughters (1984)(English Software)

Neuroid (1996)(Sikor Soft)

New Life 1.1 (1986)(Rhea, David)

New World Pinball

New York City - The Big Apple (Synapse)

Nexus (Sikor Soft)

Nibbler (1983)(Datasoft)

Nibbly (2006)(Biela, Tomasz)

Night Flyer(1984)(Cymbal)

Night Mission Pinball (subLOGIC)

Night Strike! (1983)(TG Software)

Nightmare Manor (1988)

Nightmare Maze (1986)(Blue Ribbon)

Nightmare Reflections(1985)

Nightraiders (1983)(Datamost)

Nightshade (2009)(XXL)

Nim 2 (1987)(KAW)

Nimmberland Boulder Dash

Nineball (1982)(ZiMAG)[OSb]

Ninja (1986)(Mastertronic)

Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin)

Ninja Master (1986)(Firebird)

Nordic Ski (1983)(Len Dorfman)

North Atlantic Convoy Raider

North Shore AMIS Ball (1984)[PCS]

Nuclear Adventure or the North Base

Nuclear Nick (1986)(Americana)

Nuclear Reactor (1990)(Antic)

Nuclear Waste Dump (1986)(Antic)

Nucleus (1988)(Atari)

Nukewar (1980)(Microcomputer)

Numblines (1997)(Utopia)

Numerki (Matyasik, Krzysztof)

Nuts Junior (1985)

Nypy (1985)(Sawfish)

O'Riley's Mine (1983)(Datasoft)

Ocean Detox (2010)(Pavlik, Marek)

Oczko(1991)(Tajemnic Atari)

Odieu's Quest for the Magic Flingshot

Odin (Odesta)(Paddles)

Odwracanka (1986)(L.P.)

Official Frogger (1991)(Sega)

Oh Frankie (David Hood)

Oil Panic (Jens Berke)

Oil's Well (1983)(Sierra)

Oilgame (1982)( B. Bewley)

Oix (1987)(Kaw)

Olde Gold (1990)(New Atari User)

Olewka (2010)

Olki (1994)(StanBit)

Ollie's Follies (1984)(American Eagle)

Olympic Dual (Antic)

Omega (1984)(SGM Software)

Omidor (1989)(P. Sabath)

On Cue (1987)(Mastertronic)

On-Track - Computer Model Car Racing

One for the Road (1985)(Analog)

One on One! (1983)(Compute!)

One-on-One (1983)(EA)

Onslaught (1982)(H. Lentchner)

Operacja Pustynna Burza

Operation Crossroads (Shoesoft)

Operation Desert Storm (1992)

Operation Novarti (Demo)

Operation Sabatage (1982)(Softside)

Operation Whirlwind (1983)(Broderbund)

Operation Whirlwind(1983)(Brøderbund)(Title Version)

Operation Wolf II(Janusz Karmanski)

Oranges and Lemons (1983)

Orb Pinball [PCS]

Orbit (R. S. Horne)

Orc Attack (1983)(Thorn EMI)

Orson (1995)(New Atari User)

Orson Editor (1995)

Osmosis (130XE)(Joseph Chiko)

Othello (1981)(Russ Segal)

Othello (1983)(Stack)

Othello II (1990)(Sawfish)

Other Ventures #1 - Saigon (1982)

Other Ventures #2 - Crowley Manor

Other Ventures #3 - Escape From Traam

Other Ventures #4 - San Francisco

Outlaw (1979)(APX)

Outris (1982)(Domain)

Overblow (1991)(Kemal Ezcan)

Overflow (1985)(Antic)

Overheard! (TEBSF)

Owari (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Oxygene (1988)(Atari Team)

Ozzy's Orchard (1983)(TG)

Pac Boulder (2007)(Homesoft)

Pac Man (1982)(Atari)

Pac Munch Jr. (Ken Siders)

Pac-Man (Eric Wolz)

Pac-Man Knockoff

Pacemaker Pinball (P.C. Cherry)[PCS]

Pacific Coast Highway (1982)(Datasoft)

Pack Man (1991)(Page 6)

Pad 1.2 (1995)(New Age)

Padjici Balvany (Boulder Dash)

Pairs (1988)(Rassilon)

Pakmans Brothers Revenge (Shoesoft)

PAM - Barroom Brawl (1989)

PAM - Pondering About Max's

PAM - The Dream (1989)

Panga Ponga (1992)(TDC)

Panic (1983)(General Masters)

Panic Express (1986)(Red Rat)

Panik (1987)(Atlantis)

Panther (1987)(Mastertronic)

Panzer Grenadier (SSI)[scenario #2]

Panzer Grenadier (SSI)[scenario #3]

Panzer Grenadier (SSI)[scenario #4]

Panzer Grenadier (SSI)[scenario #5]

Paradise Threat (1982)(Med Systems)

Parallax (1983)(London Software)

Paranoia (1982)(Michael Moody)

Paratrooper (1985)(Compute!)

Parsec XL (1991)(Secret Games)

Pastfinder (1984)(Activision)

Patent Pole Position - Version 06

Pathfinder (1982)(Gebelli)

Patience (1993)(Kemal Ezcan)(ST Mouse)

Patience! (Brian Boyton)

Patrol Nighthawk One (Shoesoft)

Patrol Xal Alpha (1985)(Shoesoft)

PCB Paranoia

Peanut Butter Panic (1984)(CBS)

Pebbles (1989)(Analog)

Pegasus Pinball [PCS]

Peggammon (1986)(Artworx)


Pengo (1983)(Atari)

Pengo (1983)(Atari)[5200]

Pengon (1984)(Microdeal)

Pensate (1983)(Penguin)

Periscope Up (1988)(Atlantis)

Perxor (1987)(AMC-Verlag)

Phantom (130XE)(1987)(Tynesoft)

Pharaoh's Curse (1983)(Synapse)

Pharaoh's Pyramid (1983)(MCS)

Pharaoh's Tomb (1984)(Sydney Brown)

Pharoh's Revenge(Jolly Roger)

Pheenix (1986)(Alternative)

Phobos (1982)(APX)

Phonix I (1987)(AUF)

Picnic Paranoia (1982)(Synapse)

Picture Parts (1984)(Roklan)

Pie Hunter Pinball (Mathew Trimbly)

Pie Man (1983)(Penguin)

Pillbox (1993)(Tajemnice Atari)

Pin I Pinball

Pin II Pinball [PCS]

Pin III Pinball [PCS]

Pinball 3 [PCS]

Pinball Monster [PCS]

Pingwinek (2002)(Arsoft)

Pinhead (1982)(Utopia)

Pipeline (1983)(Tronix)(beta)

Pipeline (Chris Guise)

Pipeliners XL (1989)(Marc Brings)

Piranha (1983)(ALA)

Pirate Pond (1983)(ALA)

