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Lets make a journey to the cave of monsters. Good luck


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Oh i'm sure nobody wants any more ropey old shonky 16 bit games ported. At least that's been the rumblings for the last 20 years.... could have done them all by now if all that mumbling energy had been redirected in a positive direction. :P


Difference is, paying $60-$100 for a single old shonky 8-bit or 16-bit port (or comparable looking) for a Jag homebrew is not cool.


Potential copyright infringement aside, be nice if dozens/hundreds of old ST games could be ported and then slapped on to a HUGE compilation disk with a nice front end for use with the JagCD. Similar to what's been done on the Amiga CD32. Yes, I understand the difference in porting in this example (sell it at a price that makes sense for both consumer and the hackers), but do that and now you've got something of value and worth getting all excited about. Especially by those of us that have had extremely bad luck with original AtariST hardware or would like to play ST games with something other than a 2600 controller and on something larger than a 12" or 13" screen. ;)

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Free is always good and free and legal is best yet but all I was trying to say is that if the people making the conversions and ports wanted something for their time, I think there is value there.


CyranoJ brings up a good point. Copyright holders might or would probably frown on this. The CD32 discs that are "freely available" are the Public Domain discs. The ones with commercial games ala a WHDLoad scenario would obviously be frowned upon unless the person playing them owned a version of the game on something physical. I sometimes forget not everyone owns or cares to maintain a collection of hundreds, if not thousands of original software at home. :rolling:

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Anyway, back to the topic at hand.


The game is currently using the wrong colours - something I'll fix tonight. It is also running at half speed. Now this is not as bad as it sounds. One full frame of 'original processing' is currently taking just over one frame on the Jaguar, meaning that when the game issues a vsync it basically gets pushed all the way to the 2nd frame because it 'missed' the end of the one it thinks it should be on, and waits for the next one to finish.


A little bit of optimization magic, and this one should be 100% speed and fully functional. The music will be added via the wonders of Modules, although it hardly seems necessary because *everyone* I've let playtest this has said 'I can hear the music in my head' LOL.


Obviously, some games are going to be easier to port than others, however to get to this state with this one we're about 3-4 hours in, so the return for the time spent is reasonable, I feel :)

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CJ, appreciate you offering a little info on this specific game and the process involved in what you do with these conversions. To clear things up for everyone, maybe you could find some time to explain exactly what you do in more detail and maybe compare that to how GB is working on ST Star Raiders and what it has in common between the two - I think many people have no idea about the technical feats involved in taking an ST game source and making it work on the Jaguar, never mind taking an ST binary and having the Jaguar produce *anything at all* on screen. And could you compare what was mentioned above: the CD32 WHDLoad stuff from the Amiga computers, obviously the hardware there is very, very close to begin with, would it be fair to say that is much more like your Falcon patching of ST games? (ULS).


When you consider the attempts to get 2600 and 7800 games running on the Jaguar in the past and how those turned out, it's a bit surprising to me that anyone should think making ST games work on it is somehow anything less than a spectacular feat (not that anyone here has made such comments, at least to my knowledge, just saying in general).


I'm happy to play any ST arcade style games that anyone can bring to the Jaguar. I won't sit and play games on an ST (not done so since the 90s to any real degree) but on a console I can just fire up, sit back and play with a jagpad, I'm happy to do so... that must make me a fanboi of some sort, dunno :lol:

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I've been playing it on the Jaguar in between testing out something else this morning - f-u-n.


You can keep yahtzee's 90s inflatableware, proper games created by people who really know what gameplay is all about are always going to be worth playing and always will be, even more so when it appears on the big black kitty :lol:

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I get the feeling you may be writing something up on your web site. But, is it something like sifting through the decompiled source and replacing sound and graphic calls to RaptoR?


Source! Source? I wish there was source ;)


Nope, nothing like that. I'll write something up soon, I promise :)

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