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Space Rocks Label Contest


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I must confess that I think Atari Adam's artwork rocks most, followed closely by those of Brian Ostrowski and Corey Kramer (can't decide which one of those I prefer)...


Wow, thanks Thorsten! That means a lot. There is a lot of talent and great work posted thus far. and there is another 2 weeks to go, so I can only imagine that more great work will be posted. Brian and Corey both are my favs so far.


Thanks for the kind words.

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My thoughts:


I love the layout and title font of Brian O's label, but I don't like the artwork. It's just too simplified for this game.


I like the artwork of Atari Adam's label, but I don't like the layout or font. Also, I feel like the ship should be redesigned a little bit. With the wings reversed, it looks more like a Klingon ship and not enough like the Space Rocks ship.


If you were to combine these two labels, (Brian O's layout and title font with Atari Adam's artwork and redesigned ship), I think it might be the perfect label. :)

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