Pirate!! Pinball [PCS]

Pirates Cove (Software Cellar)

Pitfall (1984)(Activision)

Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (Activision)

Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)

Pitstop II (1984)(Epyx)

Planet Attack (1987)(Red Rat)

Planet Miner! (1981)(Microcomputer Games)

Planetary Defense (1984)(Analog)

Plant Panic

Plantation (1984)(Ad Astra)

Plantblaster (1987)(Sawfish)

Plaque Attack (2006)(M. Caillahuz)

Plaque Man (1983)(BCI)

Plasma (Aim Software)(Alon Goren)

Plastron (1990)(Harlequin)

Plate Arts (1991)(Torsten Heubaum)

Plattermania (1982)(Epyx)

Playfull Professor Math Tutor

Plop (1992)(Peter Linke)

Plot (1990)(KE-Soft)

Plot's (1991)(MHS)

PMG-Ukazka (1988)(Michal Kudr)



Pogo Joe (1983)(Screenplay)

Pogoman (1982)(Computer Magic)

Pogotron (1989)(Artronic)

Poker (1995)(Milan Zelenay)

Poker 7 (2003)(Milan Zelenay)

Poker SAM (1983)(Don't Ask)

Poker Solitaire

Poker Solitarire (1983)(Jerry White)

Polar Explorer

Polar Pierre (1984)(Datamost)

Pole 0

Pole Minowe (1993)(Krystain Walczyk)

Pole Position (1983)(Atari)

Pole Position (1984)(Datasoft)

Pole Position Race Designer v3.01

Pole Position X+ (Jon C.)

Polygons! Pinball [PCS]

Pond (1983)(HESWare)

Pong (Analog)(paddles)

Pong (paddles)

Pong (Robert Champagne)

Pongblast (2003)

Pongo (1985)(Mark Riley)

Pool (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Pool 1.5 (1981)(IDSI)[OSb]

Pool 400 (1982)(IDSI)[OSb]

Pooyan (1983)(Datasoft)

Popcorn! (Analog)

Popeye (1983)(Parker Brothers)

Porky's (1983)(Romox)

Posthelper (1991)(Raster)

Pothole Pete (1988)(Atlantis)

Power Down (1987)(Mastertronic)

Powerpath (1982)(Aldridge Design)

Powerstar (1985)(Pandora)

PQR I (1986)(AMC-Verlag)

PQR II (1986)(AMC-Verlag)

Predator (1991)(K-Soft)

Preliminary Monte16K

Preppie! (1982)(AI)

Preppie! II (1983)(AI)

Price of Magik (Level 9)

Princess and the Frog (Romox)

Prizrak Nuly (1988)(BeWeSoft)

Pro Golf - Pebble Beach (Atlantis)

Pro Golf - Sunningdale (Atlantis)

Pro Mountain Bike (1989)(Alternative)

Professional Roulette

Professor I.Q. (1984)(Cosmi)

Project-M 2.0 (2010)(NTSC)

Protector (1981)(Synapse)

Protector (1981)(Synapse)[OSb]

Protector II (1982)(Synapse)

Protector II (1982)(Synapse)[OSb]

Proto Basketball M4+

Pruters (YFR Software)

Przemytnik (1992)(ASF)

Push! (1991)(B. Kuehnast)

Pushky (1982)(APX)

Pushy Pig (1983)(Arkin Software)

Puzmania Schame (Michal Keawiec)

Puzzle Gates of the Incas (1983)(IIT)

Puzzle Mania (2009)(Retrograde)

Puzzle Pleasure (Donald Thomas)

Puzzlemania (1984)(Epyx)

PuzzlePanic (1984)(Epyx)

Puzzlito (1982)(S Gutierrez)

Pyramid Puzzler (1994)(Roklan)

Pyramid Run (1984)(MMG Micro)

Pyromania (1996)(Datri)

Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Brothers)

Q'Bert)1984)(J Perrott)[OSb]

Qix (1982)(Atari)

Qix (1982)(Atari)[5200]

QQ(1991)(Miroslaw Liminowicz)

QS Reversi (Quality Software)

Quad (2011)(Nosty)

Quader-Mania (1991)(KE-Soft)

Quadromania XL (Von T. Meyer)

Quadrotron M4 (2002)(multijoy)

Quarxon (1982)(APX)

Quasimodo (1983)(Synapse)

Quatro (1987)(Antic)

Quattuor Vincent (1988)(Raindorf Software)

Quest (M.A.C.E.)(Chris Grislak)

Quest for Eternity (David Cockram)

Quest for Quintana Roo (1984)(Sunrise)

Quest for the Holy Joystick

Quest for the Maltese Chicken

Questprobe #1 - Incredible Hulk

Questprobe #2 - Spider-Man

Quick Invaders (1990)(Raindorf)

Quick Step (1983)(Imagic)

Quickness (2003)[PCS]

Race in Space (1981)(Analog)

Race in Space (1984)(Analog)

Racing (1985)(Sawfish)

Rack'em Up (1983)(Roklan)(US)

Rad Zone (1991)(Page 6)

Radical Rupert (New Atari User)

Radius (1982)(Pyramid)

Raid on Gravitron (1983)(APX)

Raid over Moscow (1986)(Access)

Raid over Walsall (Elite)

Raiders of Space (1983)(GM)

RailKing (1985)(David H. Neal)

Raim (2008)(Carrasco Ramos)

Rainbow Walker (1983)(Synapse)

Rainstorm (Ristau, Chuck)

Rajd (1993)(Tajemnic Atari)

Rally Speedway (1983)(AI)

Rambug II (1987)(Analog)

Rampage Pinball (1983)[PCS]

Rap Cat (1989)(Creative)

Rassilon's Block Puzzle (1987)

Raster Blaster (1982)(Bill Budge)

Rat Race (1983)(MMG)

Rat's Revenge (1984)(Stan Ockers)

Rats! Rats! Rats! (Shoesoft)

Reactor Five (1986)[PCS]

RealSports Football (1983)(Atari)

RealSports Tennis (1983)(Atari)

Rear Guard (1981)(Oren Peli)(AI)

Reardoor (1987)(Antic)

Rebel Fighter (Milwaukee Software)

Rebel Probe (1981)(Milwaukee Software)

Rebound (1987)(MicroValue)

Red Max (1987)(Code Masters)

Red Moon (1985)(Level 9)

Red Sky (Atari Info)

Redhead's Revenge [PCS]

Reefer Madness [PCS]

Reflection (1988)(Sawfish)

Reflex (Bill Halsall)

Relax (1984)(Synapse)

Renaissance (1982)(UMI)[OSb]

Renegade (1992)(Brothers Production)

Replugged (1994)(ESC)

Repton (1983)(Sirius)

Rescue Adventure

Rescue at 94k (Ron V. Webber)

Rescue Mission (1984)(Page 6)

Rescue Mission Phase 2

Rescue of Blondell (1985)(Compute!)

Rescue on Fractalus! (1985)(Lucas)

Rescue Sub (1985)K Kruger)

Rescue The Princess

Resistors (1987)(Antic)

Retrofire! (1983)(Analog)

Return to Eden (1984)(Level 9)

Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1987)(Steve Riding)

Revenge of the Plutonian Flies (1985)(David Scribellito)

Revenge of V (Shoesoft)

Revenger (1986)(Page 6)

Reversal (1981)(Dan Kitchen)[OSb]

Reverse (1993)(Pawel Pietroniuk)

Reversi (1980)(Steve A. Baker)

Reversi (1981)(Russ Segal)

Reversi (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Reversi! (1987)(Jeff Reister)


Richard Petty's Talladega (1984)(Cosmi)

Rifts Of Time (1984)(Dave Walls)

Ringmaster (1983)(Gregor Novak)

Riot (1992)(Domain Software)

Rip Off! - The Plagiarism of 1984 (Analog)

Risky Rescue (1984)(Antic)

River Raid (1983)(Activision)

River Raid 2k11 (2011)(Jakub Husak)

River Rally (1987)(Steven Hunt)

River Rat (1982)(ZiMAG)

River Rescue (1983)(Thorn EMI)

Road Block (1983)(Compute!)[2 players default]

Road Jump (1986)(Bonus Software)

Road Toad (Cliff McConnell)

Robal (1991)(Mirage)

Robbo (1989)(Avalon)(Demo)

Robbo (1989)(L.K. Avalon)

Robbo (1990)(Antic-Soft)

Robbo (1993)(Janusoft)

Robbo (1996)(Svetla N. Saz)

Robbo 3 CS (1991)(Cejkasoft)

Robbo 5 [15 Planets]

Robbo 5 (1997)(Svetla N. Saz)

Robbo 6 (1989)(Janusz Pelc)

Robbo 653924 (1990)(Avakon)

Robbo 7 (1990)(Avalon)

Robbo 76 (1990)(War Tiger)

Robbo 8 (XE Team)(JanuSoft)

Robbo 9 (XE Team)(Janusoft)

Robbo 97A (1997)(Svetla N. Saz)

Robbo 97B (1997)(Svetla A. Saz)

Robbo 98A (1998)((Svetla N Saz)

Robbo after 20 Years (2009)

Robbo B (1990)

Robbo B2 (1993)(Robbosoft)

Robbo B4 (1993)(Robosoft)

Robbo B5 (1993)(Robosoft)

Robbo Boss (1993)(Wroclaw)

Robbo Forever (GR8 Software)

Robbo II (1990)(Robosoft)

Robbo III (1991)(Bartek Walos)

Robbo IV (1991)(B.Walos & W.Strus)

Robbo Konstruktor (1990)(LK Avalon)

Robbo Lutry I (2010)(Michal Miwal)

Robbo Lutry II (2010)(Michal Miwal)

Robbo Lutry III (2010)(Michal Miwal)

Robbo Lutry IV (2010)(Michal Miwal)

Robbo Lutry V (2010)(Michal Miwal)

Robbo V (1991)(Atarax)

Robbo Version II (1990)

Robin Hood (1984)(English)

Robin Wojownik Czasu

Robix (2010)(ABBUC)

Robocop (Fulco Games)

Robot Battle! (1982)(Randy W. Massey)

Robot Dungeon (1985)(Antic)

Robot Karel (1989)(BeWeSoft)

Robot Knights (1986)(Red Rat)

Robotron 2084 (1983)(Atari)

Robots of Nala (1990)(New Atari User)

ROBOX Incident (1987)(Analog)

Rocket Man (1987)(Bernd Mueller)

Rocket Raiders (1981)(Artworx)

Rocket Repairman - Cavern Commander (1986)(Red Rat)

Rocketball [PCS]

Rockford (1988)(Icon Design)

Rocks! (1987)(Analog)

Rodent Revenge (1994)(New Breed)

Roderic (Mirage)

Rogue (1988)(Mastertronic)

Rose Jr. Pinball [PCS]

Rosen's Brigade (1983)(Gentry Software)

Rotate (1984)(Cymbal)

Roto (Analog)(Mike Stortz)

Roto Wrench (1987)(Analog)

Rough Rider (1983)(General Masters)

Roulette (1988)(Antic)

Roulette Simulator (Byte Back)

Round About (1983)(Datamost)

Round Up (1983)(Analog Computing)

RTA Dash #01

RTA Dash #02

RTA Dash #03

RTA Dash #04

RTA Dash #05

RTA Dash #06

RTA Dash #07

Rubber Ball (1990)(Raindorf)

Rucu (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Ruff and Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec)

Ruins (Michael Kempster)

Rum Runner (1982)(Genesis Software)

Run for the Money (1983)(Scarborough)

Rush Hour (1983)(APX)

Rycerz (1993)(Mirage)

Rzekotka (1992)(Jacek Binkul)

Sabotage (1990)(KE-Soft)

Safe (1984)(Cymbal)

Saigon the Final Days (1985)(Adventure International)

Salmon Run (1982)(APX)

Samurai's Game (1992)(Krysal Software)

San Francisco 1906 (1981)(Adventure International)

Santa's BD Party (2006) Homesoft

Santa's Revenge (New Atari User)

Sarasota Sam

Saratoga (1983)(APX)

Sargon II (1982)(Hayden)

Sargon III (1985)(Hayden Software)

Satalite C (1985)(Shoesoft)

Satan's Hollow (1982)(CBS Software)

Saucer (1980)(Atari)[OSb]

Saucer Adventure

Saucer Launch (1981)(Micro)

Savage Pond (1983)(Starcade Software)

Schatz Hoehle (1984)(Peter Bluemer)

Scooter (1985)(US Gold)

Scorch build 110 (2003)

Score 4 (Henry Katzmarek)

Scramble Fighter (1986)(Atari User)

Screaming Wings (1986)(Red Rat Software)

Screwlight (1990)(Seban)

Scrids (James Davis)

Scrids II (James Davis)

Scrolls of Abadon (1984)(Access Software)

Scromber (1989)(Zong)

Sea Bandit (1983)(Gentry Software)

Sea Chase (1983)(Romox)

Sea Dragon v1.0 (1982)(Adventure International)

Sea Dragon vC2.1 (1982)(Adventure International)

Sea Fox (1982)(Broderbund)

Sea Horse Hide'n Seek (1984)(CBS Software)

Sea of Zirun (Dave Walls)

Seawolf II (1983)(Epyx)

Secret Agent Mission 1 (1988)

Secret Diary of Adriam Mole #1

Secret Diary of Adriam Mole #2

Secret Diary of Adriam Mole #3

Secret Diary of Adriam Mole #4

Sector 10 (1986)(Page 6)

See-Saw Scramble (1993)(Romik)


Selective Canfield Cards

Senorita (1984)(Cymbal)

Senseman Dash (Boulder Dash)

Senso (1984)(Przybylski)

Sentinel (1982)(Med Systems)[OSb]

Sentinel One (1982)(Inhome Software)

Serpent (1993)(Zong)

Serpentine (1982)(Broderbund)

Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round

Seven Skulls (1988)(Antic)

Sevens (1985)(Craig Preator)(Antic)

Sex Ball Pinball [PCS]

Shadow Hawk One (1981)(Horizon Simulations)

Shadow World (1982)(Synapse Software)

Shamus - Case II (1983)(Synapse Software)

Shamus (1982)(Synapse Software)

Shark (1987)(Matthew Stepka)

Sharp Shooter (Light Gun)(1987)(Mat*Rat)

Sharpie Pinball [PCS]

Shatablast (1983)(Leisure & Business Developments)

Sheep Race (2002)(Florian Dingler)

Ship (Mirage)

Shit (1993)(ANG Software)

Shit Head in the Space Temple

Shoot (1981)(JH Pavlevich)[OSb]

Shoot (1981)(JH Pavlevich)[OSb]

Shoot'em Up! (1986)(Rhino Marketing)

Shooting Arcade (1982)(Datasoft)

Shooting Gallery (1981)(Analog)

Shooting Stars (1981)(Analog Computing)

Shootout at the OK Galaxy (1982)(Avalon Hill)

Shot'em All (2002)(Radek Sterba)

Show Down (1983)(Griesbeck, Christian)

Showdown Hockey (1991)(Aussemware)

Shuttle Intercept (1986)(Happywrite)

Sidewinder II (1989)(Mastertronic)

Sigma Delta Gamma Pinball (1983)

Silent Service (1985)(MicroProse)

Sileny Zlodjej (1986)(Double R)

Silicon (1983)(Romik)

Silicon Warrior (1983)(Epyx)

Simon! ( Dan Winslow)

Simulated Computer II (1983)

Sinister (1984)(Atari)

Sir Ed - Part 2 (2011)(Jan Nemec)

Sir Lancelot (1984)(Melbourne)

Sir Pacman (Martin Day)

Skarbnik (1992)(ASF)

Skate Crazy (1987)(Atari User)

Skateboard (1987)(Piratsoftware)

Skeet Shoot

Ski Run (1983)(Virgin Books)

Skiing (1984)(Centaursoft)

Skirmish (1990)(Bill Halsall)

Skoczek (1993)(Tajemnice Atari)

Skok! (1988)(D Malecki)

Skull Chase (1983)(Antic)

Skunk (2003)(Russ Gilbert)

Sky Blazer (1981)(Star Craft)

Sky Warrior(1985)(Oliver Schmidt)


Slammer (Bill Shaw)(Antic)

Slide (1985)(Antic)

Slime (1982)(Synapse Software)[OSb]

Slingshot (1988)(Atari)

Slinky! (1983)(Cosmi)

Slip (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Slither (1985)(ANALOG Computing)

Slot-Machine (1985)(Ariolasoft)

Sludge (1994)(New Breed Software)

Smack (R Curzon)

Small Reversi (2011)(Jakub Debski)

Smasher (1983)(Hardwood)

Smok (1989)(ArSoft)

Smurf Hunting (1988)(Atestsoft)

Smurf! (Computronic)

Smus (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Snake Byte (1982)(Sirius Software)

Snake Panic (1984)(Klaus Baumann)

Snakes Alive (Bill Halsall)

Snakes and Ladders (1991)(New Atari User)

Snap II (1988)(AMC-Verlag)

Snap II Plus (1989)(Kurth Stuermer)

Snapper, The (1982)(Silicon Valley Systems)

Sneak Attack (1985)(Analog Computing)

Sneakers (1981)(Sirius Software)

Sneek (1992)(P.M. Gremmin)

Snokie (1983)(Funsoft)

Snooker (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Snooker (Blue Ribbon Software)

Snooker (CDS Software)

Snooker 87 (Sean Du Bray)

Snow Ball Fight (Q Team)

Snowball (1983)(Level 9)

Snowplow (1988)(Book Enterprizes)

Soccer (1982)(Gamma Software)

Soccer (1982)(Thorn EMI)[OSb]

Softball (1984)(Wiz Systems)[PCS]

Solitaire (1984)(John Kelley)

Solitaire (1985)(M Fleischmann)

Solitario (1992)(Stak)

Solo (1995)(Kasjo)(Demo)

Solo Flight (1983)(MicroProse)

Son of Rockford

Space Ace (1982)(London Software)

Space Arena (2009)(Flop)

Space Attack

Space Ball [PCS]

Space Battle (1987)(Allison, Warwick)

Space Binvaders (2009)(ABBUC)

Space Blaster (PD)

Space Bombs (1984)(John Hsu)

Space Bowl (1982)(Gamma)

Space Cadet (Wayne Babin)

Space Combat (Eddie Fries)[OSb]

Space Conflict (1984)(Trillium Software)

Space Conflict II (1984)(Trillium Software)

Space Dodger (1985)(Compute!)

Space Dungeon (1982)(Atari)[5200]

Space Eggs (1981)(Sirius Software)

Space Gunner (1986)(Red Rat)

Space Hawks Abanana 4 (1985)

Space Hunt (1985)(Reeve Software)

Space Invaders (1980)(Atari)

Space Invaders (1982)(Atari)[5200]

Space Journey (1984)(Roklan)

Space Lobsters (1987)(Red Rat)

Space Maze (1986)(Atari User)

Space Panic (1982)(Eric Knopp)

Space Pussies (Pirate Plunder)

Space Rider (1990)(Hi-Tec)

Space Shot Pinball [PCS]

Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (1983)(Activision)

Space Shuttle (1983)(Microdeal)

Space Station

Space Station Multiplication (1990)(Antic)

Space Station Pinball (1986)[PSC]

Space Trap (M.O.Stehr)

Space Travel (1994)(Atari Magazyn)

Space War (1983)(APX)

Space Zap (1982)[OSb]

Spaceball (1987)(Interface Software)

Spacerun (1988)(Sawfish)

Spacewar (1984)(Jeffery Stanton)

Spaceway (Jim Davies)

Spare Tire (Steven Lee)

Spark Bugs (1983)(Romox)

Special Delivery (1985)(Creative Sparks)

Spectipede (2010)(Gary Ryan)

Speed Ace (1987)(Zeppelin Games)

Speed Ball (1993)(Michal Cierkonski)

Speed Demon (1982)(John Magdziarz)

Speed Hawk (1988)(Atari)

Speed King (1986)(Mastertronic)

Speed Matter

Speed Puzzle (1988)(Harald Hoeppner)

Speed Run (1988)(Red Rat Software)

Speed Ski (1985)(Bill Richardson)

Speed Up! (2007)(Radek Sterba)

Speed Up!! Gold Edition (2007)

Speed Zone (1989)(Mastertronic)

Speedway Blast (1982)(IDSI)

Spellbound (1986)(Mastertronic)

Spelunker (1984)(Broderbund)

Sperm Invaders (1983)(Schmidlap)

Spider City (1983)(Sirius)

Spider Invasion (1982)(Cosmi)

Spider Quake (1983)(Gentry Software)

Spiky Harold (1986)(Firebird)

Spindizzy (1986)(Electric Dreams)

Spite and Maliice (1986)(Cosmi)

Split Der Taucher (1984)(Cyranka)

Spooky Castle (1988)(Atlantis)

Sport Goofy (1983)(Atari)[5200]

Springer (1983)(Tigervision)

Sprong - The Quest For The Golden Pogostick (1985)(Red Rat Software)

Spy Games (1993)(Gumi Software)

Spy Hotel (1986)(D. Zander)

Spy Hunter (1984)(Sega)

Spy Master (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Spy Strikes Back (1983)(Penguin Software)

Spy vs Spy - Arctic Antics (1987)

Spy vs Spy - Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)

Spy vs Spy (1984)(First Star Software)

Spy's Demise (1983)(Penguin Software)

Sqoid (1988)(Bit-Soft)

Sqoid II (1988)(Bit-Soft)

Squeeeeze!!! (David Plotkin)

Squish'em (1983)(Sirius Software)

SS Achilles (1983)(Beyond Software)

Sssnake It! (2009)

Stack Up (1991)(Zeppelin Games)

Star Base Fighter (1983)(Gentry Software)

Star Crystals (1983)(Program Design)

Star Fights (1984)(Cymbal)

Star Intruder (Alan Reeve)

Star Island (1982)(Stedek Software)

Star League Baseball (1983)(Gamestar)

Star Maze (1983)(Sir-Tech Software)

Star Raiders (1979)(Atari)

Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)

Star Rider (Paul Lay)

Star Sentry (1982)(Analog Software)

Star Trek (1983)(Sega)

Star Trux (1982)(Atari)(proto)

Star Venture (1985)(Antic)

Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back (Power Pack)

Star Wars - Arcade Game (1984)(Parker Brothers)

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (1983)(Parker Brothers)[5200]

Starbowl Football (1982)(Gamestar)

Stardate 4000 (PD)[PCS]

Stardate 4001 (PD)[PCS]

Starfire (1983)(Epyx)

Starfire Warrior (1983)(Datasoft)(proto)

Stargate (1981)(Williams)

Stargate (1984)(Atari)(US)(proto)

Stargate Courier (1983)(Cosmi)

Stargunner (1985)(DSD)

Starion (1983)(Romox)

Starquake (1985)(Bubble Bus Software)

Stars (1984)(Analog Computing)

Starship (PD)[PCS]

Starsquare (1988)(JL Soft)

Stealth (1984)(Broderbund)

Steeple Jack (1983)(English Software)

Stellar (1993)(Becuel Ltd.)

Stellar Arena (1983)(John Ortiz)

Stellar Shuttale 480i (2009)

Stellar Shuttle (1982)(Broderbund)

Sternhaufen II (1987)(Bibosoft)

Stone Fire (1995)(Sikor Soft)

Stoneguard (Holger Winkler)

Stonetime People (T.B. Soft)

Storm (1986)(Mastertronic)

Story Machine (1983)(Spinnaker)

Superman - The Game (1986)(Main Street Publishing)

Superman 2600

Vanguard (1983)(Atari)[5200]

Straight Jacket Pinball

Stranded (1984)(English Software)

Stratos (1982)(Adventure International)

Stratosphere (1987)(Players)

Strayball (2001)(Henryk Karpowicz)

Strayball II (2005)(Henryk Karpowicz)

Street Attack (Shoesoft)

Streets (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Streets and Alleys(Cards)

Strike Force (1984)(Jeffrey Stanton)

Strip Poker (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 2 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 3 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 4 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 5 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 6 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 7 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 8 (Roger Harnish)

Strip Poker 9 (Roger Harnish)

Strzelania (KAC-Soft)

Strzyga (Rafal Wojcik)

Stun Trap (1982)(Affine Software)

Stunt Clown (1983)(Antic)

Sub Attack (1983)(Compute!)

Submarine Commander (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Submarine Hunter (1988)(Nick Pearce)

Submission (1986)(Happy Computer)

Sudden Death Pinball

Sudoku (2008)(Isaac Davis)

Sudoku Sweep (2006)

Suicider (Kemal Ezcan)

Sun Star (1986)(CRL)

Super Asteroids (1981)(Atari)

Super Ball (1989)

Super Ball II (1989)

Super Ball III (1989)

Super Ball IV (1989)

Super Boulder Dash 1 (1987)

Super Breakout (1979)(Atari)

Super Bunny (1984)(Datamost)

Super Clown (1983)(John Magdziarz)

Super Cobra (1983)(Parker Brothers)

Super Cubes (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Super Husa (1989)(BeWeSoft)

Super Miner (Kemal Ezcan)

Super Pacman (1984)(Atari)(proto)

Super Puzzler (1988)(Werner)

Super Rover (1984)(Tony Goacher)

Super Soccer (Tynesoft)

Super Yahtsee (1988)(D Smyth)

Super Zaxxon (1983)(Sega)

Supereversion (1985)(Analog)

Superfly 1K (M. Luedtke)

Superfly 1K+ (M. Luedtke)

Superman III (1983)(Atari)


Superquerg Chess

Surf's Up (1984)

Survival (1985)(Anthony Beck)

Survival of the Fittest (1982)

Survivors (Atlantic)

Swamp Chomp (1982)(Program Design)

Swapz (2008)(Flop)

SWAT (1986)(Mastertronic)

Swiat Olkiego (1984)(Stanbit)

Switchbox (1986)(Kevin Mykytyn)

Swop! (KE-Soft)

Symbolism (1991)(Trevor Briscoe)

Syn Boga Wiatru (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Syntron (Jon Snyder)

System (1987)(Stefan Kueppers)

Table Football (1987)(Rino Marketing)

TAC - Tactical Armor Command (1983)(Avalon Hill)

Tactic (1992)(Sonix Software)

Tactwar (1983)(Mark Akita)

Taetis (Prehistoric Programs)

Tag! (1997)(Richard Gore)

Tagalon (Tynesoft)

Taipei XL 1.0 (1988)(Martin Lange)

Taipei XL 1.1 (1989)(Marin Lange)

Tales of Dragons and Cavemen

Talisman Ver 1.0 (1988)(Newman)

Tanium (1988)(Players)

Tank Battle (1983)[OSb]

Tank Battle (1984)(Dan Pinal)

Tank Commander (1985)(Thorn EMI)

Tanks (1991)(Mirage)

Tapper (1984)(Bally)

Tapper (1984)(Sega)

Targ (I.K. Soft)

Target Practice (1985)(Page 6)

Tarkus and the Crystal of Fear (1992)(Tiger Developments)

Tarkus and the Orbs of Doom (1993)

Tarzan of the Apes (1984)(Coleco)(proto)

Tawerna (1993)(Mirage)

Tax Dodge (1982)(Island Graphics)

Taxi (1987)(Heiko Duerr)

Taxicab Hill (1985)(Antic Arcade)

Technoid (1995)(StanBit)

Technus - Technologic Soldier (1993)(Mirage)

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Telefon Terror (1984)(Irata Verlag)

Ten Pin Bowling (TK Computer Products)

Termite! (1985)(Compute!)

Terror House (Mr. Hyde)[PCS]

Tetris (1989)(Radosoft)

Tetris (1989)(UTX)

Tetris (Hero Music Company)

Tetris 3D (1992)(BeWeSoft)

Tetrix (1989)(Darryl Yong)

Texas (1991)(Kobra Soft)

TGIF (1983)(Avalon Hill)

Theatre Europe (1986)(Datasoft)

Thera-Med Zahnschutz-Spiel (1984)(Henkel Cosmetic)

Think + Work (1988)(J Schilcher)

Thinking Man's Video Game

Thinx (1993)(ANG)(Demo)

Thrax Lair (1982)(Rantom)

Thrust (1986)(Firebird)

Thunder Ball [PCS]

Thunder Bombs (1983)(Penguin Software)

Thunder Island (1981)(Analog)

Tic Tac 3D (Larry Kirkpatrick)

Tiger (Stan Ockers)

Tiger Attack (1988)(Atari)

Tight-Lines (Softscan)

Tigris (1988)(R&E Software)

Tilt (1981)(Thorn EMI)

Time Bomb (1983)(Brian Soderberg)

Time Bound (1984)(CBS Software)[OSb]

Time Quest (Peter Robinson)

Time Runner (1982)(Funsoft)

Time Slip (1986)(English Software)

Time Trial (1981) (Stan Ockers)

Time Warp (1982)(English Software)

Tiny Mite (1982)(Germsoft)

Tiny Mite (1986)(Kemal Ezcan)

Tiny Pong (1985)(Stephen Kay)

Titan 1 (1986)(Michael Sauer)

Tixo (1987)(KAW)

TNT Pinball [PCS]

Toboggan Run (1983)(ALA)

Tom Cat (2010)

Tomahawk (1986)(Digital Integration)

Tomb of Death (Flintstone)

Tombstone City (Cash-Soft)

Tommingi (T Borygo)(Preview)

Top Secret (1993)(Mirage)

Topgun Pinball [PCS]

Topless Tina (1983)(LadySoft)[PCS]

Topper (1982)(Romox)

Toskanec (1989)

Touchdown Football(1986)(ELectronic Arts)

Tournament Checkers (1990)(Dave Butler)

Tower (1983)(Stephen Taylor)

Tower Toppler (130XE)(2006)(Fandal)

Towers of Hanoi (1981)(Analog)

Tracer (1983)(Tom Wells)[OSb]

Track & Field (1984)(Atari)

Track Attack (1982)(Broderbund)

Track Attack (1982)(Broderbund)[OSb]

Track Star (1983)(Antic)

Trailblazer (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)

Train Crazy (Colin Foller)

Train Dispatcher (1983)(Signal)

Train Game (1982)(Thorn EMI)

Transmuter (1987)(Code Masters)

Treasure (The Guild)

Treasures Of Barboz (1985)(Analog)

Tree Surgeon (1983)(Western Technologies)

Trefoil (Joseph Chiko)


Triad (1982)(Adventure International)

Trial by Fire! (1987)(Magnum Opus)

Tricky Tracks (1983)(Dave Oblad)

Trilogy Pinball [PCS]

Trion - In 3 Dimensions (London Software)

TriPeaksXE (2002)(Frantisek Houra)

Trix (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Troglodyte (1988)(Warwick Allison)

Troll War (ANALOG Computing)

Troll War II (ANALOG Computing)

Trolls and Tribulations (Creative)

Tron - The Light Cycles

Tron II (1988)(Enterprises Software)


Trust (1983)(Rantom Software)

TT Racer (1982)(Centaursoft)

Tube Baddies (1995)

Tumble Bugs (1982)(Datasoft)

Tuptus (A Kaczmarek)

Turbican (1993)(ASF)

Turf-Form (1988)(Cygnus)

Turmoil (1982)(Sirius Software)

Turmoil (1982)(Sirius)(Title Ver)

Tusker (1993)(Mirage)

Tutankham (1983)(Parker Brothers)

Tutunkhamun (1984)(Parker Brothers)

Twenty One (Bill Mentzer)

Twerps (1981)(Sirius Software)

Twilight World (1986)(Atari)

TwoGun (ANALOG Computing)[OSa]

TwoMaze (Happy-Computer)

Tylenol Factory [bean Machine]

Typing Tutor (1984)(Academy)

Typo (1982)(Romox)

Typo Attack (1984)(David Buehler)

Tyrants of Torment (Atari User)

UFO (Sawfish Software)

Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump (1986)(Antic)


Underworld II, The (1984)(G.F.)

Unicorn Horn (1985)(Michael McFarlane)

Unicum (1988)(Happy Computer)

Unicum 2 (1988)(Happy Computer)

Up Up and Away (1983)(Ringblack Software)

Up'n Down (1984)(Sega)

Upior (1992)(LK Avalon)

Upward (1985)(Analog)

V.C. - Vietcong (Avalon Hill)

Valdgira (1991)(ASF)

Valgus (1991)(James Glenn)

Valgus 2 (1991)(James Glenn)

Vector (Demno)

Vector Reloaded (Andy Kaz)

Vegas Jackpot (1986)(Mastertronic)

Vegas Poker (Harry Brown)

Venus Express (2006)(Adam Hay)

Venus Voyager 2 (1983)(English Software)

Vicky (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Vicky (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(Title Version)

Video Poker (1986)(Mastertronic)

Videostop (1992)

Vioris (1996)(Orion)

Viper (1982)(Aim Software)

Viper (2009)(Jakub Debski)

Viro-Mania (1993)(Zong)

Volleyball (1991)(Raster Software)

Voyage in Time (1983)(ALA)

Voyage Through Time - 1 Million B.C.

Voyage Through Time - Medieval Era

Voyage to Home (2006)(Mario Caillahuz)

Vulcano (2006)

Wa-Tor (Nighthawk Group)

Wace Pinball

Wall (1988)(Hiassoft)

Wall Ball (Dan Winslow)

Wall War (1982)(Sierra On-Line)

War (1982)(Adventure International)

War Copter (1986)(Red Rat Software)

War Games (1984)(Coleco)

Warlok (1983)(Calisto Software)

Warlords (1984)(Sawfish)

Warlords (Webbed Sphere)[paddles]

Warp Attack (1984)(Dave Plotkin)

Warp Zone (1984)(CSI)

Warrior of RAS #1 - Dunzhin (1982)(ScreenPlay)

Warrior of RAS #2 - Kaiv (1982)(ScreenPlay)

Warsaw City (1989)

Warsaw Robbo (1991)(P.W. Software)

Warsaw Robbo II (1992)(P.W.Software)

Warsaw Tetris (1989)(Grendel)

Water Eat #1 (Boulder Dash)

Water Ski School (1985)(North Micro Club)

Water Ski School 2 (2003)(S. Hind)

Wavy Navy (1983)(Sirius Software)

Way Out (1982)(Sirius)

Weakon (1983)(APX)

Web Master (1983)(H&H Int'l Trading)

Webster the Word Game (1983)(CBS)

Weganoid (Atari Magazin)

Weltraumkoloie (1983)(Spinnaker)

Werewolf (Text Adventure)

Whirlinurd (1985)(U.S. Gold)

Whistler's Brother (1984)(Broderbund)

Whiz Kid (1983)(Romox)

Who Dares Wins II (1987)(Tynesoft)

Whomper Stomper (1984)(Adventure International)

Whoops (1992)(ANG)

Whoops 2 (1993)(ANG Software)

Wild West (1983)(ACE)(Paddles)

Wilde 15 (1985)(Przsoft)

Wing Wars (Imagic)

Winter Olympics (1987)(Tynesoft)

Winter Wally (Steven MacIlwee)


Wizard of Id's Wiztype (1983) (Sierra On-Line)

Wizard of Wor (1981)(Roklan)

Wizard Spell

Wizards and Dragons (1983)(ALA)

Wloczykij (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Woorly the Worm (1992)(Sawfish)

Word Invaders (1984)(Academy)

Work Maker (1982)(Dale Disharoom)

World Karate Championchip (1986)(Epyx)(130XE)

World Karate Championship (1986)(Epyx)

World of Pleasure

Worm (1985)(Wizardsoft)

Worm in Paradise (1986)(Level 9)

Worm War I (1982)(Sirius Software)

Worms (1983)(Electronic Arts)

Wumpus Hunter (1985)(Software Cellar)

Wyzle (1983)(APX)

X Fill

Xagon (1983)(M.A.C.E.)

Xari Arena (1983)(Atari)

Xenon Raid (1983)(English Software)

Xevious (1984)(Atari)[5200]

Xmas House

XPoker (1985)(Software Cellar)

Yahtman (1981)(Computer Core Software)

Yahtzee (Born-Heinz)

Yahtzee! (1998)(Darren Schebek)

Yar's Strike (2009)(Lennart Brown)

Yargos Dilemma Pt 1 (1982)

Yie Ar Kung Fu (2006)[320K]

Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)

Yoomp! (2008)(NTSC)

Z-Force (1990)(Atari)(UK)(Preview)

Zack (1989)(Raindorf)

Zand's Labyrinth (1984)(Happy Computer)

Zardon (1982)(Crystalware)

Zauberball (1989)(Oliver Cyranka)

Zaxxon (1983)(Datasoft)

Zbir (Mirage)

Zenji (1984)(Activision)

Zeppelin (1983)(Synapse Software)

Zero War (1990)(Harlequin)

Zeta Affair (1983)(Jaeger, Jay R.)

Zeta Bomb (1990)(New Atari User)

Zing Pinbal [PCS]

Zipper (1984)(Small)[PCS]

Zjadacz (1992)(Tajemnic Atari)

Zoltron Escape (1989)(8 Ware)

Zombies (1983)(Bram)

Zone Patrol (Atari)

Zone Ranger (1984)(Activision)

Zorro (1985)(Datasoft)

Zulu Warpath (1983)(General Masters)

Zumbaja (1993)(Krysal Software)

Zuzel (Koala)

Zybex (Callisto Computers)

Zybex II (1990)(National Soft)

Zybex III




3d24 (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Adax (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Advanced Pinball Simulator

Agonia (1993)(LK Avalon)

Air Rescue (1991)(Atllantis)

Airline (1985)(Ariola)

Airwolf (1985) (Elite)

Alchemia (1993)(Mirage)

Alex (1992)(Robo-Soft)

Alien Attack(1993)(ALA)

Alienbusters (1991) (Blackfire!)

Arax (1987)(Com-Art)

Ardeny 1944 (1995)(Fire Bird)

Around the Planet (1994)(Mirage)

Asteroid Storm (18-984)(Virgin)

Asteroid Storm (1984)(Virgin)

Astro Road (2004)(Fandal)

Astro-Droid (1987)(Red Rat)

Astro4 Road (2006)(Flop)

Astromeda (1987)(Rhino)

Atari Greed (2004)

Atari Greed (2004)

Atomit II (1991)(KE-Soft)

Avex (1996)(Mad Soft)

Batman (1991)(Atari Project Team)

Bilbo (1986)(AMC-Verlag)

Bilbo (1986)(AMC-Verlag)

Blastcom (Karl Fenwick)

Blinky's Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)

Blip (Paul and Jeff)

Bremspunkt (Foundation Two)

Bump (2008)( Pawel Rozanski)

Bumperball (1982)(London)

Butterflies (1986)(Frank Wittenmeyer)

Captain Gather (1992)

Cavern of Death (1986)(Tronic)

Cavern Run (1992)(WF Berlin)

Change (1992)(LK Avalon)

Chimera (1985)(Firebird)

Chopper Mission (1984)(Virgin)

Citadel (Joel Goodwin)

Classic (1994)(ESC)

Colours (I.S.S)(Paul Saunders)

Combat (1987)(Damata)

Convicts (Witer Gantzke)

Crazy Ed (1991)

Crypts of Egypt (1994)(Mirage)

CuttleMania! (Frank Wittenmeyer)

Cyber-Stein (1989)(B.Ware)

Dangerous Street (1992)(Raster)

Demon (1993)(Glonisz)

Desert Race (1995)(Zong)

Destination Unknown (1983)

DigiDuck (1993)(Lublin)

Dino (2011)(Conzo)

Disc Hopper (1987)(Red Rat).

Doofy (Janusz Karmanski)

Dreadnought Megastars

Droga do Duplandu

Druid (1989)(Firebird)

Expedition (1985)(O.Cyranka)

Fatum (1993)(ASF)

Feud The Graphic Adventure

Fire Fox (Januz Pelc)

Fortress Underground (130XE)

Fred (1991)(Queurope Agency)

Fred (1991)(Queurope Agency)

Gangsters (Fly)

Ghost II (1989)(Secret Games)

Greener Than You Think (1983)

Greener Than You Think![OSb]


Groove (1984)(F. Wittenmayer)

Gunhead (1994)(Funny Computer)

Gunlaw (1986)

Hawkquest - Part I - Xavier

Hawkquest - Part I - Xavier

Hawkquest - Part III - Ancoona

Hawkquest - Part III - Ancoona

Hawkquest - Part IV - Mycea

Hawkquest - Part IV - Mycea

Henri (1984)(Adam Billyard)

Hydrulik (1992)(LK Avalon)

Imagine (1992)(LK Avalon)

Inside (1994)(ANG)

Into Deep!(1987)(Frank Wittenmayer)

Invasion (1989)(PPP)

Invasion (Icon Design)

Ja-Jo (1993)(YFA Soft)

Jaskinioowiec (1995)(Stanbit)

Jet (1992)(LK Avalon)

Jetix (Magnum Soft)

Jockey Wilson's Dart Compedium

Joe Blade (1988)(Players)

Joe Blade II (Player)

Joe's Adventure (2005)(ABBUC)

Johnny the Ghost (1994)(ANG)

Johnny the Ghost (1994)(ANG)

Jumping Jack (1993)(ASF)

Jurrasic Park (JK Soft)

Kampfstern Galactica (1986)

Kasiarz (1994)(Krystal)

Kernaw (1993)(LK Avalon)

Kick Off (1989)(Anco)

Kowboj (1993)(YFA)

Lancelot - The Hunt of Holy Gral

Laser Squadron

Last Chance (1986)

Lemmingi (1996)(Orion Software)

Lemmings Prevision (1994)

Let's Hop (1988)(C Ballhause)

Let's Hop Advanced (1989)

Lethal Weapon (1989)(Secret Games)

Lux (Raindorfsoft)

Lux (Raindorfsoft)

Magic Dimension (1993)(ASF)

Magic World (1994)(Satantronic)

Magnetix (1991)(Zong)

Major Bronx (1992)(L.K. Avalon)

Masterblazer (1987)(O Cyranka)

Maszyna Czasu(1994)(LK Avalon)

Mediator (1985)(English Soft)

Mega Maze (1988)(Sawfish)

Microman (1993)(ASF)

Microx (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Microx (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Miecze Valdgira II

Milk Race (Mastertronic)

Milligreen (1999)(Foundation Two)

Miny 2.0

Mission Zircon (Tiger)

Mission Zircon (Tiger)

Moon Shooter

Morky (Eric Hamann)

Mr. Blue's Memory

Ms. Bulimia

Msciciel (1993)(YFA)

Msciciel (1993)(YFA)

Muff (1992)(Jacek Grad)

Najemnik - Powrot

Neron (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Neron (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Nexuss (1988(Happy Computer)

Night Driver (2008)(XXL)(Paddles)

Night Driver (2008)(XXL)(Paddles)

Nu pogodi! (Datri)

Octopus (2011)(Michal Brzezicki)

Olympic Skier(1986)(Mr. Chip)

One Man And His Droid

Pang (1993(ASF)(Jacek Dojwa)

Paragon 1.0 (Torsten Landsvogt)

Paver (1986)(F Wittenmayer)

Perly Orckyego (Marcin Lis)

Perly Szeherezady (1993)

Phonix Game (1989)(Cashing Soft)

Piper (1993)(Jaroslav Gresula)

Pro Biker (Jeff Gill)

Project Xanthien (1990)(demo)

Protector (1981)(Synapse)


Punch Those Parasites

Pyramid (1993)(Mirage)

Qb(1984)(Andrew Davie)

Ra (1993)(ESC)

Raid over Libya

Rampage (1987)(Activision)

Ratapede (1986)(DM&AR)

Robin (Avalon)

Rocket Boy(2004)(Thimo Graef)

Saper (1991)(L.K. Avalon)

Saper 2 (1991)(L.K. Avalon)

Saturn (1983)(Compy Shop)

Scorpions v2.0 (XXL)

Sea Fighter (1989)(Game Software)

Sexquix (1995)(Swordsoft)

Sexversi (Mirage)

Shadow of the Beast

Shaft Raider (1982)(Program One)

Shit Alpin (2005)(SquoQuo)

Sidewinder (1986)(Futureware)

Simple Minds (1994)

Simulated Computer II

Sisyphos (Oddware)

Smack (1984)(Future Design)

Snipe (Premo)

Snowball (1993)(LK Avalon)

SOS Saturn (Domain Software)

Space Ball (1988)(Josef Hahn)

Space Wars (1987)(Red Rat)

Speed Fox (1992)(Tiger)

Static (1994)(ESC)

Stop! (Our Soft)

Superwurm (1985)

Taifun (1998)(Foundation Two)

Tale of Beta Lyrae (1985)


Test Drive (Gumi and Krawco)

Tetrys (1989)(Rado Soft)


Thunderfox (1987)(Aztec Design)

Well (1998)(SSG)

Zeus (1993)(L.K. Avalon)

Zone X (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)

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Have YOU tried internal 4.8.01 + R2 rom ?

That is not needed. I have been testing and debugging things from the very first release of the MyIDE rom in 2002 till 4.7.05 and I know for sure that these issues will not be solved now, since that is not possible. Only a complete rewrite from scratch with a complete new philosofy might (yes might, still not sure) fix these incompatibilities. As far as I know MyBIOS 4.8 is not a complete rewrite.


And.... since MyBIOS is a heavilly 'modded' OS (compared to an original OS) it is always impossible to be 100% compatible with the original. There do also exist programs that do some kind of crc check on the OS, and that will always fail. We already have seen this with newer OS releases in late XE models. Simply not 100% compatible.


My post was only meant to tell you to be carefull with the statement '100%'compatible. I say: 100% -> impossible. 99.5% -> yes.



how do you know i didn't try all games?

Well the amount of available games might take you over a year to test them all. I think it is not a year since the last release of MyBIOS (a newer release of the OS might kill compatibility with previous working games) so it is impossible for you to test 100% of the available games. So yes I know that.


There are some issues still -some games take you to mybios- BUT from there you can make them work.


Mr Atari is upgrading the rom everyday, in the end all games from the disk1.atr to disk 4.atr published here run, one way or the other


That is not all games. That is all (patched) games as file version.

And do you have such a well developed ear that you can hear slight issues with CMC music routine?


Don't get me wrong: I'm a VERY big FAN of myide. You will not hear a negative word from me about MyIDE or Sijmens work. He is a true genius, and a real workhorse. I know his work; very very good.


I'm only saying: don't use "100%" where it is impossible to make that true.

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